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Status - Going to be broken into two films.

Silver and Black is a film that is meant to focus on two of Spider-Man's female characters in Silver Sable and Black Cat.  Sony currently has the film rights to the character through the Spider-Man film licensee.

Update Aug 17, 2018: It has now been reported that the Silver and Black will film will not be pursued.  However, films focusing on each character may come out.  Much of this may now rely on how well the film Venom does at the box office.  It is not clear if Gina Prince-Bythwood will direct either of the new planned films.

Update Jun 4, 2018: Deadline has reported that Silver and Black will not come out Feb 8th, 2019 and is currently being moved back into development stage.  It is unclear why the script would be rewritten but that is the explanation being given.  One thought I have on why they may be moving this film into development is that the Venom movie is projecting to do poorly.   Maybe they just want to see how Venom does before determining which way they go.  I personally don't see these films doing well without Spider-Man being used.  That said I like these characters and have enjoyed following to see what Sony was going to do with them.  It is unclear if Gina Prince-Bythewood will remain attached to the project with the development delay.

Silver and Black - Background:  
During the Sony email hack some of Sony's film plans were released including mention of an all female Spider-Man hero film.  Many of these ideas were panned by critics in part due to how bad Sony's current Spider-Man films (Amazing Spider-Man) were doing.   Sony began to change its plans and created a partnership with Marvel for Spider-Man to appear in various MCU films.  However, Sony still wants to make other films using the Spider-Man characters without Spider-Man.  These films are being called Sony's Spiderverse.  Currently there are two films being planned with the first being Venom and the 2nd being Silver and Black.  With Silver and Black it seems that Sony is still working toward its initial all female Spider-Man character film and is using this film to introduce some of the main characters.  This film is designed to introduce Silver Sable, Black Cat and also likely Jessica Drew to mainstream film audiences.

Sony hired Gina Prince-Bythewood to direct the film and work on its screen play.  Bythewood previousily wrote and directed for critically acclaimed films such as Secret Life of Bees and Love and Basketball. Gina will be the first African American female to direct a major super hero film.  Gina won the Independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature and a Humanitas Prize for her work on Love and Basketball.  Bythewood has a long list of writing and directing credits to her name but this film will be her first blockbuster film.

Release Date:  February 8th, 2019  --- Now Postponed

Director:  Gina Prince-Bythewood

“I wanted to tell the story of two damaged women who are at war with each other but need each other to survive.” Gina Prince-Bythewood

Silver Sable is hired to track down the international thief Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat. However, Sable has ulterior motives for hunting down the theif. Black Cat uses an enhancement created by Mendell Stromm a scientist who experimented on Sable's home country of Symkaria. By hunting down Hardy, Silver Sable can get one step closer to getting revenge on Stromm. Stromm has hired is own group of henchmen to track down Hardy as he wants her and her powers back in his control.

Characters / Cast:

Black Cat

Silver Sable 

Rumored characters:

Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman)

Norman Osborn
Mendell Stromm

Toyab Thoughts:
As a longtime Spider-Man fan I certainly know who Black Cat and Silver Sable are.  The characters have been part of Spider-Man stories for many years.  However, like many side characters they tend to lack in many of their apperances and have also been gratiusily used as eye candy in many of their comic appearances.  None of that makes them bad characters it just means there have not been attempts to in the past to give these characters enough depth for them to stand on their own.  Both characters have had some limited solo series Black Cat had the Evil that Men Do series written by Kevin Smith, and Sable had a series called Silver Sable and the Wildpack.  My worry when I heard about the plan to make the film is that the characters would feel like card board cut outs that would colorfully go through the paces of an inch deep action film.  This worry was some what relieved with the attachment of Gina Prince-Bythewood.  Bythewood's work is full of depth, strong characterization and drama and if anyone can give depth to these characters it is her.  She is still going to have her work cut out for her, but I can at least see the potential for something really unique and interesting to come out of this project.

No news here yet please check back.

No news here yet please check back.

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