Preview - Knights of the Golden Sun by Mad Cave Studios

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Mad Cave Studios the publisher that brought us Battle Cats is now going Bibilical.  Look for a full review of Knights of the Golden Sun  by Aeon River coming soon.

Press Release From Mad Cave Studios

Mad Cave Studios proudly announces the upcoming release of its new title--Knights of the Golden Sun!

God abandoned His throne in Providence. The angels are in turmoil. In a last-ditch effort to maintain order, Archangel Michael pleads with the original Knight, Lucifer, to help guide the lost angels back to the light. Meanwhile, an ancient menace looms in the shadows primed to bring humanity back into darkness.

From writer Mark London (Battlecats, Midnight Task Force) and artist Mauricio Villarreal comes an epic tale set during an unexplored time in human history.

Has humanity fared as envisioned? Have the angels remained faithful, united? Let the struggle for Providence begin...

Available November 1st (Comixology, Amazon/Kindle, DriveThru Comics)--36 pgs.--$3.99--Rated T+

Knights of the Golden Sun #1

Writer: Mark London

Artist: Mauricio Villareal

Letterer: Christian Ospina

Publisher: Mad Cave Studios (

Preview Pictures:

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