Marvel Legacy defeats DC's Metal - Sep 17 Comic Sales


DC comes out of the corner looking for a mad rush.  They are headbanging to Metal music as the charge into the center of the ring.  Marvel is intimidated and begins to back up.  Marvel is dazed but whats this, whats this, Marvel connects with a Lenticular Cover counter punch.  DC is stunned and now is in retreat and Marvel settles into the match with Legacy style jabs.

Comicchron data for sep

September data for comic sales is out and I noticed a few cool things.  Really interesting data this month.  You can see all the data at ComicChron.

First lets just saw that Marvel's Legacy did very well by selling 298k.  So in spite of flack they have taken from fans (including me) they did very well.  Overall Marvel sales were also strong said to be up 14% year to year.

One worrisome thing is that other than Legacy Marvel only had the Venomverse in the top 10.  Recently they have managed to at least get a Star Wars title in that top 10.  Captain Phasma did come in at 11 falling just off the chart above.  Spider-Man in particular though is no where to be seen until you get to #17 with a pretty mediocre 58k units.  Well let me clarify that, 58k is good, just not for Spider-Man.  The Venomverse did sell very well though maybe that series is cannibalizing some of the Spider-Man fan dollars.

X-Men Gold #11 came in at #26 but X-Men Gold #12 dropped all the way down to 45.   Unit sales drop there went from 52,623 to 41,657 about 10k.  Not sure what was behind that drop but hopefully it can bounce up with the upcoming Mojoverse storyline starting in #13 (On shelves Oct 27).

A couple of other Marvel books I follow Darth Vader came in at #15, Doctor Aphra at 58

Overall I expect Marvel to be happy with the strong showing of Legacy.

Despite not taking the top most spot DC really rocked it.  DC has 7 comics in the top 10 comics.  Metal, Batman and the evil Batman one shots all did extremely well.  One very curious thing to me was Harley Quinn's Anniversary Special which sold a massive 97k units!!!  WOW.  Harley is a popular character but I normally think of her in the 50kish category.  I think a variety things played into the strong sales, in particular tons of cool covers, synergy with Batman day helped this book.  Amanda Connor and Jimmy Paliotti also deliver high quality Harley books every month so it couldnt have happened to a better creative team in my opinion.

Walking Dead did well as expected with the release of the character the Princess of Pittsburg.  The sales were strong here but I was surprised to see Harley beat this book.  

Another interesting thing was coming at number 50 in the top selling list was Saga #47.  That was a pretty strong showing for that book as it heads to the pivotal #50 issue.

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