Explaining the Light Saber Theory

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Light Saber theory is a growing set of theories concerning the Light Sabers and the visions associated with them in Star Wars: the Force Awakens and Last Jedi.  Some of the knowledge on the theory also comes from 2017 run of the Marvel Darth Vader comic.  There are several mysteries created in the film Force Awakens and the Light Saber theory may provide clues into all of them.  These mysteries are:

1) What happened to Luke Skywalker
2) Who is Rey? and Who are her parents?
3) Why did Kylo Ren turn to the darkside
4) How did Anakin Skywalker's Lightsaber turn up in the possession of Maz Kanata
5) Does Luke still have his Green Lightsaber?
6) What is the red crystal Luke is wearing on his kneck

The key to these questions may very well the Light Sabers themselves.

Lightsaber theory goes like this, the Lightsaber theories are alive and sentient.  The visions that people have when they touch them are actually the Lightsaber themselves communicating.  There are a couple of critical visions that have happened from Lightsabers recently.    The other vision is the one that Rey has when she touches Anakin's Light Saber while in the basement of Maz Kanata's. During this  vision Rey is shown many things, I believe the things she is shown are all memories of the Light Saber itself as they are all in the past.  The vision's also never reveal the person who is holding the lightsaber at the time.  Now I will say that the Lightsaber could likely show more than just its memories as you can see in the 2nd Darth Vader comic vision toward the bottom.

Rey is shown the following Vision.  Look at from the angle that Light Saber is showing places it has been or will be, but not the person holding it.

Parts of Vision where lightsaber was held by Luke
  • Cloud City where Luke is headed down the corridor to battle Darth Vader 

Parts of vision where Light saber held by Person X

  • Rey as a child being dropped off Jakku.
  • Kylo Ren kills a Knight of Ren saving person holding the lightsaber.
  • Luke reaches out to touch R2D2 in the ruins of the New Jedi Temple.
Rey as a child being dropped off by person X on Jakku

Person X facing off with Knights of Ren (Could be futre or past?)

Luke touching R2 with fire of his Jedi temple in background

Part of the vision in the future where Rey/Finn holds the saber.
  • The snowy forest outside of StarKiller base where Rey and Finn confront Kylo Ren.

What the Light Saber theory reveals is that there is an important person that holds the lightsaber that is not Luke Skywalker.  However, this person is close to Rey as they are the same person that dropped her off on Jakku.  They also were with Luke when his temple was attacked by the Knights of Ren.  I think it very likely that this person X is the parent of Rey.

The other Light Saber vision Darth Vader.  

There is a Light Saber vision that occures to Darth Vader in Darth Vader #5 where he is creating his red light saber and is shown a different path where he takes down the Emperor and becomes good.  This series reveals that Sith can not be given a light saber that they must take them from a Jedi and then fill the lightsaber crystal with negative / dark side emotion until the crystal's will breaks and it becomes red.

In Darth Vader #5 Vader has already hunted down and killed a very able Jedi in Kirak Infil'a and taken his lightsaber.  He then proceeds to break the crystal but the crystal fights back and reveals a vision of Vader's tortured past and also gives him a choice.  It shows Vader a different path.  In this vision Vader confronts the Emperor and slays him with the Green Saber and then find Obi Wan.  With Obi Wan he falls to his knees and begs for forgivness or to be slain by his old mentor.

Another thing to consider with how important these Light Sabers are is how many Light Saber crystals are shown.

  • Kylo Ren has red light saber but the saber almost seems to have a malfunction in it.
  • Rey has Anakin's old light saber
  • Luke has red kybber crystal on a necklace,
  • Luke's green lightsaber has not been shown in any trailers

If Kylo followed the rules of the Sith and took a lightsaber then his Light Saber would have had to been Luke's or Vader's that had been in Luke's possession.  The fact that the Green Light Saber is not shown is perhaps a sign the Kylo took it.

Most people believe that the red crystal around Luke's kneck is his father's but it could be also be his own Green crystal that he has made red after suffering greatly from the loss of his new temple.

Kylo Ren's bizarrely fluctuating saber is due to the crystal being used in it.  The lore given out on his lightsaber said it pulsed the way it did due to it being made with a "cracked" kyber crystal.  The purpose of the vents is to push out extra energy pulsing from the cracks in the crystal.     Its possible that part either Vader / Luke crystal is dangling on Luke's kneck and there piece is in Kylo's saber.  That in the battle between the two the crystal was damaged and Kylo used what of it he could to construct his saber.

While these may all seem like petty details these Light Sabers and who controls tell the story of what happened to Luke, Kylo and likely Rey.

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