Dreamstate Radicals - Review by Aeon River

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Review of Dreamstate Radicals

Well boys and girls, I am really excited for this review I think its perfectly timed for Blade Runner fans.  Indie comics are always fun to review because you never know what you are going to get.  Sometimes you pick something up and it satisfies a thirst you didn't even know you had.  In this case I have been dying to see the new Blade Runner and out comes this book that synced almost perfectly with that desire.

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Dreamstate Radicals is in the love column Baby!


When I pick up an indie comic I want to see something unique.  Specifically I am looking for different takes on story, comics, art, concepts, and worlds.  Dreamstate Radicals is a comic that check all of these boxes and then keeps on checking.

The art is colorful with well designed characters and paneling.  The world is vibrant and full of neon colors that illuminate the world.  Additionally, the art goes into focus on close ups on devices that really make you feel that you the reader are looking into this world and seeing these things right before your eyes.  It is a cool feeling and done really well throughout the book.  The characters are well designed and full of details that make them feel like they are really alive in this world.

Dreamstate is the new flagship comic from Huckle Berry Comics.  This book is not Blade Runner but it does have similar vibes but with a different premise and vision.  For starters, it is set in a dystopian future that certainly has parallels to Blade Runner.  I found the world presented in Dreamstate to be more beautiful, being full vibrant colors in every panel.  It also plays on a few really unique and fun concepts.  One is that the tyrannical government is beginning to collapse as opposed to the generally rising of the government.  The other is the macguffins in this issue are special devices that allow people to experience dreams or ideas.  Some of these items are temporary but others are a permanent ideas that can be accessed again and again called an Ether.  These items are heavily controlled by the government but a big bag of them just landed in our main characters lap with government forces hot on the tail.

These dreams are a bit like drugs in how they are controlled by the government and make up a black market economy.  However, they also can give the people who have them access to information a lot of power.  The ethers in particular hold ideas, and even micro worlds that are highly important to the government.   The question remains at the end of the first comic what exactly are in these ethers that our protagonists have stumbled upon.  How will these devices alter their lives, how will they alter their world?

These are interesting questions and I found myself at the end of the comic really wanting more.

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