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Let's be clear. The main lesson learned from this movie is YOU DON'T BREAK INTO THE FUTURE CABLE'S HOUSE! The term “The one with whom NOT to F'Beep” was realized nearly immediately by these three dumbfBeeps!
is advertised as a “Horror” suspense thriller. But....IT IS NOT A HORROR MOVIE!

Trailer for Don't Breath
The trailer definetly plays up the horror angle of Don't Breath

This movie is the very definition of a suspenseful thriller. It is nearly perfect in its delivery and I have no shame in admitting during lots of the scenes, I found myself holding my breath as well! Director
Fede Alvarez's attempt at depicting Detroit was a good attempt. With the exception of a few major landmarks, the movie is mainly shot in Hungary. Although, there is a mention of the blind man (Played by Stephen Lang) being the only guy living on this street for blocks around.

The fact is that in Detroit right now, there are entire blocks where there is only one occupied house which played perfectly for this movie. A movie filled with only one redeemable soul. The rest of them are all pretty much f'BEEPed! The story revolves around three kids who are into breaking and entering homes. THIS is one of the two problems I had with this movie.

#1 There is NO WAY a trio of white kids would be driving around Detroit casing house's! In certain neighborhood's, they would be killed! The second was with one of the main characters “Money” (Played by Daniel Zovatto). SERIOUSLY dude? Corn rows? I was happy when the blind man killed his ass!

Alex (Played by Dylan Minnette) has a father who works for a security company that monitors home security systems. He breaks into his father's office for information on which houses to hit. There you go, turd #1. You put your father's livelihood at risk because you're in love with a girl. Turd #2 I already mentioned, Money.

An Eminem wannabe that has never been above 8 mile and doesn't care who he has to hurt to get there. Plus, he's the reason that Alex is the third wheel on this team because he's shagging Rocky (Played by Jane Levy). Who is desperate to get away from her worthless, trailer trash mother and SAVE her baby sister from this life. Of this entire cast, her reasons are the most pure. Upon completion of a job, Money gets word of a lonely old man who is sitting on $300,000 in his house!

A score that would mean all of them getting out of Detroit...kinda like 60 percent of the population already has. There is, however, good news and bad news as they case the house. It turns out that the mark is a blind man. Which gives Rocky pause but the idea of easy money quickly squashes that. The TRULY bad news for them is that this guy is like STICK and DAREDEVIL combined and psychotic! After he kills Money in the house, it becomes a game of how quiet you can be to avoid this guy!

Did I mention the Rottweiler mix? Every blind man has a dog, right? His just happens to be referred to as a “Land Shark”. By NO MEANS is the blind man innocent either. During the course of the movie, you find out something about him that makes you actually pull for the kids who broke in.

If Hitchcock were alive today, he would rave about this movie. It's rolling camera angles where the blind man is feeling along walls and the kids are frozen RIGHT THERE in fear, holding their breath is terrifying! The basement scene was a bit unnerving and I'm an asshole! All in all, I highly recommend this movie and give it a 9 out of 10 stars. PLEASE go see this movie before the remake of
THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN hits. Which will officially start the fall movie season.

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Who is Eric from The Walking Dead?

Who is Eric from The Walking Dead?

Eric is known for being Aaron's boyfriend and partner.  He is more cautious and withdrawn than Aaron.

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #68
Death: The Walking Dead  #118

The All Things Walking Dead HQ

Eric helps his boyfriend Aaron recruit survivors into the Alexandria Safe Zone.  While Aaron is very social, Eric is more serious, cautious and grim.   The pair watch groups in secret to see if they are good people and if they are, recruit them.  Aaron recruits by revealing himself and talking to groups without weapons.   Eric would hang back and listen from a nearby location and is ready to intervene should the groups attempt to attack Aaron.  Once recruited the pair brings the new members to Alexandria Safe-Zone, where Douglas Monroe makes the final decision on whether they should be invited into the group.

Aaron approaches Rick and Abraham Ford to recruit them.  Rick knocks Aaron out as he does not trust him.  Michonne tells Rick that Aaron is nothing like the Governor and can be trusted.  Aaron then proves himself by helping fight off some zombies.  A flare goes off from the supply crew of the Alexandria Safe Zone and the whole group rushes to help them.
He brings the group to Alexandria Safe Zone where they join the group.

Too Far Gone:
Eric and Aaron decide to stop going out into the world after Eric is stabbed by a horse thief.  Eric is brought back and helped by the Safe Zone's doctor.  He recovers and is ok.  However, the pair experience some mental draw backs as both become more fearful and cautious.  They decide to stop going out and recruiting.

No Way Out:
The pair are trapped in their when a massive horde invades Alexandria Safe-Zone. 

Aaron and Eric join Rick and Michonne as they battle a  massive herd of walkers.

A Larger World:
Aaron advises Rick to trust Paul the recruiter from Hilltip.  While Rick is still reluctant to trust new people Aaron reminds rick that he and the people of Alexandria turned out to be ok.

March to War and All Out War:
The battle with the Saviors encompasses the community.  Eric thinks the couple should leave and fend for themselves.  Aaron argues they must stay and help.  The two join Rick's strike force and attack a Savior base.  During the battle Eric is shot through the head by asniper.  Aaron is momentarily grief stricken but reenters the battle.

Cllick to Enter the Walking Dead Headquarters!

Stranger Things partners with Halloween Comic Fest

Stranger Things Season 2

New Stranger Things Season 2 Poster: 10-22-2017 update

Update 7-20-2017: Halloween ComicFest Day:
The comic industry has made a 2nd Free Comic Book data that is called Halloween ComicFest that occures on October 8th in 2017.  The day is not normally as big as free comic book day but this year its getting a major shot in the arm from Stranger Things of all places.  Strangers Things is going to promote the launch of its 2nd season by sponsoring items in comic stores for Halloween Comic Fest.  This should make for some cool stuff!  I am really excited to see what comes from this. 
Press Release
Diamond Comic Distributors, the leader in the distribution of comic books, graphic novels, and pop culture merchandise to comic book shops, is excited to announce that the Netflix original seriesStranger Things 2 will partner with Halloween ComicFest 2017 bringing participants in-store activations, branded merchandise and more. 
An annual event held on the Saturday on or before Halloween, Halloween ComicFest celebrates its 6th year in 2017, with participating local comic shops around the world giving away free comics to all who go to participating shops. This year's event takes place on Saturday, October 28th, with nearly 2,000 comic shops expected to participate and give away over two million free comics to 500,000 fans. 
As Halloween ComicFest's title sponsor, store bags and printed promotional materials distributed by local comic shops in advance of the event will include Stranger Things 2 branding. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements regarding in-store activations on Halloween ComicFest, Saturday, October 28th. 
"The overlap between comic book fans and Stranger Things fans is incredible," said Michael Moccio, Advertising Partnerships Marketing Manager for Diamond. "We're thrilled to have Netflix and one of its premiere original series participate in Halloween ComicFest, which will serve as a great platform to drive one of the largest and most influential fan communities to local comic shops and to tune in this Halloween for the premiere of Stranger Things 2." 
Netflix and Stranger Things 2 join other Halloween ComicFest sponsors including Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, and Marvel Comics. 
With full-size comics that range from action-packed superhero fare to adaptations of widely beloved films and novels and all-ages mini comics with recognizable characters from companies like Disney and DreamWorks, Halloween ComicFest 2017 is poised to attract readers and fans of all tastes to participating local comic shops on October 28th.

Here is list of some of the highlighted comics available during Halloween Comicfest.
Stranger Things Season 2 Stranger Things Season 2

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Who is Black Hood in Riverdale?

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Who is the dreaded Black Hood on Riverdale?

Season 1 of Riverdale was based upon the mystery of who killed Jason Blossom.  In Season 1, Fred the father of Archie was shot and many thought the mystery would be who shot Fred.  However, the show has thrown some more wrinkles into the mix.  While most initially assumed that the shooter was simply a henchman working for someone (Hiram), it now seems that shooter is going after others.

The Shooter goes after another person in the 2nd episode and we won't spoil it yet.  He also sends a letter that says his name is Black Hood.  He also says he is going after "sinners".  This makes him into something of a serial killer or a crazed vigalante.

Here is a fun fact for you Black Hood is the name of a Super Hero from Archie Comics.  It seems even the superhero characters are now being twisted into darker versions for the show.

The Black Hood was a character at MLJ Comics (Later known as Archie comics) and was one of the most popular crime fighting characters of MLJ.   The character has also been published by DC and Dark Circle Comics.  The first Black Hood was an ex cop named Matthew Kipling "Kip" Burland was had been framed for Grand Larcency and left for dead by a villain named the "Skull".  Burland donned a black hood and set out to clear his name.  It was never spelled out if he had super powers or was simply a very strong man.  Eventually, Burland clears his name but he continues to wear the Blackhood even after another villain named "Needlenoodle reveals his secret identity.  Burland was often joined in the comics by his love interest the intripid reporter Barbara Sutton.

Will the Black Hood character borrow any of this from the comic?  I don't know but it will be fun to find out.

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SDCC 2017 Season 2 Trailer

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Who is Lilith?

Who is Lilith?

There are two characters named Lilith in the Marvel universe. One is the daughter of the vampire lord Dracula and the other is a mother of Demons.  The vampire version is discussed first and the demon version is on the bottom.  As neither character is super popular the news and media related to both characters is above their bio/power information:

Lilith News:

FROM THE VAULT: Giant Size Chillers #1 - 1st appearance of Lilith  
Lilith Mulimedia:

Lilith (Vampire):
Lilith is a character in the Marvel universe known for being the vampire daughter of Dracula.  Lilith has some unique attributes that are shared by no other vampires in the Marvel universe.  Lilith has worked for SHIELD in attempts at stopping vampires and the paranormal.

First Appearance: Giant Size Chiller featuring Curse of Dracula #1 (1974)

Alias:  Little Dracul


Lilith is Dracula's oldest child from his first wife Zofia.  Zofia was forced on Dracula by his father and thus he never truly loved her.  When his father died he forced Zofia and their young daughter (Lilith) to leave Castle Dracula so he could remarry.  Due to the trauma of this Zofia shortly thereafter committed suicide.  Lilith was then raised by a gypsie sorceress named Gretchin.  Gretchin's son is killed by Dracula which enrages the Gretchin she casts a spell on Lilith to make her into a powerful vampire that could oppose him forever.  Lilith is given all the powers of a vampire but with almost none of the weaknesses.  Her existence is also tied to her father such that so long as he lives, so will she.  When killed, Lilith would reappear taking over a body of a woman who hated her father and badly wished for his death.  This hostess would share the body with Lilith and could shape change including clothes back and forth. 

For a time, Lilith and Dracula settle upon a truce and agree to avoid each other.  When Dracula loses his powers he seeks out Lilith and asks her to bite him so he can be restored.  Lilith refuses and the two battle.  In this battle, Dracula reveals that the curse that connects also prevents her from being able to fully kill him.

In the Vampiric Verses story line Doctor Strange uses the Montesi Formula to eradicate all vampires including Lilith and her father Dracula.  However, the power of the spell is eventually weakened and Dracula returns.  The curse that ties Lilith to her father still functions and when Dracula is reborn so to is Lilith.

Lilith has gone on to be a paranormal agent of SHIELD's Howling Commando unit.

All the powers of a vampire - super strength, speed, durability etc.

Magical powers that included
  • Shape Changing- Turn into bat, wolf or mist.
  • Control of weather
  • Command of animals

Additionally she does not have the weaknesses of a normal vampire.  Lilith is immune to sunlight and holy symbols.  She also does not depend upon drinking blood for sustenance.

Lilith can not be fully destroyed until her father Dracula is destroyed.  There existence is thus linked.

Who is Lilith  (Demon):
Lilith is demonic sorceress who calls herself the mother of all demons.  She is a villain who battles the Marvel hero, Ghost Rider.

 First Appearance: Ghost Rider #28 (1992)

Moniker:  Mother of All Demons

Lilith is an immortal sorceress who initially lived in the ancient and magical city of Atlantis.  Over the years she has given birth to a variety of demonic children including;  Lilin, Creed, Pilgrim, Fang, Doc, Meatmarket, Skinner, Nakota.

These children all became scourges on the world and most were defeated by the hero, Ghost Rider.

Though very powerful, Lilith was trapped for many years in a other dimensional prison called the Tiamat by Alantean sorcerers and was only able to influence the outside world indirectly.  She was eventually released by explorers who foolishly released her.  Upon her release she immediatly sought out to avenge her children who had been killed or trapped by the Ghost Rider.

Later she would also battle Morbius and Doctor Strange.


  • Super strength
  • Durability
  • Stamina
  • Able to have demonic children, summon and control them
  • Vast magical powers

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Who is Franken Castle?

Franken Castle is a Marvel hero.  He is actually a version of the the anti-hero the Punisher that appeared for a time in comics.

Real Name: Frank Castle

First Appearance of Franken Castle:  Punisher #11 (2009)

First Self Titled of Franken Castle:  Punisher #17 (2009) retitled Franken Castle

Franken Castle News:

Franken Castle Multi-Media:


During the Dark Reign Marvel Event, Frank Castle finds himself in a mortal battle with the Dark Wolverine, Daken.  While Frank does well he is unable to overcome Daken's healing factor and in the prolonged fight eventually succumbs to Daken's ferocity.  Daken cuts off both of Frank's arms and decapitates him, killing him.

Frank's body is found by the legion of Monsters who decide to reconstruct Frank.  The group led by Morbius uses the bloodstones to bring Frank Castle back to life.  They hope that with his tactical experience they can create a champion to battle a Japanese group that is killing them.  Frank is rebuilt with a giant powerful Frankenstein like body.  At first Frank refuses to help the monsters but after one of the creatures dies at his feet he changes his mind and helps save them.
At one point Franken Castle flew on a dragon. Yup it happened.
Frank then goes into full on vendetta mode to kill Daken.  He nearly succeeds after luring Daken into a series of traps and then brutally fighting him, in hand to hand combat.  He prepares to drop Daken body into a pit to be buried by asphalt.  As he get ready he is stabbed from behind by WolverineWolverine does  not want his son Daken killed.  During this fray, Daken escapes.

Daken slips away with the bloodstones and Franken Castle and Wolverine agree to work together to retrieve them.  In the the end the two retrieve the bloodstones and Castle is returned through magic to a normal mortal form ending the age of Franken Castle.

  • Elite military, tactical and strategic martial knowledge of the Punisher
  • Super strength
  • Super healing
  • Super durability

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Who is the Punisher?
Who is Wolverine?

Black Widow cosplay by Naomi Von Kreeps

Professional Cosplayer Naomi Von Kreeps rocked an awesome Black Widow cosplay and did an action packed photoshoot.

See more at Naomi's website at:

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The Tribes of Shadow of War!

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Shadow of War!

Shadow War is the sequel video game to the hit game Shadow of Mordor and uses the same Nemesis System.  The game is set in the time period between The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings when Sauromon is building a massive army of evil.  This game is said to focus on expanding on the depth of the original by creating specific Orc tribes each with their own traits and personality.  The nemesis system means that orcs and trolls will remember you and each other.  Meaning that a big part of the game will be managing the political likes and dislikes of your allies and your enemies.  If one of your generals is left to die he may show back up with a grudge.

Just as your own orc force can change and be altered, so to can the world around you.   You can take over fortresses and redecorate them.  You can also send your orcs to be spies inside of enemy armies and fortresses.

This will alter the strategy of the player as the player may choose to take over one type of tribe or another depending on what trait is needed.

The first game was really good but it had a couple of flaws.  The world of the game was pretty small.  Also the AI of the orcs was pretty silly at times.  You used to be able to sneak behind and quickly take a big string of orcs without them even noticing.  This game seems

Official Description:
Set between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, Middle-earth: Shadow of War is an open world action RPG that continues the original narrative of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Players will be engrossed in a richer, more personal and expansive world full of epic heroes and villains, iconic locations, original enemy types, more personalities and a new cast of characters with untold stories.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War will be available for Xbox One X, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC (Windows Store and Steam), PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro beginningOctober 10, 2017.

Trailers of the Tribes:

Terror Tribe
Blades. Blood. Pain. All will fear the arrival of Terror.

Is a tribe of orcs that use fear as a weapon against their enemies.

Marauder Tribe
Marauders. Power. Respect.

The Marauder Tribe are a group of theives who like gold. They look like Pirates, bandits or adventurers.

 Machin Tribe
They’ll beat you, grind you and smash you into pulp.

The Machin Tribe is a tribe that focuses on building war machines and weapons.

Dark Tribe
There is no hiding, no safety, no escape. Surrender to the Dark tribe. —

The Dark Tribe look like a ninja assassin tribe of Orcs.

Feral Tribe:
By tooth or by claw, they won't stop until the enemy is hunted down. No one survives the Feral.

The Feral tribe is an orc tribe that focuses on raising beasts, trolls and dragons and using them as living engines of war.

 Mystic Tribe:
The suffering of the enemy does not end in death.

The Mystic Tribe is a group that focuses on magical powers in particular they seem to be able to create

Warmonger Tribe
The Warmonger tribe are a tribe that focuses specifically on combat.

In game screen shots:

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Who is Michonne from the Walking Dead?

Who is Michonne from the Walking Dead?

Michonne is one of the best fighters in Rick's group.  She is one of the most popular survivors in the Walking Dead universe.  Michonne was voted in IGN as the number 86th top comic character.  Michonne is played by actress Danai Gurira in the Walking Dead TV show.

The All Things Walking Dead HQ

First Comic Appearance:  The Walking Dead #19

First Show Appearance: Beside the dying Fire S2 E19.  This is the season 2 finale and Michonne appears at the very of the episode.  She saves Andrea by slicing off the head of an attacking zombie.  She appears as a mysterious hooded figure flanked by two zombies.

Weapon:  Katana  - Michonne uses other weapons but is most known for using a Katanna.

Comic bio:
Prior to the apocalypse,  Michonne was a lawyer, wife and mother but ended up getting divorced.  She does have children they are assumed to be deceased.  She is living with her boyfriend, Mike and his friend Terry when the zombie outbreak occurs.  She goes out on a scavenging mission and finds her sword in neighbor's house.  When she returns home she finds that both her boyfriend and Terry are zombies.  A herd of zombies surround her home.  She cuts off the arms and jaws of Terry and Mike attaches a chain to them.  She learns that the two harmless zombies (because they don't have jaws or legs) act as a form of zombie camouflage and also are able to carry items like pack mules.

She travels alone with only her zombie pets for company.  During this period she begins to lose her mind and begins having conversations with her zombie pets as if they were still human.

One day she comes across Otis and saves him from zombies.  She follows him to the Prison where the Rick Grimes group is based.  The group is initially very skeptical of Michonne as she makes quite the entrance with having two zombies tied to her.  However, she does immediately begin to make some friends.  Michonne recognizes Tyrese from his days of playing in the NFL and is immediately attracted to him.  Tyrese at the time is in a relationship with Carol.  Michonne seduces Tyrese, and is caught in the act by Carol.  Carol and Tyrese break up and Michonne and Tyrese become a couple.

She also bonds with Rick during this period.  She confides about talking to her dead boyfriend and he confides to her about receiving telephone calls from his dead wife.

Michonne is caught by the Governor's forces while investigating a crashed helicopter.  Captured by the Governor she is tortured and raped.  The Governor then seeks to rid himself of her by having her fight in a gladiatorial contest.  Michonne dispatches of the other gladiators much to the Governor's chagrin.  The group soon after escapes but Michonne and Tyrese stay behind to fight a guerrilla war against the Governor.  Both are nearly captured, however Michonne manages to escape but loses her sword.  The Governor seeks to use Tyrese as a bargaining chip but ends up cutting his head off with Michonne's sword.   The Prison group is then scattered in the battle with Woodbury.

Michonne is able to retrieve her sword and ends up meeting back up with Rick and Carl Grimes.  The 3 bond and become a tight knit group.  Michonne becomes something of a motherly protector to Carl.  They manage to meet up with others and she immediately begins inquiring about Morgan whom she is attracted to.

Michonne has a difficult time trust and adapting to life in the Alexandria Safe Zone.  Eventually, she begins to adapt and form a new life as a constable.  She even hangs her sword on a mantle hoping she never needs to use it again.  She forms a relationship with Morgan who is still trying to overcome the loss of his wife.  The two agree to go slow but this ends when Morgan is killed.

Michonne does not trust Paul Monroe (Jesus) when he enters the town but she travels to meet the new community with Rick.  She along with the others becomes embroiled in the events of All Out War with the Saviors.  She fights in many battles including the battle of Hilltop.  During this series she begins a relationship with the leader of the Kingdom, named Ezekiel.  When Ezekiel is distraught about losing men during a battle, Michonne basically calls him a wussy.  The remain together and she lives with him in his community the Kingdom.

Michonne in the TV Series:
Michonne is played by actress Danai Gurira

Michonne on the TV series is very similar to her comic counterpart but different in some ways.
She meets Andrea and not Otis.  Michonne and Andrea live for months alone and bond closely before they are captured by Woodbury and the Governor.  Michonne and Andrea see the Governor very differently and she leaves, while Andrea stays and becomes his consort.  Michonne is then hunted by Merle and other governor henchmen but manages to kill them all but Merle.  She then finds herself to the Prison and Rick.  The Prison group are initially skeptical of her but she quickly proves herself as an important and formidable member of the team. 
She does not form a relationship with Tyrese nor has she formed  a sexual relationship with any men yet in the series.  She is captured by the Governor along with Hershel.  Hershel is killed in the battle at the prison with the Governor but Michonne manages to escape and retrieve her sword.

Similar to the comics she meets back up with Rick and Carl.  She forms a close relationship with both of them, particularly Carl.  The 3 then head toward Terminus a place that promises refuge.  They meet back up with Daryl after dispatching the small gang called the "Claimed Men."  At Terminus the group then finds themselves trapped in a rail car, they are however reunited with the other survivors of the prison.  When Carol helps the group escape Michonne is very active in battle and kill the cannibals of Terminus.  When they manage to trap the remaining Termites in a church Michonne is part of the group that slaughters them.

The group then goes on a mission to find Beth but are saddened when she ends up killed.  Michonne is part of a group that travels to Noah's home in Richmond only to find it destroyed.  The community in Richmond seemed to have been attacked by another group (Potentially the Saviors).
At Michonne's behest the group marches toward DC hoping to find something of civilization remaining there.  On the way they encounter a mysterious man named Aaron.

Danai Gurira as Michonne - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Gallery - Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Aaron leads the group to the Alexandria Safe Zone.  The leader of the community, Deanna Monroe makes Michonne and Rick into constables.   Michonne hands her sword on the wall of her new house hoping to never use it again.  When Rick wildly goes after Pete for abusing his wife, Michonne steps in and knocks him out.  She that she did this for him.   She has his back when Pete returns and uses her sword to kill Deanna's husband Reg.  Deanna has Rick execute Pete and effectively hands over control to Rick.  At the end of the season 5 finale Michonne takes her sword off the wall.

Michonne Video Game:
The Walking Dead: Michonne

There will  be a new upcoming Michonne Telltale game will focus on Michonne between the Walking Dead comics #126 and 139.   The series will be add on to the Tell Tale Walking Dead game Season 2.

Robert Kirman had this to say about the game;
"In many ways, Michonne herself is a reflection of the world of The Walking Dead. She is brutal and cold on the outside, but deep beneath what is broken, she remains hopeful, trying to claw her way out of the darkness that surrounds her. In our effort to bring the world of the comic and the world of the Telltale series closer together, there is no greater character than Michonne to help bridge that gap," said Robert Kirkman.

Available for:
XBox 360, XBox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, PC, iOS, and Android this fall.  You need to own at least the 1st episode of Telltale The Walking Dead Season 2 to access the mini series.

The All Things Walking Dead HQ
Who is Morgan Jones?

Who is Vance Astro AKA Major Victory

Who is Vance Astro?
The many different looks of Vance Astro over time

Vance Astro is a member of the original Guardians of the Galaxy and is the team's leader in its initial incarnation. As a forewarning I must say that like Starhawk, Vance's story is a bit of a crazy, mind bending, time loopy trip, so strap your noggins on tight.   Vance is a human mutant with telekinetic powers (Ability to move objects with his mind).  Vance is an astronaut on Earth who is selected to go a special mission to be part of the first interstellar mission.  His mission takes hundreds of years and he lands in Alpha Centauri in a very different world than the one he left behind.

Alternate Timeline Explained:
The adventures of the Original Guardians of the Galaxy occur in an alternate timeline in the 31st century (Roughly a 1000 years from now).  This is an alternate timeline because Vance Astro returns to the present 21st century and makes changes that result in an alternate timeline that the modern Marvel 616 (Main comic universe) is following.   Also Starhawk has manipulated events that have caused further deviations from the Original Guardians Timeline to the one present in the Modern Marvel comics timeline.

Vance Astro is a genuis, prodigy, in top physical condition and the youngest astronaut ever.  The year is 1988 and he volunteers to go on an insane mission to travel interstellar (Outside our solar system) to the Alpha Centurari System to the planet Centauri IV.  NASA believed there was life on Centauri IV and wanted someone to go there and study its animals and fauna.  Earth had not yet discovered faster than light travel meaning the trip would take approximately a 1000 years.  As a human can not live for a 1000 years they found ways to freeze him in suspended animation.  He also wore an adamantium (Initially copper but since retconned) suit and filled his blood full of preservative to prevent aging.

Vance Astro embarks on his mission.  He wakes up for periods as long as a year to adjust his course and make repairs to the space ship.  During these period he goes crazy from loneliness.  Also his mutant telekinitec power suddenly becomes active causing him confusion.  The power had been dormant and only become active during his long voyage.

Events while Vance is sleeping:
While Vance is on this mission the whole world is passing him by.  Earth invents interstellar travel and beat him to Alpha Centauri.  Also there are massive changes to Earth itself.  First, all of the mutants led by Wolverine and Magneto leave Earth and go on to found two planets one of only humans and one of mutants.

Over the 1000 years Vance has been sleeping humans have landed on Pluto and Jupiter etc and evolved to fit those environments. These species include massive Jovians on the planet of Jupiter and Plutonians with special environmental powers on the planet Pluto.

When  Vance arrives at Centauri IV he is given a heroes greetings.  While no one was able to intercept his ship, humans and already been on the planet for sometime.  Vance is not very happy with the greeting he sees his whole life as being stupid and superflous.  Moreover, his mission to categorize life on the planet has already been accomplished leaving him without a purpose.  He is very much a man out of time, and out of place.

Badoon Invasion and formation of Guardians of the Galaxy
The Badoon then invade the Solar System Sol (Our Solar System) and without the mutants to protect Earth they fairly easily overrun it.   The Badoon then go around Sol and wipe out humans and the other species that evolved from humans.  The Badoon arrive on Centuari IV and wipe out the colony.  The only survivors are Vance Astro and the native Centaurian Yondu.  The two escape and meet up with two other survivors of the Badoon invasion Charlie 27 a massive Jovian (Human evolved to be stronger on the planet Jupiter) and Martinex the last Plutonian (Plutonians being humans evolved to survive on Pluto).  The Guardians then leave on a mission to free Earth from the Badoon empire.

It is later revealed that the meeting of Vance and the Guardians was instigated by Starhawk

 Vance Astro under goes a mission to find Captain America's shield and finds it and wears it in the 31st century.

A time displaced Vance Astro meets the modern Guardians of the Galaxy and gives them the idea of naming themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Relationship with Yondu:
Vance Astro initially treats Yondu as an inferior due to Yondu's less technological society.  This is some what controversial as initially it came across that the native's society was less-than Vance's more technologically advanced culture and civilization.  In later comics Vance apologizes for how he treats Yondu.  The two are depicted as close friends and teammates on later adventures.

Is Vance potentially Starlord's father in the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

Yes, though likely James Gunn would change him in some ways to simplify his story.  Lets review how this could occur.

The four clues we are given about Starlords father:
1) He needs to meet Meredith Quill on Earth in the early 1980s late 1970s.
2) He is described as being an Angel by Meredith Quill
3) He is described as being a Jack Ass by Yondu, and he needs to have communicated with Yondu to bring back Peter Quill.
4) He needs to have DNA that Nova can not identify.

1) Vance Astro could have met Meredith Quill either prior to his mission which occurred in 1988 or as a time displaced person.  Vance Astro in the comics actually returns at one point and meets his old self and tells him not to go on the mission and instead he becomes an Avenger.

2)  Vance in his suit could appear bright, and shiny, it could also be a reference to lights from a ship.

3) Vance could know Yondu from previous adventures.  Vance has a comic history of treating Yondu baddly which could certainly warrant Yondu considering him to be a Jack Ass.  Vance Astro has a long comic history with Yondu so this would make sense.

4) This one is difficult because Vance Astro is human.  He does have human mutant DNA and without mutants in the MCU Gunn would need to come up with another way of explaining his powers.  Perhaps whatever this is changed to would explain the abnormal DNA.

One other reason it would fit is that Gunn has mentioned that one other character from the Old Guardians of the Galaxy would appear in the sequel.  If that character were Vance Astro it would be hard to see how he could be integrated into the movie without serving some major purpose like being Starlord's father.

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Do the Claimed house Pictures Foreshadow Terminus?

I was looking back through some old Walking Dead posts and came across this old one. This post was orignally posted over 3 years ago.  Part of what brought me back to this is trying to find signs of clues or foreshadowings of what the future of the Walking Dead holds.

  Kind of curious if people think the Claimed House Foreshadowing could extend any further beyond Terminus and actually be saying something about the greater world of the Walking Dead.  What do you think?

The Claimed House and Terminus

Do the simple cute paintings in the Claimed House foreshadow the events of the rest of the season?
This was a theory put forth by Russ Burlingame at and I think it is a pretty fun idea.

What do you think?

First there is a red picture that I can not make out behind Karl below.  I really wish I could make out what it was.
Dog - One eyed dog with Daryl and Beth

Then you have a dog.  This could be the one eyed dog that might be connected to the person who kidnapped Beth.  The dog also inadvertently led to Daryl dropping his guard and allowing a herd of walkers into the Funeral home.
Bunnies - Like the one Daryl hunted

There are the bunnies.  Looking at the two of them it is easy to think of Lizzie and Miccah as two innocent bunnies.  Also could reference the bunny that Daryl just hunted and led to one of the claimed men getting killed.
Flower- Perhaps Terminus Flower or Lizzie look at the flower reference
Sunflowers at Terminus entrance

The yellow sunflower could be reference to the flowers and gardens that are within Terminus.  It could also be a reference to Carol and Micah telling Lizzie to look at the flower.

Super creepy picture - Could it be Mary?

They do look similar

Mary also look a bit like the mystery woman on the upcoming Walking Dead #127.  This is the comic at the end of the current main story Total War.  Even though the comic is set in the future their is an erie similarity between the woman above and character below.  Could they be introducing her and her new group of survivors faster in the TV series?
This character seems like she is going to be important in the series as she is now on the covers of the future comics.  It should be noted that Rick has not been shown on the covers perhaps this is to not reveal the ending of the total war story.  Perhaps, this is because Rick is no more.

Who are you mystery lady?
Another picture of the mystery lady WD #128
Here we see Negan being threatened by Unknown woman?
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