X-O Manowar faces off against new alien Bounty Hunters

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X-O Manowar has been my favorite series of 2017.  I loved the first issue, the 2nd etc.  Its just a great series with a fun story, great characters, and amazing, drippingly beautiful sci fi art.  So far in the run Aric has gone from a farmer, to a soldier, to a general, to a full on space Emperor.  In X-O Manowar we are introduced to a new threat a group of elite alien bounty hunters which may become backbone villains in the series.  Who could challenge Aric now that he is the Emperor of Gorin and still has the ultrapowerful X-O Manowar suit?  Apparently, the best alien bounty hunters in each sector think they can take him on.

The upcoming story is said to draw from Western stories and epic sci fi stories like Star Wars.

In an interview with Newsarama the owner of Valiant Dinesh Shamdasani added that the bounty hunters are:
 completely different from one another… These seven characters could launch their own books – they’re that fascinating and that interesting.
and added:

Absolutely, we built X-O Manowar #10 even before we had launched issue #1 of the series as a milestone in this run. This is going to be their first appearance, but we have large plans for these characters. They’ll have a prominent role in the next arc and then we go to Harbinger Wars 2…and then we’re coming back to the bounty hunters. They’ll have a large impact on the universe going forward. 
You can read full interview at: https://www.newsarama.com/36287-meet-the-new-big-bads-of-the-valiant-u.html

The designs for these bounty hunters look absolutely amazing see the designs below:

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Who is XO-Manowar? Good Question!
I know a lot of you are saying what is Valiant comics or what the heck is an X-O Manowar? Fast answer is that it is the comic you should be reading now.

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