Who is Voyager - Marvel hero

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Who is Voyager?

Marvel has kicked off promotion for Marvel Legacey with what seems to be a new character named Voyager.

While there has been at least one character named Voyager at Marvel in the past this version does not seem to be connected.  The previous Voyager was a member of the Shi'ar Royal Guard. The promo for Voyager indicated that the character will be revealed on Sep 29th which is a Friday.  Being that new comics come out on Wednesday it does not seem that the reveal will come from a comic.  However, Marvel Legacy #1 does arrive in stores on Sep 29th (Wednesday) so it is possible that Voyager could be set up or hinted at in some way in that book.  It also means that Marvel may have a major announcement of some sort on that Friday.

Here is Synopsis of Marvel Legacy #1:
Marvel Comics’ Legacy initiative kicks off Sept. 27 with Marvel Legacy #1, a 50-page one-shot from writer Jason Aaron and artist Esad Ribic that promises to tell the “startling origin of the Marvel Universe” and underscore how “it’s all connected.”

Real Name: ?

Alias: Voyager

First Appearance: Marvel Legacy# ?

Marvel Store:
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Voyager Bio:

Voyager is a comic female hero who is part of the Marvel Legacy story.  Voyager is in statue of the founding Avengers suggesting that she was part of the very first team.  This seems to be the result of a new timeline.

Theories for Who She Is...

Daughter of Storm / Bishop
One early fan theory is that Voyager is the daughter of Storm and Bishop.  She resembers Storm and wears a scarf similar to Bishop.  This is just speculation and Storm does already share an alternate world child with Black Panther.

Phyla Vell
Phyla was killed in a previous story by Thanos.  Voyager does look a bit like Phyla Vell.  This could be a way for Marvel to bring Phyla Vell back to the ranks of the living.

Another early fan theory is that she is Kismit also known as Her, Paragon and yes Ayesha from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.  This character has already had a lot of names so why not add another.  She does have a close resemblance to Kismt so this is possible.

There was a character named goddess who a villain of Adam Warlock.  Goddess wanted to destroy the universe and rebuild she was thwarted in this by a team up of Warlock and Thanos.

Voyager Skills and Powers:

Voyager appears to have some cosmic powers that likely include:

  • Hyper travel through space
  • Can survive in space
  • Super strength
  • Super speed

Voyager is a new character and has not appeared in film unless she is another character.

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