Who is the Princess of Pittsburgh? - Walking Dead characters

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Who is the Princess of Pittsburgh?

The Princess of Pittsburgh is a character met by a team of survivors going from Alexandria going to Ohio.  The character first appears in issue #171 under a story called "Fear the Princess".   The character has a unique look within the Walking Dead with colored hair, bright pink jacket and carrying a submachine gun.  The issue of #171 immediatly became a hot commodity and has been selling for high prices on ebay already hitting $100.  It is not yet clear if the Princess will be an antagonist or a protaganist in the series.

Real Name: Jaunita Sanchez

Alias: Princess, Princess of Pittsburgh

Affiliation:  Alexandria / Pittsburgh

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #171 "fear the the princess"

"Because "QUEEN" Makes me sound old. When I got here the whole city seemed empty, I claimed it as my own.  I'm the Princess of Pittsburgh".  Princess in Walking Dead 171

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Princess Comic Bio:

Princess is a mysterious character and much of her back ground is unknown. She is a survivor of the zombie apocalypse and at some point she came to live in the city of Pittsburgh. When she arrived in Pittsburgh she claims she found the city to be empty of the living and declared herself the Princess of Pittsburgh.  Princess found that she had access to many items including hair dye.  She dyes her hair in part because of its abundance.  She claims to have lived alone without seeing another living person for over a year before encountering Michonne and her team (Walking Dead #171)
Encountered by Michonne's Team:
Michonne is sent on a mission to go all the way from Alexandria Safe Zone (Virginia) to Ohio to meet up with Stephanie.  She takes a small team with her on horseback as they make their long journey through the post apocalyptic wasteland.  Michonne's team consists of Eugene, Sidiq, Magna and Yumko.  When entering Pittsburgh the group encounters Princess who whilst wearing a bright pink coat and carrying a submachine gun says "Sup".

The group does not know what to make of the lone survivor.  Princess is very upfront and somewhat brash and proposes that she goes with the group.  In part because she wants company and in part because she can help.  She proposes that she be allowed to keep her weapon as they outnumber her 5 to 1.  However, the group remains jumpy as they go through town and keep their weapons trained on Princess.  Princess does not seem to be too worried about their jumpyness and expresses appreciation for the racial diversity of the group.

The group goes to the home of Princess for her to collect things.  Outside of the compound Princess screams "I Brought Horses".  Startling the group who begin looking around for ambushers.  Princess says she is only one there and it was joke before dashing inside.

Princess's intentions and history are still mysterious.

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