Who is Microchip aka Micro? Punisher characters

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Who is the Microchip aka Micro in Punisher?

Microchip is most well known as a supporting character of the Punisher.  Microchip is initially an ally and is one of a few confidants that Castle keeps for an extrended period.  Microchip may be the closest thing that the Punisher has to a true friend after becoming the Punisher.  However, the two have a falling out which leads to Microchip's first death.  Microchip is fairly popular character to come out of Punisher and has been depicted in various comic series and made a variety of appearances in film and tv.  Wayne Knight played Microchip in the film Punisher Warzone (2008).  In the Netflix series the Punisher, Micro is played by actor Ebon Moss-Bachrach.

Real Name: David Linus Lieberman

Alias(es): Micro, Microchip, Cringe, Lowell Bartholomew Ori

Affliliation: Formerly CIA, Rising Tide, Hood's Crime Syndicate, Punisher partnership

  • Sarah Lieberman - Wife
  • Zach Lieberman - Son
  • Leo Lieberman - Daughter
  • Louis Frohike - Illegitimate Son
  • ? - Sister lives in Ft Launderdale
  • ? - Nephew killed after hacking Kingpin

First Appearance:  Punisher #4 (Punisher Vol 2 1987)

Origin: The Punisher: The Origin of Microchip #1 (July 1993)

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Microchip Bio:

Microchip is not a hardened fighter like other other super heroes in the Marvel universe and has no true super powers. He actually is generally shown as overweight and often mentions struggling to lose weight (Even once going to a fat camp).  He does however posessess a wide variety of practical espionage and computer skills he uses to fight crime.  Microchip is a legendary hacker who has done a variety of feats that are well known to the hacking community. He works on a variety of cons and scams but he ends up getting too close to high level criminals. He goes into retirment from the hacking business taking up an identity as an unassuming businessman.  

 Microchip pulls himself out of retirment when his nephew killed. Microchip's nephew had followed his notorious uncle's footsteps and had hacked into the private computers of the Kingpin. The Kingpin had then located him and had him killed. Microchip begins investigating the murder and the Kingpin's criminal network which eventually leads him into crossing paths with Frank Castle aka the Punisher. Microchip quickly becomes an invaluable partner to Frank's war on crime. He uses a his skills to help the Punisher with cyber investigations, hacking, laundering money, setting up safe houses, and procurement. Castle manages to get his hands on lots of cash money, and weapons. Micro though is the one that establishes methods of laundering that money so that it is untraceable and useable. He also finds ways to untraceably purchase computer hardware, guns, bombs, and ammunition that the Punisher uses on his war on crime. Through it all Microchip is less obssessed with Castle's mission but serves more out of respect to Castle. He becomes a close friend to Castle and becomes the equivalent of a counselor urging Castle to take mental health breaks.

Microchip at times takes things into his own hands. He fights an assassination ring threating his godson's family. He destroys a fake charity that is threatening a neighbor by sending a recording of the administrators plans out to a large network of yodeling fans.

The Kingpin captures of Microchip to use him as a hostage. He then orders the Punisher to kill a rival gangster and sends Microchip's pinky finger as part of the blackmail. Punisher kills the gangster and Microchip is released.

Punisher ends up getting in a disagreement with Microchip over his therapy. Microchip begins acting in a local theatre to ease himself into public life. Frank feels that this puts Microchip into needless danger and the two part company. Microchip then goes into hiding working as a barkeep. For a time Microchip works with a former Maffiaso named Mickey Fondozzi and the two infilitrate the Secret Empire.

The Punisher and Microchip meet after Microchip has handpicked a new man to take up the Punisher mantle.  He selects a former Navy Seal member named Carlos Cruz.  Microchip feels that Castle has become too mentally unstable to maintain his Punisher persona and increasingly going too far in war on crime.  This makes Punisher extremely angry at his old friend.  He sees this operation as endangering his own war on crime.  The two factions have a gun battle in one of Micro's new safe houses.  This battle is broken up by a rogue vigalante hunting SHIELD agent named Derek "Stone Cold" Smalls who fires a rocket that ends up killing Microchip.  Frank leaves scene wondering if he had it in him to kill Microchip himself.

Microchip is brought back to life by the Hood.  The Hood promises to bring back both his and Frank's family but  GW Bridge's life must be sacrificed as part of the ritual.  Microchip ends up shooting G.W. Bridge in the head.  While this does bring back the corpses the Punisher does not see them as his true family and destroys all the bodies by forcing the villain Firebrand to do it.  He then kills Firebrand.

The Punisher kills Microchip by cutting his throat when offered the chance by Jigsaw.
Microchip Skills and Powers:
Micro is a technical wizard with skills in programing and hacking.  He also is maven of consipiracies and is used as source of intel by both Skye/Daisy Johnson and Frank Castle.

Microchip Skills:

  • Highly advanced hacker
  • Espionage expert
  • Weapons expert
  • Mechanic
  • Laundering money
  • Setting up safe houses
  • Managing data and intel, and cyber investigation


Micro is a character that will appear in Punisher.  There have also been a few mentions of Micro in other Marvel shows.  Micro is played by actor Ebon Moss-Bachrach.  Microchip also appeared as a character in the film Punisher Warzone (2008) where he was played by actor Wayne Knight.

Early Easter Eggs of Micro:
Micro was mentioned as a contact of Skye in Agents of SHIELD season 2 episode 7"Writing on the Wall".
Skye to Coulson about Micro:
"One of my sources, this guy Micro, he's kind of a crime-scene junkie. He came across something."
 Micro was said to be one of Skye's "Rising Tide" hacking contacts.  When Coulson was attempting to decrypt symbols left by John Garret, Skye turned to her Rising Tide contacts.  Micro sent a message to Skye that similar symbols were carved into a corpse in a murder in Rhinebeck, New York.

A CD with the words MICRO on it was shown in the possession of Frank Castle in Daredevil Season 2.  Before burning down his old family home Frank Castle retrieves a picture showing his former Unite States Armed Forces Platoon.  He breaks the picture and pulls out a disc with the words "MICRO" on it.  Presumably the disk has the means of contacting MICRO.

Punisher War Zone:
Wayne Knight played Microchip in Punisher Warzone (2008)

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