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Who is the Rawlins?

Rawlins is a sadistic CIA agent that comes into the crosshairs of the Punisher.  Rawlins will appear as a character in the Netflix Punisher series.  He is also the ex husband of the Punisher character Kathryn O'Brien.

Real Name: William Rawlins

Alias(es): Rawlines

Affiliation: CIA

Quote: "Wait, man, Don't Don't, Just get her in here; I know you're doin' this for her, get her in here, lemee talk to her!" Rawlins pleading with Castle to not kill him.

First Appearance:  Punisher #14 (Volume 6 2005)

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The Rawlins Bio:

Rawlins is a CIA agent who begins to do special assignments for a corrupt group of US Generals and Admirals. The missions Rawlins performs is setting up terrorist attacks that are used as distractions or as means of justifying action by the US Military (False Flag Operations).

Rawlins is married to the Kathryn O'Brien though their marriage is short. For their honeymoon Rawlins takes Kathryn on a trip to Afganistan. The honeymoon was actually nothing but a cover of a mission for Rawlins. When the mission went south he pushed her out of a helecopter as a distraction so he could escape, Rawlins then left Kathryn behind. Kathryn was captured by the Taliban and tortured and raped for years. She heavily blamed Rawlins for abandoning her. Kathryn becomes an important ally of Frank Castle later on and even has his child, Sarah. Initially Kathryn is sent by the CIA to apprehend Frank but falls in love with him. She ends up saving Castle from William Rawlins. After her treatment in Afganistan Kathryn wants vengaence on both Rawlins and her former Taliban abductors. She dies before she can kill Rawlins but passes on the task to Frank Castle.

The corrupt generals operations begin to be hunted down by Frank Castle they ask Rawlins to use his underworld connections to acquire hitmen to take out Castle. Rawlins had a romantic relationship with a mobster named Nicky Cavella who he used to acquire information from. He coerced Nicky Cavella into pursing Frank Castle. The attempts on Frank Castle fail. Cavella descrated the remains of Frank Castle's family the hope of driving him into a rage so he would slip up. Castle surgically took out everyone then led Cavella out in the woods and shooting Cavella in the gut. Castle tells Cavella that by making things personal he had only bought himself a little more time.

Castle manages to hunt down Rawlins as an agent of the corrupt Generals he is searching for. He tortures Rawlins who loses an eye while information is extracted from him. Castle lets Rawlins go as he only wanted the information on the generals. Rawlins then goes on to sell information to the Russians on a CIA sponsored terror attack there, only then to betray the Russians. He is then hunted by both the CIA, underworld and the Russians. Before the CIA or Russia can hunt him down Frank Castle does. Frank kills Rawlins in a bathroom in Kabul International Airport.

The Rawlins Skills and Powers:
Rawlins has no real superpowers he does have extensive training as a CIA operative.
He is an expert in gaining information through spying, intimidation and sexual manipulation.


Rawlins will appear in the Netflix series the Punisher.  Rawlins will be portrayed by actor Paul Schulze.

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