Moon Knight - Marvel Hero

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Who is the Moon Knight?

Moon Knight is a hero at Marvel sometimes thought of as Marvel's equivalent to Bat Man though that title has gone to both Black Panther and Daredevil at times.  One of the distinguishing characteristics  severe mental disorder that he must struggle against.  It is not always known to Spector if he is crazy or if he is recieving visions from Khonshu the Egyptian god that resurrected him.

Real Name: Marc Spector

Alias(es): Moon Knight, Jake Lockley, Steven Grant, Fist of Khonshu, Yitzak Topol

Affliliation: Formerly CIA, Defenders, Secret Avengers

Home City: Chicago, Illinois

First Appearance:  Werewolf by Night #32 (1975)

Origin:  Moon Knight #1 (1980)

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Moon Knight Bio:

Marc Spector builds up a variety of fighting skills as a Boxer, a member of the CIA, and as mercenary. His father was a Rbabi but he rejected his father's religous moral teachings and instead to decided to become a materialist. His lack of any moral grounding led Marc to increasingly dark dealings with nefarious characters. He began to work with Raoul Bushman a mercenary and terrorist. On a mission to Sudan Marc could no longer stand by and allow inncoent people to be hurt at his own expense.

Raoul Bushman began pursuing an Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb that he hoped would be filled with gold. He began to attack a village of Selima and beat archeologist Dr. Peter Alraune. Alraune is killed while attempting to sneak up on Bushman. Marc warns Bushman who then bites through Alraune kneck killing him. Marc is totally disgusted by Bushman and frees Alraune's daughter, Marlene. He manages to help her escape Selima but he is caught in the act by Bushman. Bushman kills everyone in the town and then drags Marc Spector out into the desert and leaves him to die.

An injured Spector manages to drag himself to the tomb that Alraune had discovered. There his is found by Marlene Alraune who grateful for his help earlier brought him into the tomb. Marlene's servants attempted to revive Spector but it was too late. Spector's body was placed at the foot of the statue Khonshu. Marlene weeps over Spector's dead body but suddenly he rises up, alive. Spector quickly comes to the belief that he was restored to life to serve Khonshu as his Moon Knight of vengeance. He takes a cloak off the Khonshu statue and proceeded back toward his former mercenary force. There he took out Bushman's remaining force and nearly manages to kill Bushman. Bushman manages to escape when Marlene comes to the town and Spector is temporarily distracted. An old merc friend Frenchie comes to the aid of Spector.

Frenchie and Marlene work with Spector to train to become the ultimate fighter. Spector also begins creating various identities that he can use in various ways to support his crime fighting. Spector takes his fortune from being a mercenary and creates the identity of Steven Grant. His Grant persona is a playboy he uses to gain influence and information with monied elites. He also creates an identity as a cabbie called Jake Lockley to make contacts with people on the streets. As Lockley he befriends Bertrand Crawley who becomes his main source of information on the streets. He also befriends Gena Landers a coffee store owner whose two sonds Ray and Ricky become investigative associates of Spector. Marlene and Marc form a strong romantic relationship and he lives with her under the guise of Steven Grant. While the multiple identities help Marc gain information they also begin to weigh on hs sanity. Marlene helps him straighten out his mind and also helps him design the Moon Knight costume. He also adds a helicopter called the Mooncopter to his arsenal that is flown by Frenchie. The statue of Khonshu is brought into his home as Spector continues to believe that it gives him power.

A few men from Spector's early life as a spook and mercenary come back continually to haunt him. The first is his own brother Randall who followed Marc into the CIA. However, Randall was a psychotic with no loyalty and quickly began betraying the CIA. When Marc's love interest at the time found out about Randall's disloyalty he hacked her to death with a meat cleaver. He shows up from time to time.

The other is the villain Crossfire who was another CIA agent that Marc worked for named William Cross.

Bushman continues to show up always wanted revenge on Spector for what happened in Selima.

One of his first missions is to capture Werewolf "Jack Russell" for a group called the commitee but he lets him go once he learns that the group plans to weaponize him. He comes into conflict with other villains including Masked Marauder, Lupinar, Zodiac android, Crossfire, randall, Cobra, Slasher, Midnight Man, Morpheus, Stained Glass Scarlet, Jester, Arsenal, Third World Slayers, Bushman, Zohar and a cult called Left Hand Path.

Bushman at one point seemed of force Spector in to psychosis after destroying the statue of Khonshu. Marlene helps Spector overcome this by telling him she has hidden the real statue. It is unclear if this was a lie or the truth but helps Spector overcome the intiall trauma of losing the statue.

Moon Knight must aslo take on a villain called Black Spectre who is a mayor candidate using the villainous identity to coerce people for influence over NYC. However, however after defeating and unmasking Black Spectre as Carson Knowles, he is unalbe to convince anyone of this fact. This causes Moon Knight's sanity to break again. He manages to unmask him again but this time on television revealing the truth to everyone.

Marc tries to give up the Moon Knight and all of the extra identities to settle in with Marlene. He is then visited by 3 ancient Egyptian priests.who tell Spector that he is the Avatar of Khonshu. The priests then begin guiding him into new mysteries and crime fighting missions. Moon Knight persona becomes too much for Marlene and she leaves him.

Moon Knight joines the West Coast Avengers after a bizarre twist of time travel has a time displaced Hawkyee allying himself with Khonshu. Khonshu then uses his influence over Spector to join the West Coast Avengers in the present day. Spector himself has zero interest in joining the Avengers. Still he begins to have romantic involvement with Tigra something Khonshu disagrees with. Whne the West Coast Avengers split over the issue of whether they should be allowed to kill he sides with Mockingbird and Tigra in the pro kill camp. He left the Avengers after Khonshu was forced to leave the Earthly plane to battle the rival god Seth.

At one point Silver Sable attempted to bring him to Bosqueverde to answer for his mercenary crimes but his identity was questions after his friend Midnight pretended to be him.

Marc reinvents the Moon Knight persona after learning that Khonshu is the god of justice not just vengaence. He creates a new corporate front called Spectorcorp and moves his base to high tech office building called "Shadowkeep". In this base he would holographically communicate with his various agents called the "Shadow Cabinet". His weaponry was upgraded and now included stronger adamantium armor.

The Shadowkeep was destroyed with Spector in it after a virus was installed called Zero Hour by the villain Seth Phalkon. Khonshu restored Spector after his demise.

The god Seth a rival of Khonshu recruited the Moon Knight villains of Morpheus, Bushman and Black Spectre to destroy the United Nations. Moon Knight thawarts their plan. Moon Knight helps finance a plan to capture the Punisher by Daredevil. This group is attacked by Zaran and other villains who destroy the base and effectively bankrupt and nearly kill Spector.

Spector recovers from beating and takes on his Moon Knight guise once more. Battling the Bushman he brutally cuts off his enemies face. The Commitee has hires the villain the Task Master to kill him for once and for all.

Moon Knight Skills and Powers:

Moon Knight is wealthy and highly trained in combat and espionage.  Before becoming a crime fighter he was a professional boxer, a CIA spy and a mercenary.

In addition to this he gains certain powers from his relationship as the avatar of Khonshu.  He gains enhanced strength, endurance, and reflexes at night time.  The maximum power is reached during a full moon.

Khonshu has also fully restored Spector on numerous occasions from death and sometimes gives Spector visions.

He also has access to a variety of weapons that tend to be of an Egyptian theme, that includes darts, truncheons and staffs.  His cape allows him to glide over a long distance.  He also has been shown to use a variety of aircraft including the Mooncopter and Angelwing.

Moonknight is rumored to be coming to the MCU in one of the Netflix shows.  Many speculate he could appear in some fashion in the show the Punisher.

Punisher is said to contain another hero besides the Punisher himself.  As Moon Knight is another franchise that many suspect would fit in with the Defenders Saga on Neflix many speculate that Spector could appear in some fashion in the Punisher series.  This remains a persistent rumor but with little facts to back it up.

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