Flight of the Navigator remake in the works

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Hollywood reporter just reported that Disney is planning on remaking the film Flight of the Navigator.

In 1986 an alien space ship named Max took the world by storm,  The Flight of the Navigator is about a boy named Joey (Played by David Freeman) who is abducted by alien space ship taken across the universe and returned 8 years later.  The space ship crashes and immediatly various government entities begin taking interest in the boy who has not aged and seems connected to the alien craft.  The government finds that the boy has returned with an immense amount of information about galaxy maps that are outside of human knowledge hidden in his subconsious.  The boy is contacted by the ship and the two take off and fly around the world on an adventure to escape the government.  The ship's sentient first mate Max and the boy become friends.

The original film did ok making $18 million dollars off a $9 million dollar budget.  The film has an 81% rating on rotten tomatoes.

On September 2017 Lionsgate and Jim Henson Company announced a reboot of the Flight of the Navigator.  The film has entered a pre production with Joe Henderson from the TV show Lucifer.

There was previous talk of a reboot by Disney but this film never materialized.
A new film is began to take shape in 2009 when it was reported by Hollywood Reporter that  Disney was seeking to produce the new film with Brad Copeland writing a script.  David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman signed on as producers.  Disney then in 2012 signed on director Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly to rewrite the script.  Since that time Trevorrow  went on to direct the film Jurassic world.  It is unclear if this script is being used in the new 2017 film.

Pictures from the original Flight of the Navigator:

For its time Flight of the Navigator had very high level special effects.

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