Top 10 Members of the Hand

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The Hand is organization that intially was created as foils for Daredevil during the Frank Miller run of the character.  The stories by Frank Miller introduced the ideas of the Hand, and the Chaste two groups of waring martial artists who were interested in using Daredevil and his lover Elektra as weapons.  Many of the Hand members in these stories were nondescript ninjas, however as time went on a few special Hand members were shown who were given names and had unique looks.  The story Daredevil Fall from Grace in particular

My Top 10 favorite members of the hand.  For how many comics feature the hand the list of Hand members here may seem pretty obscure.  This is due to members not being highlighted as much as you would think.

I picked members of the Hand that for the most part were exclusive to the Hand and not part of another criminal organization like Kingpin, Hydra or the Hood.  There are various times where the Hand has either controlled another group or been controlled.  There are also characters like Daredevil who have served the Hand in one story.  The characters here though are all loyal Hand members.

My Top 10 favorite members of the Hand!...

Enteki (I and II)
Enteki is one of the Ninjas elite warriors sent to find the About Face virus.  Enteki is part of the Hand's original Snake Root clan.

#9Doka - (Fire ninja)
Doka is a member of the Snake Root Plan who has a special power of making and controlling fire.  It is unclear where he gained this power from.

The Hand is not a racist organization and is effectively a meritocracy.  Its members thus come from all over the world and the best rise in its ranks.  Osaku is one such non Japanese member who rose all the way into the elite Snake Root Clan.  Osaku was initially a KGB agent trained to hunt down and kill the Russian defector Black Widow.  However, when the mission is preemtively canceled Osaku feels the Hand would make a superor home for her talents and she switches over.


Much like Osaku, Feruze is not Japanese.  Facing discrimination at home Feruze is a martial artist who finds a place in the Hand's meritocracy.  He is one of the highly trained warriors of the Snake Root plan sent to battle and defeat Daredevil.

Feruze has not appeared many times but my hope is that he would appear again.

Lord Daito

Lord Daito is a samurai like leader of the Hand.  He is the holder of a demon blade called Saki that can resurrect fallen warriors.

Budo - Leader of About Face Project

Budo is a no non sense Military man who is cold, hard and practical.  He was recruited into the Hand and is a very able combatant.

Tekagi - (great warrior enemy /lover of Elektra)

Tekagi is a warrior who once was the lover of Elektra.  One of the greatest Hand warriors Tekagi has died and been resurrected numerous times and each time returns darker and more hidious than the previous time.   By the time he battles Daredevil, Tekagi is more monster than man.

Ghost-Maker - Hand/Snakeroot/Russian KGB

The Ghost Maker is a KGB assassin known for his battles with Shang Chi.  However, the talented agent is resurrected and recruited into the Hand organization.


Kirigi is one of the most infamous Ninja warriors of the Hand.  He is the first Ninja to have the trait of being immortal and not dieing.

The Ninja of Nobu in the Netflix show of Daredevil 1 & 2 seems to be based off of Kirigi.

Choosing Elektra as my number 1 favorite Hand member is kind of predicatable and uninspired but it is hard to go anyother way.  Elektra is an amazing character capable of having her own comics and even film.

Bonus 11 (crank it up to 11 baby!)
Master Izo
For a Spinal tap like Bonus we have a Hand character who is my number 11 on a dial of 10.  I really, really like Master Izo.  He is one of those characters who has the proper mixture of wisdom, practicatlity and drunkeness that make every line out of his mouth interesting.
Master Izo is not always thought of as a member of the Hand but long ago he was.  Izo is one of the ninjas of the Hand that left and started the rogue group called the Chaste.

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