DC Metal's Midnight Bash

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Last night at midnight, many comic stores throughout the world began releasing DC's Metal as a Midnight bash.  Yes, today in many comic stores new comic book day started at 12:01!  So if you local comic store clerk looks tired that is the reason.  Maybe we should start a buy the comic guy a coffee day or something.

I know one guy who got his hand on these comics! Your truly. However, I actually didn't go to the store I asked my wife instead. She delivered, per usual.

NCBD After Market Update:
Likely wont see this on a shelf but if you do buy it.

Like I said this is going to be a hot NCBD (New Comic Book Day for you noobs)
  • Metal Midnight Variant going for around $10-$70 mean price seems to be $10
  • Totally Awesome Hulk #22 going for $7 and $80 seems like a mean price of $20
  • Black and White Midnight Variant going between $100 and $300 mean price around $150

Metal Bash!  
DC is having a lot of fun with the double entrendre of the word Metal.  With a lot of Metal Music tie ins.  A lot of comic fans have been throwing up the devil horns and the DC Metal shirts (OMG I want one so bad) have dates on the back of releases that look like a band's tour schedule.

The insanity and enthuisasm for this is really palapable in the comicverse.  I think people are more pumped for this then they were for Rebirth even.  My guess is that is due to how well Rebirth has been recieved and that good will is carrying over.  More excitement is created though just by Metal being cool, the idea is cool, the art is cool, the story is cool and hey Batman is cool.

If you have not guessed this already this New Comic Book Day is going to be HUGE!!!!!  Marvel also has a big book out with that Totally Awesome Hulk #22 is out which is the first appearance of Hulkverine.  So don't wait today if you want any of the Metal Variants or Hulk you need to get to a store pronto!  Some shops closed after the Midnight release and reopened to lines already forming.  Not joking this is nuts.

Also if you snag a picture of those new Metal shirts send me picture and tell me where you got it.  I want one baddly!

And the Crazy continued on to Morning:

DC Metal Store
Toylab is a member of the Amazon Affiliate Program allowing us to search through Amazon and find the coolest stuff to highlight for you.   You can see something you like and click on the image below to be taken right to that item in Amazon.  Sooo Easy so Cool, we freaking love it.  Not much Metal stuff is out yet, so the items we found are ACTUAL METAL items from DC.  Still pretty cool but we will need to update once we can find those rad t-shirts.

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