Wonder Woman Review by Sir Kent Said

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The Wonder Woman review by Sir Kent!

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Sir Kent Rating 10/10
(This is first film to recieve a 10 out of 10 in the Sir Kent Said movie rankings)

I think we were ALL a little worried about this movie. We were ALL concerned when an open letter was sent that said the WONDER WOMAN movie was a “Dumpster Fire!” or was it “A hot mess”? I can't recall but, it was NOT a reassuring letter at all. Then losing a director, which seems to be par for the course for the DCMU.

I mean seriously, what the fuck? THEN, Ben Affleck losing his f'Beep'in’ mind and saying he didn't want to be The Batman anymore! Holy F'Beep what is wrong with you, boy??? Last year, we were all a little worried about this movie. However, judging by the Rotten Tomatoes rating, and judging by the film having not ONE negative review thus far, I think our lack of faith in director Patty Jenkins was a mistake.

The Patty Jenkins who was born on George Air Force Base in Victorville, CA back in July 24th 1971 and doesn't exactly have the longest resume when it comes to directing. She is best known for MONSTER 2003 and THE KILLING 2011-2012. So she was a risk for Warner Brothers to take to direct this movie. But in a time when women are yet again being made to feel like second class citizens she stepped up. Not only to empower women through her art but LITERALLY TO SAVE WARNER BROTHERS and the DCMU!

It's no great secret that the DCMU was kinda starting to look like that shag you had that you pray to God nobody finds out about! After being bashed over the head for BATMAN v SUPERMAN (Which I liked but others not so much) and then again for the WOEFUL SUICIDE SQUAD (Okay you kinda needed to be drink to enjoy that one (Yall know you deserved the shBeep you took for that one).  There are also questions in the film community at large on whether a female driven super hero film could succeed.  That Catwoman film was soo bad but continued to be a spectre by anyone who mentioned a female super hero driven film.  The director, the casting, the actors EVERYTHING about this movie had to be a hit for both comic fans and women as a whole.  That is a lot riding on one movie.

After seeing the movie, I can safely say that not only did the risk they took on this director and cast pay off but, it breathed life back into  Warner Brothers and the DCMU. I like the fact that the women who were cast went through the same training as the men did in both 300 movies. The set for Themyscira was everything I could have hoped it would be plus the cloak over the island was a nice touch. Usually I start my reviews with what I didn't like about the movie.

This is one of those rare times when I simply didn't have a single complaint. So mark this shit on your calendar! Now, let me try and give a spoiler free review of WONDER WOMAN.

This movie is as much a “Coming of age” movie as it is a superhero movie. Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) plays the daughter of Hippolyta

(Connie Nielsen) Queen of the Amazon's. Diana understands that she is different but she does not know how or why. Much like any child, she struggles to find her place in the world and is secretly being trained by Antiope (Robin Wright). MUCH to the dislike of Hippolyta who believes that the more she train's, the more attention she will draw to herself.

As most things in life, this isolated world is interrupted by the harsh realities around it when one day

Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes through the cloak that surrounds the island. He is a U.S. spy who is being pursued by the fuckin’ German's (F'Beep'in Nazis). Thus, Diana and all of Themyscira are plunged into the brutal reality of war. Diana believes it to be the Amazon's sacred duty to accompany Trevor back to this war and defend not only mankind but defeat Ares who she believes is behind such a war. Her request is denied by her mother.

Who believes not only that this is exactly what Ares wants but that the world of man does not deserve the help of The Amazon's anymore. Of course Diana totally ignores her. She is caught and basically banished from the island and her people. Her first in several hard lessons. The relationship between Diana and Steve is truly magical.

You get the feeling that offset, Gal and Chris became friends during the making of this movie and that showed through. Much like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker did. The addition of  Etta (Lucy Davis) only added to the charm and humor of this movie. Much like in the movie, Wonder Woman came along at a time when women were only meant to be seen and not heard. It has inadvertently become a statement for the current day struggle of women.

Here is a strong, capable woman who is every bit as good as a man and absolutely dedicated to her believes. She can't understand WHY people don't help each other?!?! She can't understand why it was so easy for her to give up her home and answer the call when so few will. I won't spoil who ends up being the Avatar for Ares. It is NOT who we all thought it would be.

Ludendorff (Danny Huston) plays the main antagonist and one of the few remaining German officers who can't see the writing on the wall that the war is essentially over for them. He is supported by Dr. Maru (Elena Anaya) who is the best chemist for the Nazis but is ultimately being used by Ludendorff. There are several things I enjoyed seeing in this movie. Other than her strength, we get to see her use her speed as well.

Wonder Woman once followed The Flash into The Speed Force and it was cool seeing her use that to wreck an entire platoon of alt-right Nazis.  The stunt and fight choreography was fantastic and used the perfect amount of slo-mo. You CAN over use it but it just accentuated a moment. I truly loved the way her lasso looked whenever it was used.

All in all, I couldn't find a single thing wrong with this movie and I am going to give it a RARE 10 out of 10.

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