Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys comic leads to fisticuffs

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Toylab Comic Reviews - Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie

Marvel Matt Rating of Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys a Solid 8/10

The following is based on a true story.

I went to a comic store a couple weeks ago.  WOW startling I know.

I bought a comic book (Likely a stack of them).  I know, I know you are amazed.

The cool thing is the comic was Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.  A big chunk of my readers are now saying who the heck is Nancy Drew and what the heck is a Hardy Boy.  Some of you might even be saying aren't the Hardy Boys a WWE tag team group.  The Hardy Boys I am talking about are actually the two young brothers who are amateur detectives who solve crimes.  The brothers are old school characters, like pre comicbooks old, like pre great depression old, they were invented all the way back in 1927.  They became a massive hit and eventually the company created a female version of the Hardy Boys a character called Nancy Drew.  The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew have had an amazing amount of longevity have consistently sold around a million copies of books every year.  The books have been written by a variety an army of ghost writers over the years.  The characters have dramatically changed personalities, but some how to the mystery of many their popularity has endured.  When I was young I really enjoyed reading the Hardy Boys, they were kind of old school but also really cool.  I liked how clever they were, I liked that the mysteries they became enveloped in felt like they could actually happen.  I know they can be scene as cheesy, and their town of Bayport what the heck is happening in that town.  That little town has more crime going on than Chicago.  That said I really liked it and at times I really felt like I was learning things.  But... even though I liked those clever Hardy Boys, like many things in your youth you eventually box them up with other sets of books... the Goose Bumps, the Harry Potters and they disapear.  You forget about them until one day 20 years later you see their name on a comic book your looking at.

My first thought seeing the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew title was something like "Really, thats stupid".
But my 2nd thought was "Well, that cover is Awesome" and "Well why not".

So I picked it up.  I think it was the 3rd one in the series.  I read it and of course liked it then went back and found #2 and #4 and now #5 if ready to come out.  You can see information for it at the bottom of the post.  Check the covers of these books out I put them all below, beautiful noir style covers.  They are amazing!  The interior art and the story are also all great noir comic storytelling.

This is a weird year folks, this is the year when Archie came back, and now so to the Hardy Boys.  I really can't explain why but both of these very old franchises are hitting their stride in comic form.  I can't explain it, but I have enjoyed these comics.  I'd recommend them for any old Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys fans, or even fans of the mystery genre looking for a good comic.

#5 of the series is coming to a comic store near you.

It looks like this book is going to feature the two Hardy brothers going to war......with each other.

Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #5
writer: Anthony Del Col
artist: Werther Dell'Edera
covers: Fay Dalton (a), Elsa Charretier (b)
incentive covers: Elsa Charretier (B/W art), Fay Dalton (“virgin art”)
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+

The unique crossover between two crime novel franchises continues in a preview of this week's Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #5.
Brother versus brother! With death and danger floating to the surface in Bayport, Frank and Joe Hardy find themselves in deep water - and at each other’s throats. But with their father’s murderer now targeting them, this division threatens their lives – and that of Nancy Drew.

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Covers:
Here is some of the stand out Niobe Artwork.

"Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie #5" preview

This review was brought to you by Marvel Matt.

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