Is Punisher possessed by the Devil? Sir Kent Theory Talk

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Is Punisher possessed by the Devil? Welcome to Sir Kent Theory Talk

This is a new series brought to us by Sir Kent who does film reviews.  In this series Kent tackles fun fan theories about heroes and villains in comics.

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Now for the fun stuff, now for the Theory! 

Could the Punisher be possessed by the Devil?

First let me tell you what this theory was inspired by.  I subscribe to a YouTube site called @COMICSEXPLAINED. If you ain't hip, DUDE you SO need to check him out. Anyway, he recently posted a story about how Frank Castle/The Punisher actually became The Punisher WELL before the death of his wife and kids in Central Park. After watching that and comparing Sigourney Weaver's character in the upcoming #THEDEFENDERS, it got me to thinking, was or is Frank Castle being used by Mephisto? Sounds like my inner voice is doing the talking, right?

Just step back and think about the Punisher and his insane feats as a vigalante. How is a man with no superpowers have a kill count nearing 50,000 worldwide? How is it a guy with no powers has taken on and defeated The Avengers BY HIMSELF? How has he fought and lived to tell the story, against the likes of The Ghost Rider and The f'BEEPin’ Incredible Hulk? I don't care what kinda planning you have, there has to be some kind of intervention on your behalf by somebody. The story "Born" by Garth Ennis looks back to Frank's early days as a soldier in Vietnam.  At one point Frank is in charge of an Outpost that the enemy decided to attack full force one night.

Frank's and his men were hopelessly outnumbered and running low on ammo. In the thick of it all, an unexplained voice spoke to Frank. He promised that if he surrendered himself to him, he could give him the power to survive the night. All he had to do was say YES. And that's exactly what Frank did.

Who was that voice?  That is a very good question!  Then consider what happened next.

By morning when the dust settles and help finally arrived, Frank was the lone survivor. It was apparent at some point he ran out of ammo and simply started bashing the skills of the enemy in with the butt of his M-16 A1. It appeared that SOMEHOW he managed to kill nearly 500 muthuF'BEEPas that night! HOW is that possible for a guy with no powers? It sure seems like something tied to that voice came to Frank's defense that night.

Then there is The Punishers ABSOLUTE belief in right and wrong.

Friend or foe, good or bad, if he considers you to be a criminal, he WILL find you and kill you! He even considers people who do nothing while crimes happen to be guilty because of your lack of action, an innocent person has died! This black and white attitude puts an awful lot of people in the wrong side of the equation.  While Frank's honor often makes him seem noble it is hard to ignore the wake of death he leaves behind him.

In the Marvel Universe the defacto Devil is called Mephisto.  Back when Frank was faced by all of those enemy troops and heard the voice could it have been Mephisto himself?  Could Mephesto have seen something in Castle way back then and decided, quietly, that he would be used to stock Hell with fresh souls? Could, in some upcoming story arch, Castle be used as an Earthly vessel for Mephesto? We know Castle has already killed every hero and villain in the Marvel Universe during the story, "The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe."  While that story was a What If story in alternate reality it does beg the question of how far fetched is it that the Punisher could actually do it.

If Sigourney Weaver is possessed by the Devil in #THEDEFENDERS, what's to say that Castle can't be as well? If you're a fanboy or a geek, don't just like this, I want to hear your thoughts.   Is it possible that Mephisto is in control of the Punisher?   What about other demons?

Also remember, I should be starting up my own YouTube thing by month's end (I have no fBEEPin’ clue what I'm doing but hey, why the fBEEP not, right?) So stay tuned for that.

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