Free Fire Review by Sir Kent

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Free Fire Review

First a quick message from Sir Kent!

Before I start this review, I should mention something that was brought to my attention by @ToylabHQ. He recommended that I check out @OffensiveMovieR and I did. And I fuckin’ LOVE IT! The problem is that he recently reviewed @GHOSTINTHESHELL as I did. Only HE brought up to VERY compelling points that after I sobered up and came down from my Hulk rage over Scarlett Johanson in the movie, I found them to be very valid.
So NOW I have to go and write something about that. So thanks guys for the f'BEEPin’ gift of more writing.

Free Fire Review

Sir Kent gives Free Fire a solid fist pump rating of 8/10

Italian born director Martin Charles Scorsese (17 Nov 1942) has been directing movies for over 50 years. He is noted with such classics as TAXI DRIVER 1976, RAGING BULL 1980 and GOODFELLAS 1990.

He won an Oscar for best director for THE DEPARTED in 2006. So with his long and distinguished career, did this muthufucka just direct a movie nod to Quentin Tarantino??? When you watch FREE FIRE, you get a strange feeling of RESERVOIR DOGS from it. I mean, the similarities are there. A warehouse, deal gone bad, a shootout, lots of blood.

You watch it and tell me. Anyway, FREE FIRE is set in 1978’s Boston. It's an action/comedy/crime movie about a gun deal that takes a hard left and steps on the gas towards “FUCKSVILLE”. You know how people are always screaming about how we should give guns out like candy, you get a gun, you get a gun everyone gets agun? Well THIS muthuf'BEEPin’ movie proves that is to MuthaF'Beeping extreme!

Just watch this Trailer.

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It centers around Brie Larson/Justine and Gillian Murphy/Chris who want to buy assault rifles from Sharlto Copley/Vernon who has Armie Hammer/Ord (Best fuckin’ name EVER! ARMIE HAMMER!). Ord plays the “Cooler” of the situation. He is a funny, nice guy but, if shit goes sideways, he will take much boot to ass and lead to head! By far Armie Hammer was the best performance out of the group and had the best line in the movie.

“Did you jerk off before the meet? I just don't want a guy walking around here with a loaded weapon.”

Justine being the only woman of the group becomes the center of concern for both Ord and Chris once sh'BEEP goes sideways...which it does. Two parties of the meet met earlier that very night. Because one of said parties was caught while getting head from the other party's cousin. He felt greatly disrepected and out of sorts by this situation and when he sees that same guy is not only at the meet but talking shit, he immediately tries to kill him. Enter Tarantino style mayhem.

When I say that there is a solid 50 minutes of shooting, I'm not shittin’ you! Now mind you, this is a Scorsese joint so, although violent, it has a purpose. It is going somewhere and the ending will make you be all like-”WHAT THE FLYING MONKEY SH'BEEP WAS THAT?!?!” I'm going to give this an 8 out of 10 because of the strong performance byArmie Hammer. I can't go full 10 for two reasons.

One there was TOO MUCH John Denver music! SERIOUSLY?!?! And two, they killed the Black guy but, he died in a spectacular way.

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