Denver Comic Con Panels

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Here are some of the top panels at Denver Comic Con.  There were a lot of panels at Denver Comic Con and are bloggers went to many of them.  There were popular panels that featured celebrities, there were also some really interesting academic panels.  Here is a breakdown of the panels.

Stranger Things

There were multiple Stranger Things panels.  There were a few academic onces put on by libarians from Arapahoe Library District.  There was a panel with Eleven aka Millie Bobby Brown and also one with Gaten and Caleb.  The panels without actors speculated a lot about Season 2 but the panels with the actors were not allowed to ask pointed questions on season 2.   Chris Parente is a Denver entertainment tv journalist for Fox 31 and hosted both panels.

One of the cool things discussed in the more academic panels was how Stranger Things took inspiration from Camp Hero and the Montauk Project.  The Montauk Project is a series of books that purport to be based off  a"Real" government program.  The idea of the story involves a special government project of the United States that was meant to explore either time travel or other dimensions but ended after the project accidently released a monster.   This is very similar to the demagorgon that is released on Stranger Things.  There are pictures of the base that also look similar to the facility in Stranger Things.  I don't know much about the Montauk Project but I love conspiracy theories so I want to drill into it.

Apparently Stranger Things was actually initially sold and produced under the title of Montauk. Which means that the similarities between the Stranger Things are not concidence.  Could more aspects from the Montauk Project slip into Season 2....Yes.  I think so.  The Montauk project involves all kinds of things, and their are multiple books and massive reddit threads on it.  Expect to see more on this in the future.

Poor Millie Bobby Brown was shooting Godzilla the night prior to coming to Denver.  She shot a scene, slept a couple of hours, and then immediatly jumped on a plane to Denver.  The schedule for these acting kids is crazy.  Another interesting thing she revealed is that Eleven was meant to die in episode 8 however the character was decided to so intriguing that her role was expanded.  Millie basically lets slip what everyone already knows which is that Eleven is alive in season 2.

Gaten and Caleb were pretty funny.  One of the best parts of their panel was their mimicry of Millie's "British Scream".

Nathan Fillion
Nathan Fillion is a pereniall fan favorite at comic con events.  The actor well known for his role as Mal from Firefly and as Castle in the show Castle is very animated and funny.
Nathan Fillion on being an actual Captain, and on being type caste as a cool captain.

At one point in the panel Fillion gets a question and starts laughing when he sees a guy's cosplay.  This guy had a great cosplay as Iron Chef.  He was wearing an Iron Man suit with a chef outfit.  It was hilarious.

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