Alex Ross's Captain America #695 Marvel Legacey cover is the Tits

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Alex Ross's Captain America #695 Marvel Legacey cover is the tits

Alex Ross made a beautiful Captain America painting that will be made into a Lenticular cover used for Captain America #695.  This comic is interesting in that it clearly sees Captain America making a return back to his old uniform and hopefully ways.

Alex Ross is one of the top Cover artists in the business right now and is often set to doing the most important comic covers at Marvel.  The fact that he is being tasked with this one means that Marvel is very much highlighting this particular book.  Ross does draw his covers, but paints them.  Each of his works is much like a complete painting.

The comic will be part of Marvel's overall story of Legacy that features a wide variety of new covers, based off of old Iconic Covers and a return to traditional numbering.  The particular cover that the 695 is based off of is John Romita Jr and Bob Layton's 1979 cover for Iron Man #126.  This was a great cover to choose in my opinion because of the side panel that had Iron Man putting on his suit to defend himself.  In the new cover this takes on new emotional meaning with Captain America putting back on his iconic suit to no doubt attempt to redeem himself.  Despite being only a few small panels it packs a lot of emotion punch.

The new cover has the script on the bottom:
"Back in the fight, Captain America battles to regain the support of a NATION!"
The original Iron Man cover said in that space:
Framed for Murder, Iron Man Fights back --Against the man called HAMMER!" 

One of my favorite Marvel writers Mark Waid takes over the Captain America title and I hope does something amazing with it.

There are a lot of interesting covers in the Marvel Legacy release but so far this one is tops for me.

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