New Pokemon Go Battle System SUCKS!

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The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
I tried out the Battle System This morning.  You can see one short battle I had and while there are some things I did like about the update I have to say that generally I am unimpressed.  There are some great features here but the Bad is really bad.

Does this update RULE or SUCK?

Update Ok so it doesnt Suck: 6-26-2017
Alright I went back and played Pokemon Go a ton and generally I will say that the experience was very positive.  The bad thing that I ran into early on is when you attack a gym with a high CP Blissey in highly populate area.  Defenders begin dropping raspberries ontop of the Blissey.  Being that Blissey is a pain to take down without that happening, it becomes very frusterating.  This though has only happened to me on two occasions.  This weekend my daughter and I took down about 20 gyms and complted 3 raids.  So two times out of 20 is not too bad.   So I revise my earlier statement the update does NOT suck.

I did find a couple more things I really liked.  First once again I want to say I love the gym badges and love the ability to upgrade them by gym.  I love that CP drops on demotivated defenders.  This makes taking out a Blissey more bearable.  I also really like that coins are awarded on short time period not just if you hold a gym for 24 hours.  The system before made taking over a gym pointless as it was almost guaranteed to fall before coins were awarded.  Now holding a gym for 20 minutes can still be valuable.

Raids are also unbelievably fun!  I'm not sure though if they will bring back the mobs from when the game started.

Things I wish they had.

  • I do wish you could get a gym leader badge for some highly populated, highly active gyms.  I think across the world there should be 1000 special gyms.  These gyms would have a special badge for an entire region like the State of California for example.
  • Blissey is OP (Over powered) and needs to be brought down some how.
  • Dungeons/NPCs I know they want to avoid adding NPCs but the game would benefit from other things hidden in the explorable space.  This could include items, dungeons, and NPCs things that spawn at different rates than the mon and make for a dynamic explorable environment.
  • Spoofers are still out in abundance.  There were times where I am standing at a gym and multiple attackers are either helping me or going after me and THERE IS NO ONE THERE.  NOBODY.  Just me.  These guys need to get go.
  • Ok and this is a big thing.  They need to do something that is fun that you can do with others when you are level 3.  That is right something cool for level 3 players.  Maybe Micro Raids, Pokemon Babysitting, Pokemon Parades, some event thing that players can get the app and later that day take part in.  I say this because Raids are still pretty much for powerful players and the reality is that game is much more fun when there are tons and tons of players.  The only way to get the mobs back is to make the fun for new and casual players.  This should be a HUGE focus.

Original Post:

First the good:
1) I am happy Niantic is finally updating the Battle System because I think it is vital part of the game that has been lacking.
2) I like that Gyms now have the ability to give items
3) The gym badges and having them give bonuses is really cool.
4) The restriction of requiring defenders to be different types of Pokemon is great.   As is the restriction of limiting gyms to 6 Pokemon down from 10.
5) The ability to do Raids out of gyms is also really awesome and I can't wait for that.
6) I also really like the new graphics, the looks of the gym, and the graphic that plays before you enter battle.

The Bad:
1) Allowing defenders to add in new Pokemon after they are defeated means that gyms in popular areas will be almost impossible to take down.  As an attacker you will no more than defeat a Pokemon Defender to simply see a new one dropped in.  The Prestige system at least required the Defenders to battle their own mon in a training mode.
---->Alright one check to this I just learned.  If you stay in the gym and keep attacking defenders can not add Pokemon into the gym.  If you disengage to heal your pokemon they can then add them back.  It is important to stay in the gym and heal your pokemon there!

2) The ability heal the motivation value of the Pokemon by any Defender also gives a massive edge to Defenders.  This is the big thing I see that tons of people just drop hordes of raspberries on a gym until you stop attacking.

Overall:  I like that they updated the gyms but geez this update makes gyms in high populated areas basically unplayable.  It will be nearly impossible to take down a gym unless you get a massive crowd from your same team to help.  I do think the update is salvagable though but something must be done to balance things for an attacker of a gym.  Having extremely powerful gyms does nothing but discourage lower level and new players from playing the game.

What do you think?  Am I crazy?  Too Harsh?  What is your impression from playing in the new gyms.

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