Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence Review by Sir Kent

The definition of MANGA is: A style of Japanese comic books or graphic novels that is geared towards adults and children. The short version of how it all started goes all the way back to post WWII in 1947. A cartoonist by the name of Osamu Tezuka released his first work Shintakarajima (Known in English as New Treasure Island). In 1951 he created the milestone Manga Tetsuwan Atom or ASTRO BOY as it is known in the U.S. Of course, Anime has come a LONG way since WWII and it has also gained much deserve praise and notice by the Oscar Academy as well. Films such as Spirited Away 2003, Howls Moving Castle 2006, The Wind Rises 2014, The Tale of Princess Kaguya 2015 and the two heavy hitters that actually WON Oscar gold were Princess Monoke 1997 and the legendary Akira 1988.

Why do I use this lead into my review of
GHOST IN THE SHELL: INNOCENCE? Because I think it's important to remind the haters out there that Anime is not just “Cartoons”. While yes, there are kid oriented crap like One Piece or all of that Poke-Sh'BEEP (YES I'M HATING) There are those out there that are geared toward adults. That tell beautiful and engrossing stories that pull you in and don't let go. That tend to look like high-end digital artwork and more than just animation.

Trailer for Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence:

Films that deserve praise. I also want to take yet ANOTHER shot at American animation. Why the F'BEEP cant we get a Batman animated movie this good huh??? That's what this simply AMAZE-BALLS film is. So, you're welcome for me putting a little knowledge into your brain space and lets get on with this review, shall we?

GHOST IN THE SHELL: INNOCENCE tells the story of a future time when most human thought has been accelerated by artificial intelligence and external memory can be shared on a universal matrix. Batou, an agent of the elite Public Security Section 9 and being so artificially modified as to be a cyborg, is assigned, along with his mostly human partner Togusa, to investigate a series of gruesome murders. Time has passed since Batous original partner, Major Motako Kusanagi, who was cybernetically enhanced to such a degree that only her Ghost remained human, disappeared into the Net. Since then, Batou has wondered where her Ghost might be and if the Major will ever return. The camera work, the depth, the use of shadows through movement and set design of this move all come together seamlessly and often tend to help you forget that it is anime.

The story revolves around Batou and Togusa who are investigatng a series of murders being committed by “Gynoids”. If you are thinking “That sounds a LOT like a sex-bot” your right. That's exactly what these things are designed for. They are not meant to be long lasting but disposable. To be replaced and discarded as soon as a newer model comes along. (Oh those Japanese love having sex with robots!).

 To that end, they tend to wander the streets, breaking down more and more until, they either stop working or, something like this happens. It begs the morale question, if we create something for our pleasure, do we not have the responsibility to not only care for it while it's in use but, see to it properly afterwards? If some people believe that dolls can have a soul (Annabelle, Chucky) then shouldn't something you've been sticking your thingy in be treated the same way? It questions at what point does man give TOO much of himself to technology?

Our culture RIGHT now is so addicted to technology, what would happen if it ever became a part of our physical bodies? What would happen if an actual matrix that could be publically accessed via implants in your body was ever built? As advanced as he is, this story shows a very human side of Batou. A man who is mistrusting, paranoid and utterly alone. His only pattern is the place he shops and even then, he doesn't make small talk with the shopkeep. He has 6 locks on his door that is surrounded by pressure sensors and sensing lasers that you must pass through even to get to!  (THAT part I dig.) He listens to old jazz, drives a 50’s era car and owns a genetically created dog. For all of his cybernetic enhancements, he is still human. I can never say enough good about this movie other than, it's not a rental. It's one YOU BUY! Of course, it all depends on the type of device you're watching it on as well. You have to have full HD but UHD or 2k or 4k would be so much better. Again, the colors, the lights, the sets HAVE TO BE SEEN!

If you liked Ghost in Shell then you absolutely need to see this!

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