Who is Martinex?

Who is Martinex?

Real name: Martin T'Naga

Species: Pluvian (Species evolved from human to live on Pluto)

First Appearance:  Marve Super-Heroes #18 (1969)

Martinex News:

Quote:  "So Speaks Krugarr" Krugarr


Within the 691 Marvel Universe in the 31st century Earth has colonized many of planets in its solar system including Pluto.  Overtime the humans that colonized these planets adapted to their environments and evolved becoming new species.  The species on Pluto were called the Pluvians and had special powers that allowed to control heat and cold.  Their skin was covered by crystalline facets that helped them survive the cold.  This adaptation helped the survive the extreme cold environment of Pluto.

Martinex is a Pluvian scientist born in the Pluto's city of Cerberus Center.  He leaves the planet to do scientific work on Pluto's moon of Charon.  While he is gone the alien race the Badoon attack and kill all of the Pluvians on the planet.  Martinex is the last of his kind.   Martinex manages to escape in a telepod and quickly runs into survivors from other planets.  He meets Charlie-27 the last Jovian from Jupiter, Vance Astro a time traveling human astronaut, and  Yondu from Alpha Centauri.  The group join forces to fight for the galaxy's freedom against the Badoon and call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Later the team meets Star Hawk who reveals he manipulated events for the team to come together.

The team joins with a time traveling Captain America, Thing and Sharon Carter and together manage to push the Badoon out of New York City.  They meet the Defenders while time traveling to the past then return to the future with the Defenders to hand the Badoon another defeat.  Eventually, the team successfully pushes the Badoon out of the solar system.

The team became embroiled in Korvac saga were they battled his forces in both times.

They battled the villains Taserface, the Stark, Force, and the mutants armies of Rancor.

In a battle with the supervillain team of Force, Martinex was baddly injured and many of his crystals were removed from his body. Starhawk helps him heal but his appearance is altered to be more crystallin and purple in color.

Martinex leaves the Guardians of the Galaxy to form an even larger super hero team called the Galatic Guardians. The Galactic Guardians include Wonder Man (Hollywood), Firelord, Vision, Phoenix and Ghost Rider. After a short time though Martinex returns to the Guardians of the Galaxy


As Pluvian, Martinex has a variety of powers.  His skin is covered in cystral like structures that allow him to withstand massive swings in temperature.  He can also project out energy blasts of heat and cold from his hands.

Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed
Ability to withstand massive temperature fluctuations.
Energy blasts

Martinex is also very intelligent and possesses a great deal of knowledge about cybernetics and other 31st century technology.


Krugarr appears in the film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 as a red alien who is friends with Stakar Ogord aka Starhawk.  Krugarr is a CGI character and is not played by any actor.  No actor voices for Krugarr as he communicates by visually creating a mandela spell in the film.

Krugarr appears in a short scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. He is part of the small group of former heroes led by Stakar. Along with Krugarr are Charlie 27, Mainframe, Aleta, and Martinex.
This version of Krugarr seems to comminicate by using spells to create pictures of light between his fingers.  He uses this ability to show enthuisiasm for rejoining with his team mates in a scene at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2.

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