Saga #43 out now and only 25 cents!

Have you read Saga yet? Saga has become one of the top selling independent comics behind only the Walking Dead. Both the Walking Dead and Saga have a similar strategy. They both have consistent creative teams, and they have both consistently put out a single book, that is high in quality. Saga does not have 6 events each year, change staffs, rebooted infinity times, this book just rolls on. Its now at number 43. The book is now doing a big promotion in the way of a 25 cent comic. These 25 cent comics are a great way to check something like Saga out. You invest very little, and if you like it well then hey you got a steal of a deal.

I don't know about you but I'd rather buy a number 43 at this point then another #1 from a certain company thats name rythmes with Sharvel.

The primary reason I regulary buy Saga is because of the art work of Fiona Staples.

Saga has become well known in part due to the interesting story and characters but also due to the distinctive fantasy stylings of Fiona Staples. The book has made Fiona into being one of the top known artists in comicdom. Since starting Saga in 2011 she has won the Joe Shuster Award, Eisner Award, Hugo Award, Harvey Award and Inkwell Award. To put it flattly her peers think she is a bad ass. Saga is co-owned with its creators including Staples giving them great financial incentive to see the book do well and they have. Due to her ownership stake in the property its hard to see Staples going off to do something else. However, she did work on the 2015 relaunch of Archie that gave Archie some darker tones. That might sound familiar to Riverdale fans. I really think that work in particular actually inspired a lot of what Riverdale is.  If you think Riverdale is brilliant then just know that some of that came the work of Staples.  What I am trying to say is that Fiona Staples is a powerhouse in comics that you should be paying attention to.

Now with Saga #43 you have no excuse but to go and check it out.  You can thank me later.

Saga can be in your face and shocking.  I can tell you #43 is no exception.  Right from the first page it will smack you with you something.  It can give the series a love it or hate it quality.  However, if you only spend 25 cents to learn that you hate something then hey thats likely money well spent.

Saga is known for in your face opening Splash Pages...  here are few of my faves:


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