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Tokyo 42 - Video Game Review

Tokyo 42 is a video game that uses a isometric style on a minamalist landscape to create an open world where the player assumes the role of an assassin in a futuristic Tokyo.  The game was developed by SMAC and will be Published by Mode 7.  It will be released on Playstation 4, Windows and X-Box One gaming platforms.

The game was released on May 31st on Steam and Xbox One:

The game has aspects of the free world game play of Grand Theft Auto, combined with eagle eye and tactical perspective of the 1990s cult classic Syndicate. The game though combines these with a unique minimalist, and highly colorful setting that make it feel entirely original.  While the game has a minimalist tone it is jam packed with objects, and features often creating a chaotic feeling where the game's environments feel alive.  Many fans of the Syndicate game waited for years for another game to take up that style of game play and most of those games disapointed.  This may be the first real game to take up that style game play and do it justice.

Release Date: May 31, 2017

Official Description:
Set in a future Tokyo, the game will see you become an assassin and uncover a dark conspiracy that will affect everyone.
With open-world single player and competitive multiplayer, you will buy and use a host of weapons and tools to approach the many challenges of this beautiful little world.
4.2 Seconds trailer shows off what Tokyo 42 is about in only 4.2 seconds.  It is an intense 4.2 seconds.

Here is a longer trailer that shows more game play and environments.

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Gamplay Pictures and Art :

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