Who is Madame Hydra?

Who is Madame Hydra?

Madame Hydra is a villain that has battled Captain America and SHIELD many times as part of the organization Hydra.  Madame Hydra appears in Agents of SHIELD Season 4 and is played by actress Mallory Jansen.

First Appearance:  Captain America #110 (Vol 1 1969)

Real Name: Ophelia Sarkissian

Alias(es): Madame Hydra, Viper, Green Queen, White Warrior Princess

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Ophelia Sarkissian is among twelve girls taken to a Hydra base and raised by the trainer Kraken. Of the 12 students at the base Ophelia was Kraken's best student. Ophelia was a ruthless agent and terrorist willing to do anything to complete a mission. She was released from the program and became a high ranking agent of Hydra and eventually became a leader within the organization. As a leader she took on the moniker of Madame Hydra. Working for Hydra she came into many conflicts with Captain America and SHIELD.

For a time she helped the super villain Jordan Stryke aka Viper however this partnership ended when she assassinated him and took over his codename. Using this code name attempted to gain control of Roxxxon. She also created a group called the Serpent Squad. She was defeated by Nomad and the Sub Mariner. As the leader of the Serpent Squad she came into contact with many super villains and became known as power player in the world's black markets. She used a variety of super villains as henchmen including Boomerang, Constrictor, Slither, Puff Adder,Tyrannus, Fer-De-Lance, Black Racer, Copperhead, Cobra and Silver Samurai.

For a time Viper believed she was the mother of Spider-Woman Jessica Drew but this was later
revealed to be a false memory implanted by the dark god Chthon.

As Viper she became a villain of the X-Men and New Mutants after attempting to kill Mariko Yashida to win the graces of Silver Samurai. She also attempted to kill Storm and Rogue on various occasions. She then battled the New Mutants where she seemed to kill Karma (Later changed).

Returning to the world of villainy beneath her old of moniker of Madame Hydra she joined with the Red Skull. However, this ended when he learned she was using resources to finance massacres that served no purpose.

For a time she was married to the X-Man Wolverine after she had blackmailed the hero into the relationship. The marriage helped her gain control of the criminal world of Madripor.  This ended when she was possessed by the spirit of Ogun and mortally wounded by Wolverine.  Wolverine demanded a divorce for taking her to the hospital.  She maintained control of Madripor for sometime but was eventually forced out due to Tony Stark and Tyger Tiger.  Tyger took control of Madripor after Viper.

Another Madame Hydra appears in the form Contessa Allegra de Fontaine who wears a head gear with Hydra tentacles. She however appears to later be working for the group Leviathan. Fontaine shoots and kills Viper however when Hydra arrives they use Hive to resurrect her. After Hive is taken off of her body she resumes the mantle of Madame Hydra.

She is revealed to have retaken Madripor from Tyga and using the moniker of Green Queen in the Death of Wolverine story.

She has no known powers.  It is possible she was experimented on and has a super human longevity.

Viper/Madame Hydra is extremely well trained espionage agent that includes martial combat, terrorism, impersonation, and stealth.
She has shown to be high proficient with ranged and bladed weapons.

She also has a great deal of organization skill in managing terror and criminal organizations.

Toylab Fun Speculation:
mystery woman 2 avengers age of ultron

We initially suspected that Madame Hydra would appear in the film Age of Ultron due to a fast clip in Age of Ultron Trailer 2 that depicts a woman walking through the Hydra fortress with 2 guns. Based off the red bands on her arms she did not appear to be Black Widow. As it was a Hydra base we then came to the conclusion that Madame Hydra was going to be in the film.

There is in an house theory among some of our bloggers that Joss Whedon had planned to use Madame Hydra but pulled her out so that she could be used in Agents of SHIELD. This would basically be done as favor to his brother Jed. It may have also been done because the movie was getting too long and this was where they decided it was best to cut. This may also explain why Baron Von Strucker is seemingly struck down so quickly in the film. There would have been an extra action sequence before that scene.

Other bloggers disagree and think this is unused footage of Black Widow sporting guns she ripped off of Hydra soldiers within the Hydra fortress.

As it is the clip has yet to be explained. Madame Hydra is going to make her first appearance though in Agents of SHIELD Season 4.


Madame Hydra appears in the ABC Marvel show Agents of SHIELD.  She is played by actress Mallory Jansen.  Madame Hydra is the evolution of the character AIDA in the show that was initially teased at the end of Season 3.

MCU in the finale of Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Doctor Holden Radcliffe was seen talking with what appeared to be computer A.I. named AIDA that Holden had just finished downloading into a phsycial body.  This seems to mark the beginning of both AIDA as character in the MCU as well as the beginning of LMDs (Life Model Decoys).

AIDA makes a startling appearance in Episode 1 of Season 4.  Fitz goes to meet Dr Radcliff only to encounter a beautiful and very nude woman. Very embarrassed Fitz apologizes for barging in. Radcliff then begins to explain what AIDA is and how she mimics humans behaviors. AIDA he explains is different than the AI like Ultron in that she is limited to mimicry. Fitz is seemingly still worried about what Dr Radcliff is doing as he is later shown sleeping uncomfortably. It is possible that the existence of AIDA could cause wedge between Fitz and Simmons. Simmons is currently a trusted adviser of the new Director. Meanwhile Fitz does not want to turn in Radcliff for creating AIDA as he believes the technology has merit.

Radcliff ends up using AIDA to read and decode the magical book the Dark Hold.  Radcliff secretly wants to gain hold of the Darkhold and begins using AIDA and a host of LMDs to replace agents with the androids.  The initial bid fails but Radcliff manages to stay in place by explaining that the Darkhold had negatively influenced AIDA.   Radcliff manages to get hold of the Darkhold in part by joining with the anti-Inhuman Watchdog group led by the Superior.  Radcliff and AIDA begin constructing a fully artificial world called the Frame Work.  The Frame Work is Radcliff's dream of achieving immortality.  AIDA prime directive is to protect the Frame Work however she decides the best way to do that is to kill Radcliff.  She slits his throat and forces his consciousness to remain in the Frame Work.

The world of the Frame Work is revealed to be a world where Hydra has taken control of the world.  In this world AIDA has the persona of the well known comic character Madame Hydra.

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