Who is Charlie-27?

Who is Charlie-27?
Charlie-27 is one of the founding members of the 31st century Guardians of the Galaxy.  Charlie-27 is a hulking hero from the planet of Jupiter.  He is often carrying a large gun or piloting a spacecraft. Director James Gunn has said that Actor Ving Rhames will play Charlie 27 in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

First Appearance:  Marvel Super-Heroes #27 (1969)

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Quote:  "Surrender? Not bleedin' likely! Get ready, Guardians, we've got us some hostages to free...and a world to save!" Charlie 27


In the 31st Century the planets of Earth's Solar System are all inhabited by groups of humans who have evolved to live on each of the planets. The people of Jupiter are called the Jovians and have adapted to the extremely high gravity of the planet Jupiter making them far stronger than the normal human.

Charlie 27 is a Jovian soldier who is sent on a special Six Month space mission. When he returns to Jupiter he finds that the alien race known as the Badoon has invaded Jupiter and killed all the Jovians even his family. The Badoon see Charlie-27 land on the planet and begin hunting him while mentioning he is the last surviving Jovian. Charlie then decides to escape the planet and teleports to Pluto. Unknown to Charlie the cordinates of his teleportation had been set up in advance by the time traveling Starhawk. The teleportation leads Charlie to meeting and joining with Martinex the last survivor of Pluto. From their the pair go to Earth where they meet Yondu and Vance Astro and form the Guardians of the Galaxy a group of freedom fighters battling against the Badoon.

Batting on Earth the group meets up with a time traveling Thing, Captain America and Sharon Carter and they manage to retake New York City from the Badoon.

Charlie-27 time travels himself to the 20th Century where he joins forces with the Defenders. He then returns to his own time with the Defenders in tow and defeats a Badoon force there..

Charlie-27 and the Guardians of the Galaxy went on a long voyage out of war ravaged Earth. There he met Nikki who joined the team. Nikki and Charlie would have a short lived romantic relationship with eachother but manage to remain friends afterward. They explored Asylum and defeated the Topographical Man. The team learned about the Silver Surfer and first time that the Badoon was repulsed from Earth. He meets Aleta and learns the backstory and origins of Starhawk. The team battles the Reavers and finds the space station of Drydock. Drydock is used as the headquarters for the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Charlie 27 became embroiled in the Korvac saga. The Guardians of the Galaxy then went on a quest to find the lost SHIELD of 20th Century hero Captain America. The pair end up battling new villains in Taserface, Stark, Malevolence and Force. The Guardians then find Haven a colony set up by the mutants of Earth. The team becomes embroiled with the leader of Haven the granddaughter of Wolverine named Rancor.

Charlie-27 ended up getting time displaced again and battled in the Infinity War. The Guardians also helped protect the Avengers Mansion from an attack by the Masters of Evil.

The Guardians of the Galaxy become lost on a mysterious planet that is displaced in both time time and space.

Adapted to the gravity of Jupiter giving denser muscle density.
  • Super Strength
  • Super Durability
  • Super Stamina
Charlie-27 is also highly trained in combat and is an expert pilot.  He is capable of flying most spaceships in the 31st Century.

Director James Gunn has said that Actor Ving Rhames will play Charlie 27 in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The appearance of Charlie 27 is likely short in the film and appears when Yondu meets up with old members of the team he once was a part of.

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