Madame Hydra cosplay by Callie Cosplay

Lady or Madame Hydra cosplay by the cosplayer Callie Cosplay. Grant Ward: This girl knows whats up! Agent 33:  So do I....Yeesh Grant Ward: Shhhhh your embarrassing me! Related Hydralab posts - The Only freaking posts you should care about! Related Hydralab posts -…

Marvel Licenses - Who Owns What?

Marvel Licenses - Who Owns What? Related Posts: Comics Breaking News! What is going on with those Characters? I get questions a lot on who owns what Marvel Characters.  As Marvel licensed out many of its more bankable characters years before it started its own s…

Doctor Doom - Marvel Villains

Who is Dr Doom? First Appearance: Fantastic Four #5 Victor Von Doom AKA Dr. Doom is one of the most popular and powerful villains in the Marvel Universe.  He is created at a special moment in comic's history. He was designed by comic legends Stan Lee a…

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