The Pro Movie

"The Pro" by Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts

The Pro Movie:
This page is to serve as information hub of news, casting information, art and background on the upcoming film The Pro based off of the comic by Garth Ennis of the same name.

The Pro comic book has been picked up by Paramount to be made into a live action film.  According to Deadline - Zoe McCarthy has been hired to craft the film's story of the controversial comic. 3 Arts' Erwin Stoff has been hired to produce the film.  The Pro was a comic meant to be a parody of mainstream comic heroes by focusing on a hero who was also a prostitute.  While using her super powers to fight off villains she would also use her powers to service clientele as a lady of the evening.

After receiving the press release for the Pro book, famous writer and artist Jim Steranko criticized the Pro fro being: "psychotic, nihilistic garbage" The creative team behind the Pro seemed to take the criticism as a complement and added a dedication "For Steranko."

The comic was produced by Garth Ennis (Writer), Amanda Connor (Artist) Palmotti (Inker).  In 2009 Palmotti proposed Sarah Silverman to play the titular main character, while Connor proposed Ellen Muth.  As of yet no official casting decisions have been made.

Release Date: Unknown

Summary of Cast:  

  • Pro - Not yet cast
  • Saint - Not yet cast
  • Knight- Not yet cast
  • Squire - Not yet cast
  • Lime - Not yet cast
  • Lady - Not yet cast
  • Speedo - Not yet cast
  • Adverb- Not yet cast
  • Noun - Not yet cast
The Pro Art:

Amanda Connor does not hold back in drawing what she wants and at times it makes the Pro even more over the top.

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