The Clans of Rising Sun board game explained

The Clans of the Rising Sun board game explained

Rising Sun is a new board game that blew up on Kickstarter.  The game is set in the dynamic period of Feudal Japan mixing fantasy creatures with Samurai and Ninjas.

Each player take control of a Shogun who attempting to take control of Japan.  Each player's shogun will be the leader of a clan.  The clans each have their own theme, miniatures, and a unique special power.  In this post we will take a deeper look at each of the main 5 Rising Sun Clans and even look at a special 6th clan that may be released as part of the Kickstarter.

Official Rising Sun Description:
Rising Sun is a board game for 3 to 5 players set in legendary feudal Japan. As the Kami descend from the heavens to reshape the land in their image, it is up to each player to lead their clan to victory. Use politics to further your cause, negotiate to seek the most profitable alliances, worship the Kami to gain their favor, recruit monsters out of legend to bolster your forces, and use your resources wisely to be victorious in battle.

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The Clans
Choose your clan: Koi, Dragonfly, Bonsai, Lotus or Turtle.

There are 5 main clans in the Rising Sun board game.  Each clan has its own miniatures, theme, and special power.  The 5 main clans are the Turtle Clan, Lotus Clan,  Bonsai Clan, Koi Clan and the Dragon Fly clan.  Additionally there is an extra clan added in the Kickstarter called the Fox Clan.  It is unknown if the Fox clan could appear in the future iterations of the game not sold through the initial Kickstarter.  This may increase the value of the games that are sold during the Kickstarter.

Official Description of the 5 Main Clans-

Koi (Flow, Like Water) - Ever adaptable, the Koi clan is able to use hired Ronin as coins and vice versa, giving them great flexibility and making their decisions very unpredictable.

Koi Daimyo, Shinto and Bushi.
Koi Daimyo, Shinto and Bushi.
Dragonfly (Wings, Wind and Spirit) - Flying on gossamer wings, the Dragonfly clan is able to move anywhere on the map without restriction. You never know where they'll strike next.

Dragonfly Daimyo, Shinto and Bushi.
Dragonfly Daimyo, Shinto and Bushi.
Bonsai (Humility, Earth and Root) - Ever growing and evergreen, the Bonsai clan needs to spend no coins when buying resources. Strongholds sprout from the ground and Upgrades to the clan blossom naturally.

Bonsai Daimyo, Shinto and Bushi.
Bonsai Daimyo, Shinto and Bushi.
Lotus (Patience is key) - The Lotus clan dictates the flow of politics by turning the Political Mandates they play into anything they wish. A powerful ally to have at your side, and a terrible foe to betray.

Lotus Daimyo, Shinto and Bushi.
Lotus Daimyo, Shinto and Bushi.
Turtle (Hard as the mind; delicate as steel) - The Turtle clan builds their Strongholds on top of the shells of giant legendary turtles. These indestructible fortresses can move around the map and even join in the fights for the provinces.

Turtle Daimyo, Shinto and Bushi.
Turtle Daimyo, Shinto and Bushi.
Fox Clan the 6th Clan
The extra clan is the Fox Clan.   The Fox clan will allow for a 6 player game so that alone is pretty awesome.  The Fox Clan has been unlocked in the Kickstarter due to the huge amount of pledges for the game.
The Fox Clan special is not known yet but it may have to do something with the firearms their Bushi are seen wielding.

Fox Clan Bushi resin figure.

Fox Clan Bushi resin figure.

Which of these clans is the best?
Still up for debate at this point as there have been very few playtests of the game released.

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