Pokemon Trainer strikes Terror into Team Rocket in Intense Video


A new video imagines what a real life Pokemon War might look like with a lot of Guns.  In this video a Pokemon Trainer is attempting to stop Team Rocket Henchmen from capturing a Mew.
Only he does not necessarily stick to the rules of the Pokemon world as we know them.  Instead what follows is an intense and very violent trailer and gives an idea of how Pokemon might be used in  a war like setting.

Generally in the video guns are shown to be more useful than Pokemon but they still get integrated in various places.  Including a very crazy looking Pikachu.

IF a Pokemon War were to be integrated into the Pokemon Go game I doubt it would look quite like this.  I tend to think it would be Pokemon doing the attacking rather than firearms.  Still the world of Pokemon Go with its gyms dotting the landscape is hard to miss.  The video does give an idea what a war would like in the Pokemon World.

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