Is Rising Sun the biggest board game in years?

Oni of Hate and Oni of Blood.

Update: I have my Rising Board Game and it awesome I have only played twice and lost both times but had a blast with it.  That miniatures are awesome.

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New big board games have found a vibrant funding ecosystem in Kickstarter where small companies are able to raise money to produce their games before entering production.  The companies have certain rewards they add for buyers who pledge to buy the game based off how much they receive in total.  The more that is pledged for a game the more rewards that are unlocked.  Many games that would never have been given 5 minutes of the major board game companies.  While you may think that would be board gamers would start releasing half thought out ideas and see if they get funding, the real amazing stories belong to games that are fully developed with working prototypes.

Games that hit Kickstarter with art, videos and fully produced components can raise 100s of thousands of dollars or even millions!

This brings us to the new game released by CMON (Cool Mini Or Not) called Rising Sun.  This game put on a "How to do a Kick Starter" clinic.  The game is designed by well known game designer  Eric M. Lang and hit Kickstarter in the teeth with beautiful designed miniatures, game board, and cards.  A video was created highlighting the story of the game  The game is nearly a perfect fit for Kickstarter Rewards with many potential miniatures to use as Pledge Rewards.  Pledge people did and Rising Sun is already one of the biggest hits to come out of Kickstarter with over 2 million pledged as of 3/14/2017.  The Kickstarter still has 20 days to go and has already unlocked all of its rewards.

It will need to raise over 8 million dollars to surpass the highest pledged game in Kickstarter History which was Exploding Kittens.

Bonsai Daimyo, Shinto and Bushi.

The game is set in Feudal Japan which is a time period that everybody loves to play with.  There are never enough Feudal Japan based games especially not enough with cool miniatures.

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Official Rising Sun Description:
Rising Sun is a board game for 3 to 5 players set in legendary feudal Japan. As the Kami descend from the heavens to reshape the land in their image, it is up to each player to lead their clan to victory. Use politics to further your cause, negotiate to seek the most profitable alliances, worship the Kami to gain their favor, recruit monsters out of legend to bolster your forces, and use your resources wisely to be victorious in battle.

Rising Sun Game Play!

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