Caterpillar Train - Missions for the Code-A-Pillar toy

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The Code-A-Pillar was a hit toy of Christmas 2016.  The toy helps teach children the art of coding and is super fun to play with.  The challenge with any toy as the months go on is to find a way to keep the toy fresh.  With Code-A-Pillar this is even more important because by keeping children advancing with it allows them to learn even more.  With this post we want to highlight some of the ways to expand the Code-A-Pillar game from what is beyond the box.

Toylab's Caterpillar Train!
The Caterpillar Train game is not an official game of Fisher Price its just one that a blogger at Toylab has had fun with and wanted to share.

The idea of the Caterpillar game is to add a fun story while creating interesting challenges.  The Caterpillar Train game involves using the Code-A-Pillar to deliver characters or packages to different locations while going over various obstacles.  We have found that Disney's small Tsum Tsums fit great between the Code-A-Pillar's antennae allowing it to carry a Tsum Tsum from one place to another.  My kids also seem to enjoy getting a map and making a room (Typically our kitchen) resemble the geography present on the map.  The game combines the Code-A-Pillar with my kids favorite stuffed animals for a really fun time.  I also reward my kids with hershey kisses when they complete a mission without crashing the Caterpillar Train.  Healthier options would likely be better.

Your child acts as the conductor helping set up the course of the world famous Caterpillar Train.

Mission 1 Helping Lester Cat
We have created videos to go along with our maps.  Here is the first one.

Map for Mission 1:
Here is the Map for Mission to help get Lester Cat to his Grandma's House

Mission 2 - Help Explorer Kangaroo!

Explorer Kangaroo is on a quest to find the world's biggest hotdog but he has a major problem.  It is on the other side of a range of active volcanoes!  Help Explorer Kangaroo go through a cave so he can find the Hotdog.

Map for Mission 2:
Here is the route through the cave and to the world's biggest hotdog!

More caterpillar Train Missions coming Soon!

Deals on Coding Caterpillar on Amazon
Toylab is an Amazon Affiliate website lets look and see what Amazon has for the Coding Caterpillar.
The Code A Pillar is highly in demand this Christmas and is hard to find on shelves anywhere.  I also have not seen the Code-A-Pillar expansion packs fully stocked anywhere making Amazon the true to go place to get this toy.

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