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American Gods is becoming the hot story of 2017.  First the novel by Neil Gaiman won a load of awards of awards.  Then in 2017 Starz is releasing a TV version of American Gods.  To go along with that the first in a series of comics was released by Dark Horse.  So far American Gods is my favorite comic this year.  I did not read the book but I totally dig the comic.  I really see this comic becoming another Sandman that could really pull in different types of people in the comic stores.

The story has a phenomenally interesting main character in Shadow Moon.  A recently released convict who is drug into a supernatural world and war between gods.  His world begins seemingly normal with just small things seeming off.  Slowly as things descend into the weird around him he begins to question his own sanity.  He also begins to question who exactly is his new employer,  Mr Wednesday.

Part of me expects this comic to become the number one seller for Darkhorse and also potentially jump into the top selling comics category.  It certainly can compete with the big 2 in quality.

Official Synopsis of Comic:

Shadow Moon just got out of jail, only to discover his wife is dead. Defeated, broke, and uncertain as to where to go from here, he meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday, who employs him to serve as his bodyguard—thrusting Shadow into a deadly world of the supernatural, where ghosts of the past come back from the dead, and a brewing war between old and new gods hits a boiling point.
The Hugo, Bram Stoker, Locus, World Fantasy, and Nebula award–winning novel and upcoming Starz television series by Neil Gaiman is adapted as a comic series for the first time!

American Gods Show:
The show version of  American Gods also looks fantastic.  Release date in 2017:

American Gods Opening Sequence:

American Gods Trailer:

Trailer Description:
When Shadow Moon is released from prison, he meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday and a storm begins to brew. Little does Shadow know, this storm will change the course of his entire life. Left adrift by the recent, tragic death of his wife, and suddenly hired as Mr. Wednesday’s bodyguard, Shadow finds himself in the center of a world that he struggles to understand. It’s a world where magic is real, where the Old Gods fear both irrelevance and the growing power of the New Gods, like Technology and Media. Mr. Wednesday seeks to build a coalition of Old Gods to defend their existence in this new America, and reclaim some of the influence that they’ve lost. As Shadow travels across the country with Mr. Wednesday, he struggles to accept this new reality, and his place in it.

American Gods Posters:
Show runner of American Gods Bryan Fuller just released a series of colorful poster each depicting one of the characters from American Gods.

The posters include:  Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle), Mr Wednesday (Ian McShane), Laura Moon, (Emily Browning), Bliquis (Tetide Badaki), Mr Nancy (Orlando Jones), Mad Sweeney (Pablo Shreiber), Technical Boy (Bruce Langley), Easter (Kristin Chenoweth, Czernobog (Peter Stormare, and Mr. World (Crispin Glover).

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Dimension 404- News, Pictures and Trailer

Dimension 404 is a show that is coming from Hulu that looks to take ques from Black Mirror, The Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone.  It maybe seems to take itself a little less seriously that Black Mirror with a lighter tone.  I have heard it described as a wacky Black Mirror and that seems like a fitting description.

It immediately got my attention with some of the people involved in its production check it out.  Geek cred in the names used in the show is very high.

Why 404?

The premise of the show is based around the 404 Error code.  404 is an error received when a url is not found.  In the show 404 is apparently its own dimension that is a quite a lively and terrifying place. The show is set to appear quite fittingly on April 4, 2017 or on 4/04.

Dimension 404 Trailer:
The trailer for Dimension 404 features narration by Mark Hamill and a character played by Patton Oswalt.

Pictures from Dimension 404:

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Who is Mephisto?

Mephisto is a character in the Marvel universe.  Mephisto is a demon who vies for control of the underworld and often has devious machinations on Earth.  Mephisto is based off of the chief of demons in Germanic forklore legend of Faust as well as the Biblical Satan.

Mephisto is rumored to be coming to the MCU as the main villain in the Defenders Netflix series.   The Defenders will see Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist joined forces to take on the master or Darkness.   The series may launch a future of supernatural related characters like Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moonknight.

First Appearance: Silver Surfer #3
Silver Surfer #3 cover

Alias(es):  Satan, Lucifer, the Devil, Mephistopheles

Mephisto News:

Mephisto Multi-Media:


Mephisto is ancient evil entity that claims to have been created when a supreme being commits suicide and results in creations of a multitude of demons and the infinity gems.  Mephisto claims that he is entirely evil because this supreme being had no sense of good.  Mephisto becomes a ruler of Hell and there rules over many fallen souls and dark entities.

He has played a major role in a variety of storylines in the Marvel universe that include:  Mephisto is jealous of the fire demon Zarathos so he bonds the demon to Johnny Blaze creating Ghost Rider.  For a time Mephisto holds the soul of Doctor Doom's mother until Doom and Doctor Strange manage to free her.

Mephisto creates a son known as Blackheart who has battled many of Earth's heroes.  Blackheart has been a major villain in the Ghost Rider series.

Scarlet Witches children with Vision were actually demonic soul fragments of the villain Master Pandemonium who was manipulated by Mephisto.  The children are effectively destroyed when Master Pandemonium reabsorbs them into himself.  The loss of the children and learning their true origins is one of the factors that drives Scarlet Witch insane.

One of the most controversial actions of Mephisto is his erasure of Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane Watson in the One More Day story.   Peter exchanges his love and marriage to Mary Jane for the health of his elderly aunt.

Mephisto continues to plague the heroes of Marvel as a constant manipulator.

  • Immortality
  • Super strength
  • Shape/ Matter/ Energy manipulation
  • Illusions
  • Memory and mind manipulation
  • Magical skills that are extremely high
  • Extremely high level of intelligence and cunning
  • Mephisto can take people's souls and use them as slaves in his realm.  However, people give him their soul willingly in what is called a pact.
He has been shown to gain power from evil actions and entities on Earth.


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Who is Red Sonja?

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Red Sonja by Jenny Frison

Who is Red Sonja?
Red Sonya is a hero / anti-hero who has become seen as the prototype fantasy, female barbarian.  Red Sonja's stories are set in Hyborian Age.  The Hyborean Age is a fantasy world that existed before written history that was still ruled by sword and sorcery.   This is the world of writer Robert E. Howard's that includes other heroes such as Conan and Kull.  She has appeared in a variety of books, comics and even a movie.
The Red Sonja comic by Gail Simone in 2013- present has received critical acclaim and strong sales numbers.

Red Sonja cosplay by Claire Anastasia
Belle Chere's cosplay of Red Sonja 
The awesome Red Sonja covers of Gail Simone's run  

Name: Red Sonja
Aliases:  Many including - She Devil with a Sword, Red Sonya of Rogatino
First Appearance: Conan the Barbarian #23 (Marvel Feb 1973)

Original Bio:
 Red Sonja grew up in a poor family in western Hyrkania (Ancient Russia / Ukraine).  Her family is killed by evil mercenaries.  They burn down her home and brutally rape her.  During the attack Sonja is unable to defend herself, she tries but is unable to lift her brother's sword.  She cries out for revenge and she is answered by the goddess Sc├íthach.   Sc├íthach offers Sonja super martial skills to carry out her revenge, but with a catch.  Sonja can never sleep with a man unless he can defeat her in fair combat.  Overnight Sonja becomes a complete, merciless sword wielding bad ass.  She is like a juggernaut that wears a bikini.

Gail Simone version Bio:  
In this version Red Sonja's family is killed by bandits when she is a teenager.  She is not raped, does not receive powers from a goddess and CAN (and does) sleep with men.   Red Sonja gains vengeance on the bandits by luring the out individually into the woods and killing them.  Red Sonja is captured and used as a gladiator.  As a gladiator she learns great fighting skills from a fellow prisoner.  Even though she does not receive her powers from a mystical source she is still a complete bad ass with a sword.

Sexuality - Armor or Lack there of:

 While Red Sonja's metal bikini does not seem practical it her iconic look and one that has generally stuck.  At different times a more full armored or conservatively dressed Red Sonja has appeared but generally these have not lasted long.  The metal bikini gives her strong sex appeal that has given her male fans.  While some find the sexy attire demeaning this has not stopped her from slaying many and many a man, and gaining a large army of female fans.  This has greatly peaked behind the writing of female writer Gail Simone.   Gail Simone has tweaked Sonja's origin and her attitude to make her into a full on female hero.   Her fearless, take no prisoners, I am going to do whatever I want attitude has made her into an iconic symbol of female freedom and power.  Sonja also is seen as generally champion for the weak and voiceless against evil tyrants.

Powers / Skills:
In all version Red Sonja is a top level fighter, brawler and sword woman of her world.  Very few survive battles with Red Sonja and even fewer are capable of matching her martial skills.

Red Sonja cosplay by Claire Anastasia 
Belle Chere's cosplay of Red Sonja 
The awesome Red Sonja covers of Gail Simone's run 

Review of Luke Cage by Sir Kent

Luke Cage Review!
#sirkentsaid #toylab

Sir Kent is a guest blogger covering film on Toylab you can find him at the local theater or on the social media sites below:

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Luke Cage is very good the series currently has a 5/5 stars on Netflix and I give it a 9 & ½ out of 10.

Let's begin with a question is Luke Cage "too black"? To many that question is silly.  Luke Cage is black and his comic series was very much about black culture, black history and black social issues.  That said on many comment sections about the series there were comments like....

"I think it was just too black for me"


"I didn't get it, too black for me"


"I don't get black culture"


I actually had to go back and rewrite this review because of a post by Matty B at TOY LAB shared  mentioning the comments of people asking if the series was "TOO BLACK".
Luke Cage series was “TOO BLACK”! WHAT DIRECTLY THE F'BEEP IS THAT??? For white people to complain about anything being “Too Black” is like Black people complaining about Trevon Martin being “TOO DEAD”! Remember how people lost their f'BEEPin’ minds when they made Spider-Man Mexican for a year?

 Even members of f'BEEPin’ congress went bananas over that sh'BEEP! Don't even get me started on the shit-show that erupted when they featured a Black Stormtrooper! OMG!!! DUMBF'BEEPS, this is a FICTIONAL character that is set in a FICTIONAL world. WHY oh WHY are you getting your collective panties in a bunch?

Is the real reason for the "TOO BLACK" feeling that show is set in Harlem, a place that is deeply immersed in Black culture and you have no f'BEEPin’ knowledge or understanding about it? Is it because that it is centered around a Black POSITIVE role model that goes against all of your stupid ass, negative stereotypes? Is it because he wears a black hoodie and is bulletproof which must give some gun toting hillbillys out there a fBEEPin’ nightmares! People who know me know that I don't normally pull the “Race Card”. Just be ready if you liked the series.  Because to some people no matter how good or bad Luke Cage was to some it was just Too Black.

Luke Cage Store
Toylab is an Amazon affiliate and is able to directly to link our site to these amazing Amazon deals.

BUT PEOPLE! There was SO MUCH RIGHT with Netflix's LUKE CAGE.  So much right that you can bask in the sun and smile dumbly like you just got socked by one of Luke Cage's super powered fists.  Don't think I am nit-picking but I will try to find SOMETHING  legitimately wrong with it what some will argue Luke Cage to be the best Netflix adaptation of a Marvel hero yet. I AM NOT GOING THERE but HELL MAYBE I SHOULD.

Nit-Pick #1 - No Knives for Diamondback?
I'm just a fan so like all of my reviews, let's start with what I didn't like. Eric LaRay Harvey played the Hell out of Willis “Diamondback” Stryker and I even loved the twist they put into the plot adding a deeper relationship between himself and Luke Cage (Mike Colter).

The tiny problem I had with his character was that in the comics “Diamondback” earned his name in the street as being lethal with edged weapons and carried around an assortment of them to kill with.  Diamondback is reference to his skills with a knife.  Now, I did like the mob boss approach they took with him. I also found him to be far more believable and menacing than Jared Leto's punk ass Joker from SUICIDE SQUAD. But, it would have been nice to see him use a knife more than once throughout the entire series.

Nit Pick #2 Misty Knights Arm.
 In the comic, we all know that Misty Knight (Simone Missick) was given a mechanical arm by Tony Stark after having it blown off while saving people from a bomb. However, after the way her arm seemed to be okay by series end, I don't think we will be getting that. In a side note, if some of the cast THINK they are too good for the small screen, those bitches better check themselves. The legendary Samuel L. Jackson himself appeared TWICE on A.O.S. So if THAT muthuf'BEEPa can do it, you ALL can do it! PLUS, this is Netflix.

Nit Pick #3
The series is way, way, way too black........Just joking sheesh you didn't believe I was going to say that did you?

And now to my review. I must give MAD PROPS to Marvel and Netflix for not only, once again, perfectly casting, writing and directing this series. But also having the big, hairy f'BEEPin’ balls to take on current hot-topic issue's that a LOT other networks or series would not. They addressed racial bias police tactics in inner cities. The brutality of police tend to show against innocent civilians and of course a few who are desperately trying to walk the line between the law and the people it's meant to protect.

Second to all of that is the music that is highlighted throughout the series. It flows from rap to hip-hop to neo-soul and back again. It pays respect to its history and meshes it with current poets, creator's and artist.

Summary and thoughts with some Spoilers

Some SPOILERS, Spoiler alert!

Luke Cage tells the story of Carl Lucas. The son of a preacher from Savannah, GA.

Out of jealousy and spite, his half brother, Willis Stryker, planted drugs at his place and ratted him out to the police for which he was sent to prison. While imprisoned, Lucas carried himself and behaved like a man with great pride and self respect. Almost as much as his obvious physical prowess. This drew the attention of a racist Corrections Officer by the name of Albert Rackham (Chance Kelly). Rackham was determined to either break Lucas or make him work for him.

After sending a few boys to try and beat him down (Which failed miserably), Rackham beatdown and threatened to kill “Squabbles” (Craig Mums Grant) if Lucas didn't fight for him in his underground fighting ring. Yup. This Fox New watching muthufBEEPa had a complete illegal fight club set up where he was making money hand over fist...LITERALLY! So, in order to protect the life of another, exactly what he DIDN'T want to have to do, Lucas started fighting. Somewhere along the long line of fights and wins, Lucas started to loose himself.

This became evident to not only “Squabbles” but to his prison group therapist Reva Conners (Parisha-Fitz Henly). Who not only had an interest in Lucas because of his chocolaty goodness but, because of something else that was a LOT more diabolical. After a breakthrough in therapy and in their personal relationship, Lucas decides to build a case against Rackham and get himself out legally. Of course, Rackham finds out and has “Squabbles” killed and Lucas beaten nearly to death by a person who will have a HUGE effect on his life later Herman “Shades” Alvarez.

Now we get to see the reason why the memory of Reva, a woman he THOUGHT he loved and could trust will forever be in question. She worked with the prison doctor Dr. Noah Burnstein (Michael Kostroff) who as it turns out REALLY WAS conducting experiments on prisoners! In order to save Lucas’s life, the good doctor exposed Lucas to an experiment that was a watered down version of the super-soldier experiment. It was meant to help soldiers heal from wounds on the battlefield in minutes or mere days, depending on the type of injury. However, in true comic book style, Rackham barges in during the treatment and starts turning knobs that crank up the energy input in the tank where Lucas was far past what it was meant to be.

This causes an overload that literally blows up in Rackhams face, killing him. After emerging from what was left of the tank, SOMEHOW unharmed and alive, Lucas finds Rackhams body. Knowing that they would NEVER let him out being found with the body of a C.O. that  he was KNOWN to have had a beef with, he punches a nearby wall and it crumbles, much to his shock. He then punches a hole out of the room and makes his escape from prison. Fast forward past his interaction with Jessica Jones and The Purple Man (I’m sorry, Killgrave) we find our reluctant hero hiding in plain sight in Harlem N.Y.

He is now known as Luke Cage and living an uneventful life working in a neighborhood barbershop that is considered by all to be “Harlem's Switzerland”. (A place of non-violence). The shop owner “Pop” (Frankie Faison) knows of Cage’s powers but not of his past. He is always trying to get him to use them for the good of the neighborhood. “Like those other fella’s uptown.” (Daredevil, The Punisher).

Cage is reluctant, not only because of his past but because of the fact that he doesn't want to be “Out There” again where people may be able to make him do things against his will like Killgrave did. As long as trouble doesn't come calling, he has no intention of exposing himself, or the simple, little life that he has carved out for himself. Unfortunately for him, that trouble is closer than he thinks. Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes has become arguably the biggest arms dealer in New York city. His power is aided by his ties to City Councilwoman Mariah Dillard. Who has been using his iron grip on the streets to further her own political gain.

Fast forward, fast forward, fast forward. That trouble that Cage had been trying to avoid finds it’s way to “Pop’s” barber shop in the form of having it riddled with bullets and “Pop’ shot in the neck and bleeding out in the arms of Cage. This was all due to the stupid ass actions of a young dumbf'BEEP who was seeking shelter int" Harlem's Switzerland”. This spurs Cage into action and he takes MUCH boot to Black ass at one of “Cottonmouths” clearing houses. “Shades” has been on the scene for a while but now has to advise “Cottonmouth” on how to weather this huge loss. Possibly how to avoid a visit from “Diamondback”.

The mere mention of “Diamondback’s” name inspires fear in most. He is a shadowy figure that some believe to be urban myth but few EVER want to meet personally. Cage’s role in the neighborhood continues to expand because of his proximity to all that is happening in Harlem. He is now of interest to Detective Misty Knight as well (Simmone Missick) who he SHAGGED THE HELL out of a few nights prior after work! Side note, let's keep count of all the walls Cage is hitting.

Reva, Jessica Jones, then Misty Knight and…? I'm getting to that. Misty has her own problems with a partner and co-workers that have ties to the very cause of Harlem's woes. I do like how they tied Clare Temple (Rosario Dawson) into this. She will be the tie that binds all of these series together, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, The Punisher and the upcoming Iron Fist. By chance, while at her mother's dinner, Claire runs into Luke and recognizes him as the guy Jessica Jones shot in the face with a shotgun (If you ain't hip, you're a horrible fan!).

They connect over breakfast and her current need to find direction in her life. Of course, she had no idea that that direction would involve her being in the vicinity of a powered individual and a psychopathic killer with HAMMERTECH apparently on speed dial! BTW, why the f'BEEP IS Justin Hammer in bed with “Diamondback”? I knew he sold to almost anyone but, what's his endgame working with him? Does this mean that we may get to see Justin Hammer at some point during the series?

Okay, I think I have given away enough of the plot to get you interested in it. I have certainly left a sh'BEEP-load out as well but, that is because, despite of what a few of you think, I DO TRY and not give TOO much away in these reviews. Let me just say that this series is fantastic in every way and Netflix has dropped the mike and moonwalked all over network T.V. yet again. It may start off a little slow for some but, bare in mind, you have to build the characters up. Or else you just get on long ass fight scene.

 I give this series a 9 & ½ out of 10 and if you haven't seen it yet, pay your Netflix membership like NOW and do so! Haven't you wondered what everybody was talking about around the water cooler Monday morning?

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Who is Ego the Living Planet ?

Who is Ego the Living Planet?

Ego is a Marvel character that is actually living, thinking planet.  Ego was created by as an adversary for Thor by Jim Starlin and Stan Lee.   While generally associated with Thor, Ego is set to appear in the film Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  Ego will have a humanoid form and be played by Kurt Russell.   It has been rumored that Ego will be Star-Lord's father.

First Appearance: Thor #132 (1966)

Galaxy:  While capable of moving Ego generally lives in the Black Galaxy.


A few origins have been suggested as to how Ego came to be.  Initially, he says that a mind of a scientist was somehow merged with that of a planet.  Ego begins to consume space ships and wanderers to his planet.  An alien race, Rigellians begin to fear Ego and enlist the help of Thor to meet the deadly living planet.
Thor defeats the planet, and forces Ego to renounce its plans for galactic conquest.  Ego vows to never again leave the confines of the Black Galaxy.

Ego is driven and insane and once again begins attacking world.  This time he is stopped by Thor, Galactus, Firelord and Hercules.  Galactus attaches a massive spaceship engine to Ego that pulls him safely through the galaxy away from other worlds.  However, this plan goes awry when Ego gains control of the engine.  He seeks vengeance and goes to Earth where he battles the Fantastic Four.  Ego does massive devastation to Earth but is beaten.  This event is later erased by a reality warping mutant.

In one story, Beta Ray Bill also faces off against a rampant Ego.

Ego learns that he is actually one of two living planets created by the Stranger.  The other planet is called Alter-Ego.  Alter Ego has been held captive in the museum of the Collector.   Ego goes to free his brother only to learn that Alter Ego was designed to confront Ego.  Ego manages to defeat to Alter Ego but before he can kill Alter Ego he is stopped by Thor.  Fragments of Alter Ego now travel in a orbit around Ego as a Moon.

Egp hired Rocket Raccoon to kill off aliens that acted as head lice to the Living Planet.

Extreme intelligence
Psionic blasts
Control over its entire mass down to molecular level
Can shape its entire surface to address beings, talk, create sensors, arms and tentacles.

Ego has a brain, digestive and circulatory system built within the planet.

Arrogance / Superiority complex

Ego will be played by Kurt Russell in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  It has been suggested that Ego could both be the primary villain and Star Lord's father in the sequel.
The costume for Ego shown at San Diego Comic Con revealed that Ego will have a humanoid form.

Ego's costume being unvieled at San Diego Comic Con 2016:


Toylab has a freaking TON of Guardians of the Galaxy content related to reviews, the comics, art and cosplay check it all out at in the link below!

Toylab's Guardians of the Galaxy HQ

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Pokemon Trainer strikes Terror into Team Rocket in Intense Video


A new video imagines what a real life Pokemon War might look like with a lot of Guns.  In this video a Pokemon Trainer is attempting to stop Team Rocket Henchmen from capturing a Mew.
Only he does not necessarily stick to the rules of the Pokemon world as we know them.  Instead what follows is an intense and very violent trailer and gives an idea of how Pokemon might be used in  a war like setting.

Generally in the video guns are shown to be more useful than Pokemon but they still get integrated in various places.  Including a very crazy looking Pikachu.

IF a Pokemon War were to be integrated into the Pokemon Go game I doubt it would look quite like this.  I tend to think it would be Pokemon doing the attacking rather than firearms.  Still the world of Pokemon Go with its gyms dotting the landscape is hard to miss.  The video does give an idea what a war would like in the Pokemon World.

Pokemon Store!
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Pokemon War Journal
What is the Pokemon War? Why is Pokemon Go head directly toward it.  What are the clues we look at all of these things in the Pokemon War Journal!  Click on the link to learn more!

The Pokemon War Journal

The Poke fun has just begun...Also See!

Is the Pokemon War coming to Pokemon Go?

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Who is Budo? (Snakeroot / Hand)

Who is Budo? (Snakeroot / Hand)

Is a famed Ninja of the Hand that faces off against Black WidowDaredevil and Elektra.  

First Appearance: Daredevil #319

Real Name: Harry "TNT" Kenkoy

Budo News:
Budo Multi-Media:


Fall from Grace:
Prior to joining the Hand, Budo was a general in the United States Marine Corps.   Kenkoy is selected to run a special project from the D.O.D. (Department of Defense).  The goal of the project is to create a special virus uses the telepathic means.  A group of telepathic subjects is selected and brought in among them Eddie Passim and Theresa Bellweather.   Kenkoy takes Theresa Bellweather kills her and harvests her brain tissue to create the About Face virus.  He then plans to do a large test of it, by using Passim as a telepathic trigger.  However, Passim and the other subjects manage to destroy nearly all of About Face.  Only one vial survives it rolls and is lodged in subway tracks.  Only Eddie Passim knows where that final vial is.  Kenkoy then killed all of the subjects and only Passim escaped.  Passim went on to live in the streets as a homeless man for years.

Bodu is a character in the Daredevil story known as Fall from Grace.  In this story he battles Daredevil with the Hand searching for a special telepathic virus known as About Face.  He follows the orders from Lord Daito.  In doing so he faces off various heroes that includes DaredevilElektra, Shang Chi.

Overtime Kenkoy continued to do illicit deals, eventually he was caught and court marshaled.  He became a drug dealer.  He began to hatch a new plan to create the ultimate street drug by using the last remaining vial of the About Virus.  Needing allies he sought out the Hand.

The Hand thought the old American convict was crazy when he came before them.  Dismissing him they attempted to kill him.  However, Kenkoy killed one of the Hand and immediately impressed Lord Daito.  They brought him into the fold of Snakeroot clan elite portion of the group and gave him the new name of Budo.

One of his agents is found and killed by Venom.  This leads Venom to also pursue the About Face virus.

Budo helped create a dark essence of Elektra into a new body called Erynys.  He then found Passim and helped the other Snakeroot Clan members torture him.  The group finally finds the vial. With the vial in hand Budo decides its time to kill the last remaining witness to the About Face project.  Before Budo can finish his murderous attempt he is hit by a telepathic blast by Eddie and is killed.  Finally, after his life had been destroyed and friends killed Eddie finally gets his vengeance.

  • Resurrection through the demonized sword Sakki.
  • Advanced Ninjitsu and fighting skills
  • Torture and interrogation skills

MORE NinjaFul Fun!

More about Daredevil "Fall from Grace"

What is the Hand?

Defenders Saga News and Casting HUB 

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Who is the Punisher?

Who is Elektra?

Who is Daredevil?


Tiger's Beautiful Daughter

Who is Tiger's Beautiful Daughter?

Tiger's Beautiful Daughter is a Marvel character known for being a beautiful and highly deadly member of the Immortal Weapons.  As an Immortal Weapon she is on of the greatest martial artists in the world with added on power.  She has been both an ally and an enemy of Iron Fist.

Name: Li Hua

Alias: Tiger's Beautiful Daughter

Home: Tiger Island

First Appearance: Immortal Iron Fist #8 (2007)

Death: Defenders #6 (Vol 4 2012)

We cover our faces. Not because we are ashamed of our beauty but because we want our enemies to focus on something else,..the feel of our hot steel in their burning guts.  (Tiger's Beautiful Daughter)

Toylab Kung Fu Store:


Li Hua also known as Tiger's Beautiful Daughter is one of seven Immortal Weapons who represents the city of Tiger Island. She is the Daughter of Tiger Empress and Tiger Warrior.  Like the other Immortal Weapons she is a fierce martial artist and also has the ability to harness and use her chi for various effects.

Li Hua grew up on a quiet island were women only engaged in parties and crafts.  The men like her father would go off and fight every few years and return with great stories.  Li Hua showed only disdain for the lifestyle of the women and longed for the adventures of her father, Tiger Warrior's stories.  When Li Hua slept she was often greeted by her dead mother who would train her how to fight.  Li Hua initially believed these dreams were only dreams and nothing more.  However, it was soon revealed that she was actually learning advanced martial arts from her mother in the dreams.

An army attacked Tiger Island and Li Hua is startled to see all the men of her village flee rather than fight.  Instead, of running away she engages the army and begins to defeat many soldiers with the martial arts she learned in the dreams.  Looking down at many defeated foes she realizes that something is not right and confronts her father.

Her father tells her the truth.  The warriors of Tiger Island have long been women, but when the island had been conquered one of the requirements was for their to be no more female warriors.  The Tiger Island's female warriors had nearly been decimated so there were few adult women left who knew the truth and could carry on the old ways.  Li Hua's mother was the greatest warrior of their people and known as Tiger Empress but she had died during the battle.  In order to keep the women in the dark of their true place in their society the men pretended to be warriors.  This meant the men had to fake going off to war every few years and a new docile life style was forced upon the women.  Infuriated at the lies she had been told, Li Hua began organizing the women of the village into a fighting force.  They create weapons out of any tool they can find and craft fearsome masks.  After a brutal battle the women defeat the army and then begin to fully retake all of the Tiger lands.

Tiger's Beautiful Daughter is summoned to the tournament of the Seven Cities where she represents Tiger Island against the other Immortal Weapons.
In the tournament Tiger's Beautiful Daughter faces Davos the Steel Phoenix in the first round.  She cuts off Davos's hand in the battle and appears to have defeated him.  Somehow though Davos regrows his hand, and unleashes a violent storm of blows unyielding blows up Tiger's Beautiful Daughter he does not stop dropping blows even after she was clearly beaten.  He is eventually pulled off of Tiger's Beautiful Daughter by his own father the Thunderer.  His actions at nearly killing competitor are against the rules of tournament where the warriors are not meant to turn into murderers.  The Prince of Orphans another Immortal Weapon takes Davos's actions as a grave insult and challenges him in the next round.  Making a point The Prince of Orphans decimates Davos never giving him a chance to land a single blow.

Tiger's Beautiful Daughter is initially reluctant to help the other champions fight off an attack from Hydra.  She joins when she decides that the attack could imperil her own city.  She joins in the attack on the newly found 8th City of Demons.  She is captured and tortured there.  It is the Tiger's Beautiful Daughter that manages to escape by distracting and taking down a guard.  She frees the other Immortal Weapons and they fight their way out of the city.

During Fear it Self the Immortal Weapons help close the gate to Eighth City.

 Powers and Skills:

Can use her chi to enhance her speed and accuracy.

She also been shown to have some of the best mediation skills of all of the immortal weapons.  She is shown meditating for 13 days.

Uses a variety of weapons but primarily fans and spears.


There has not yet been any sign of Tiger's Beautiful Daughter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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