Who are the Whisperers in The Walking Dead

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The Whisperers are group of survivors encountered by the network of communities set up by Rick Grimes after the events of All Out War.  The two groups quickly end up a battle with each other.

First Appearance: The Walking Dead #130

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Comic Bio:
Whisperers are a group of survivors who live among the undead in the world of the undead.  The group utilizes zombie suits made of decaying human parts so remain undetected by hordes of walkers around them.  The group grows to be quite large though there total numbers are never revealed.  The group is able to use massive herds of zombies as both shelter for other survivors and as a devasting weapon.  From within side the herd they can steer it toward enemies fully crushing those communities beneath the weight of their herds.

Alpha is the leader of the mysterious group.  She is sharp tongued woman with a bald head.  Alpha operates with a cold, near emotionless demeanor deeming all signs of emotion as a sign of weakness.

The group communicates in the herd by whispering to each other.  This is where the group get its name from.  They are able to watch other survivor groups and watch their movements.  They are also able to ambush survivors.  According to both Lydia and Alpha the Whisperers have crushed countless communities using their tactics.

The group attempts to live in an animalistic way without any form of shelter.  They have general philosophy of might makes right.  They view communities attempting to live in a more normal human way as weak.  Alpha comments that she sees Alexandria as nothing but a shrine to how people used to live.  Additionally, brutality such as murder and rape are allowed within the Whisperers.  Lydia the daughter of Alpha has said she was raped countless times in the community and it was allowed because it was sign of her weakness relative to another's strength.

Whisper War
After initial violent conflicts and kidnapping of parties the Communities under Rick and Whisperers agree upon a rough truce and set a boundary.  The boundary line is made up of heads on spikes of former members of the Alexandria and Hilltop communities.

Negan escapes and attempts or pretends to join the Whisper community.  He quickly sees that the Whisperers are too crazy (even for him) and assassinates Alpha cutting off her head and escaping with it.  He shows Rick the head and explains that at least he left them leaderless.    The Whisperers are not left leaderless for long as Beta takes the reigns.

The communities then create a plan to deviate the massive horde of the Whisperers.  Initially it seems they are successful.  However, Rick realizes that his forces only deviated a small portion of the overall horde.  The full horde is a like an "ocean of the dead" and it crashes into Alexandria.

The Whisperers have many members but few are given names in the series.  Most use a code name foregoing a real name.  
  • Alpha - Leader of the Whisperers
  • Beta - 2nd in command
  • Joshua - A Whisperer that is killed by Paul Monroe
  • Lydia - The daughter of Alpha is captured by Paul Monroe


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