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Who is Warrant?

Warrant is one of Iron Fist's first enemies.  He has only appeared as an Iron Fist villain.

Alias(es): Warrant

Real name: Kevin Leary

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #127

Affiliations: AIM

Note:  There is another Warrant that does look similar to this Warrant that appeared in Web of Spider-Man.  That Warrant is different and can be told apart because he is fully technological cyborg looking.  Both have a missing eye and long black hair.  The Spider-Man villain Warrant is named Grey Garrison and appears in Web of Comics #110.

Spider-Man Warrant is different

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Warrant's origins are unknown but at some point he came into various gadgets from the Tinkerer including large blaster guns and the evil eye that emits a paralysis beam.  He uses these weapons as a mercenary and a bounty hunter.

AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) hires Warrant to go after Iron Fist to retrieve a powerful item known as the Anomaly.  Warrant ambushes Iron Fist by blasting him with a large energy gun and then paralyzing the hero with the evil eye.   While Iron Fist is paralyzed Warrant prepares to finish him off with a large blaster.  Iron Fist is saved at the list second by Lillian Hsu who hits Warrant over the head with a trash can.  She then throws a tire over his body which blocks the Evil Eye and paralyzes Iron Fist.  Iron Fist quickly kicks the blaster out of Warrant's hands beat him unconscious.

Powers and Skills:
Warrant is a mercenary and bounty hunter with some martial and military training.  His powers seem to come from gadgets.

Evil Eye - Paralyzes opponents.

He also sports a large array of energy gun weapons.

Warrants face appears to be half decayed no reason for this is given however it could be part of a power not shown.

There is no sign or mention of Warrant in the MCU as of yet.

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