How to beat Umbreon? in Pokemon Go

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How to beat Umbreon!

Umbreon is one of a number of Evolutions that come from Eevee.  Umbreon is the Dark type Eevee Evolution.  It is one of 2 Eevee Evolutions released with the Gen Pokemon the other being Espeon.
Like most Eevee Evolutions, Umbreon will likely be a popular gym defender and attacker.

About Umbreon:

"When darkness falls, the rings on the body begin to glow, striking fear in the hearts of anyone nearby." Pokemon Crystal Pokedex.
Umbreon is a dark type of Eevee.  It is considered to be a mid level power of the Eevee evolutions.  What makes Umbreon popular is that it is an easy way to get a strong Dark Type pokemon.  One Eevee per player can evolved to Umbreon by naming the Eevee Tamao.  This trick should only work one time.  After this it is thought that an Eevee that is walked as a buddy for 10 km will evolve into either Espeon or Umbreon.  After the 10 km is walked a daytime evolution will become an Espeon and a nighttime evolution will become an Umbreon.

Ash's nemesis Gary Oak used an Umbreon in the Pokemon cartoon series.  Many people think that Umbreon is coolest looking Eevee evolution. Umbreon has a sleek black body contrasted with glowing circles on its body.

Umbreon is a Dark type Pokemon with a primary weakness to Fighting , Bug , and Poison Type of Pokemon.

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Now for the ultimate question!  How do you beat, how to kill, how to defeat Umbreon.  What Pokemon is a counter Umbreon?

Due toUmbreon being a Dark type Pokemon good counters come from  Fighting , Bug , and Poison Type of Pokemon.

A few good counter options here:
So far of these options I have had the best luck with Muk but I think the best is Heracross.  If you test any of these out let me know.  I still have not ran into too many Umbreon in gyms but I certainly expect to.
  • Pincer
  • Parasect ( With Bug Moves)
  • Muk


I think the best option of all is Heracross.  I don't have one yet to test this though.

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