Disturbing truth about Candy in Pokemon Go

As you begin to acquire Pokemon in Pokemon Go you quickly begin to catch duplicates of the same species.  This is ok though because you can "Transfer" that pokemon to good ol' Professor Willow.  Professor Willow in return will give you a "candy" based off that Pokemon species.  The  candy for each Pokemon Species is a resource that is used to both level up Pokemon and to evolve them.  Players happily add candy to their trove and use it on their valued Pokemon.

When players who were experienced with prior Pokemon games first began playing Pokemon Go they all asked themselves the same question.  "What the heck is this Candy stuff?"
You see in the other Pokemon games you do not use Candy to upgrade your Pokemon.  Instead in those games you train your Pokemon through battling and through battling the Pokemon gain experience.  The use of candy as a substitute to battling immediately had experienced Pokemon Players saying why did they change this.  These questions though for most players are quickly forgotten as they get used to the new "Candy" mechanic.

Most people don't think that much about this.  Lets change that.

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Rare Candy has sinister Origins?

Alright lets go on a little conspiratorial journey.


What is candy?  A lot Pokemon games come from manipulation of energy.  A Poke Ball converts a Pokemon into energy stores it then spits it back out again.  Candy may be energy related to.  It could be some material essence of the Pokemon that is lost when it gets converted into energy the first time.

The fact that Willow pays you in Candy when you send him a Pokemon tells you that he has a method of generating more Candy.  The means of that generation seem to be the Pokemon you are transferring to him because that is the resource he has available to him.

Pokemon Go  seems to occur prior to the first Gen Pokemon Games of Red/Blue.  In Red and Blue there is not abundance of candy, however there is something called a Rare Candy.  A Rare Candy is very, very rare in the game.  There are only a handful in the game and you use them mostly to trade.  These Rare Candy are found is bizarre places.  If we assume that these Rare Candy's are the same Candy being used in Pokemon Go then we can assume something major happened that made them rare.

  • Pokemon Go = TON of Candy - Used for upgrading Pokemon 
  • Pokemon Red/Blue = Candy is ultra rare - Definitely not used for upgrading Pokemon

What changed?  Well my hypothesis is that the Pokemon War is what occurred between Pokemon Go and Pokemon Gen 1.  What if this war happened because of Candy?

What if Pokemon Trainers learn that Pokemon candy comes from stealing energy from Pokemon.  Professor Willow and those like him are harnessing massive amounts of Pokemon like a giant battery, or like the human farm in the Matrix and from this battery he is churning out Pokemon candy.  
If this truth came to light there would be some Pokemon Teams that would be for continuing the practice like Team Valor and others who would be horrified like Team Instinct.  This philosophical conflict would lead the two sides into war.

In the Gen 1 games the Pro Candy side would have lost leaving the once abundant resource very rare.  Professor Willow would be forced out of being a Professor.  He would go on to become a Pokemon Trainer himself as Frost.  Spark would have become hardened during the war and grown into the gym trainer of Surge.  This then would be the world that the player begins in Pokemon Red and Blue.

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