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Who is Archie Andrews:

Archie is the main character from Archie comics.  He has appeared in TV, comics, radio shows and comics since his first appearance in the 1940s.  Archie is played by actor K.J. Apa in the C.W. TV series Riverdale.

First Appearance:  Pep Comics #22 (1941)

Full Name: Archibald "Archie" Andrews

Hometown: Riverdale

High School: Riverdale High School

Archie News:

Update  9-21-2017:  Actor KJ Apa was in a late night car accident after leaving the set of Riverdale.  The car is reportedly having been struck in the passanger side by a telephone pole.  However, KJ is ok and was released from hospital without "serious" injuries.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that KJ:

…apparently fell asleep driving the 45-minute trip home after midnight. He was taken to a local hospital for observation and later discharged without serious injuries. His car, however, didn’t fare as well. The passenger side was apparently destroyed after striking a light pole, and the vehicle was rendered inoperable."
The actors at Riverdale are said to be working 16 hour days.  This is a sensitive issue now after the death in Deadpool 2 which was also being filmed in Canada.  There seems to be some concerns that Hollywood safety rules are not being applied to the sets out of the country.  The Riverdale Season 2 is being filmed in preperation for the series premiere Oct 11th.

The Hollywood reporter also reports that another person close to the situation said:
“They’re working these kids from morning until night. “Someone’s going to die.”
Jughead and former Disney actor Cole Sprouse was also reportedly planning on being driven home by KJ.  He would have likely been in the smashed passanger seat had his plans not changed at the last minute.

Archie Multimedia:


The comics and shows often depict Archie's struggles as a teenager in a small America town.  Archie is a highschool student at Riverdale High School.  He lives in the small town of Riverdale whose main attraction is a fast food cafe called Pops.  His father Fred Andrews is a mid level office executive and his mother Mary is a stay at home mother.  Archie has important relationships with many of the teenagers in Riverdale High School.  His best friend is the lovable oddball Jughead, his rival is the vain jock Reggie, and his love life focuses on a live triangle with Betty and Veronica.

Archie is often depicted as a bit clutzy but he is still a talented singer.  He forms a garage band called the Archies with his best friends.  The band includes Archie, Betty, Veronica, Reggie and Jughead.  The band is depicted as gaining some notoriety in some stories but never the amount of Josie and Pussycats.

Archie also plays a variety of sports while at Riverdale High School.  He is generally depicted as not as athletic as Moose, Chuck Clayton and Reggie but often manages to hold his own.   Coach Cleats often worries that Archie is more concerned with social activities than he was the game at hand.

A major of vocal point of the Archie stories is his love life.  In the initial stories Archie fawned after Betty but she ignored him.  A new girl, Veronica moves into town and immediatly strikes up an interest in Archie.  Seeing Archie with another girl makes Betty jealous and she begins to pursue Archie.  Archie often uses Betty as a back date for when Veronica is out of the picture.  He becomes angry when Betty in turn dates other boys.  The wealthy and savvy Veronica is shown to easily manipulate Archie and keeps him jumping to pursue her.  Despite the hi-jinx of the love triangle Archie is shown having true feeling for girls.

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Riverdale TV series on the CW
Riverdale is a show based off of Archie Comics but has a darker tone. Archie is a main character in the series and is played by actor K.J. Apa. 

Watch Riverdale Thursdays at 9:00pm/8c on The CW

Official Synoposis below:
A subversive take on Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale's wholesome facade.
Riverdale Bio:

Archie is a student at Riverdale high school where he plays music and is a member of the football team.  In the summer before the show begins he begins an amorous relationship with his music teacher, Ms Grundy.   While having a romantic picnic the pair at the river the pair are startled by a gun shot.  This turns out to be the same day Jason Blossom goes missing at the same river.  When Jason's body is discovered with a gun shot wound, Archie must decide whether to come forward or stay silent to protect Ms Grundy.

Archie is friends with both old pal Betty and new girl Veronica.  While Betty expresses a desire for a romantic relationship Archie is too confused by his current relationship with Ms Grundy.  His confusion hurts Betty.  Betty blames Veronica for Archie's romantic confusion because she had been selected as Archie's partner is 7 minutes in heaven at a party by Cheryl Blossom.  Betty apologizes for kissing Archie during the 7 minutes in heaven and makes up with Betty at the local cafe of Pops.

Archie has fallen out of friendship with his former best friend Jughead.  Jughead reveals that he knows about Archie's relationship with Ms Grundy and urges him to come forward and do the right thing.  The pair make up after Archie tells Jughead he is going to come clean.  They run into Betty and Veronica at Pops where they all sit down to enjoy ice cream sodas.

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