1953 - The battle over Judgement Day

Judgement Day is a story that was planned to be printed in 1953 and is a natural starting off point for Black History Month.  Blacks and African Americans had been featured prior to this 1953 project of EC publishing.  However, before this blacks were generally depicted as exotics, or in the background.  This is the first time that a Black person was featured in the forefront of the story.  What really makes the series even more interesting is the story itself and the battle to get it published.

Judgement Day is a snap shot of American attitudes towards race, politics and publishing in the 1950s.  Personally, I think Clint Eastwood should turn this into his next film project.    It is a great story that features The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. 

The Good:
Meet our heroes!  The guys at EC Publishing.  EC publishing is not necessarily a well known name anymore but they had a big impact on a variety of areas.  You likely have heard of some of their brands like Mad Magazine, and Tales of the Crypt.   They were a small publisher that were known early on for publishing Horror, Weird and Sci Fi comics.  When the comics code authority came out in early 1950s EC was one of the main targets.  One of the areas that EC tried to be on the forefront on was race.  On the topic of race, EC wrote a large variety of stories attacking bigotry.  The most well known story in this genre by far was Judgement Day.

The Bad:
The CCA comics code authority was created because of studies showing that comics and pulps were contributing to the delinquency of youths.  At the time comics became the scape goat for every wrong thing little Timmy, Billy and Betty Sue did.  Parents rallied around this idea that horror and weird comics were to blame and this political movement created the comic book gestapo the CCA.  The CCA banned things like the title Horror and Weird in comics.  They also took to banning things that were seen as sexually provocative, too politically charged, or in the case of Judgement Day something they were uncomfortable with.

(Beware giving people institutions control over what you can say or think. Beware censorship)

The Ugly:
ECC creates a seemingly benign story on bigotry.  An astronaut from an intergalactic republic visits a planet of a sentient robots to determine whether the planet will be allowed the republic.  In the end he decides the planet is not worthy due to the robots bigotry.  The robots you see are divided into two many colors, they live mostly separately with one color dominating the other in the power structure.  This story as is would likely have slipped through the comic book authority albeit uncomfortably however EC was known for inserting a little stinger at the end.  Each ending had a little twist that shocked the reader, and sometimes gave the bad guys their do.

I now give you the shocking, earth shattering ending of the story Judgement Day!


My guess is that most modern readers look at the image above and don't understand why it is so shocking so let me explain.

The astronaut who is judging this planet for being biggoted and thus denying their entry into the republic is revealed to be a Black man.  This would be one of the first times a black person was depicted in a position of authority and here he is not just in authority but also laying down the law as it were.  This to a 1950 audience was ......Shocking.  It was also a not subtle judgement of 1950s America.  The message was pretty clear, if aliens come down to America they are going to look at the country like it were filled with a bunch of biggoted savages.

The CCA  (Comic Code Authority) went ape crap over the story and demanded EC to change it.  Their first request was for EC to make it a non Black person in the Astronaut suit.  EC responded listen up you tyrannical dumb butts that is the whole point of the piece.  Then the CCA was like well can you remove the perspiration that looks like stars on his skin.  Apparently, the fact that stars were shining on his skin made him look too messiah like.  EC fired back hell no.

This conflict goes round and round the CCA aka the big bad Empire basically ends up winning.  EC refused to alter the story in any way.  They completely stuck to their guns.  The CCA refused to give the story their seal, so no stores would buy it.  The CCA successfully taught the little publisher a lesson.  Other publishers fled the space fearing they would too would be banned.  EC for many years would only publish its benign Mad Magazine.  Eventually, though the crazy people who want to blame scape goat art for their problems moved on to music, and later to video games.  As a result to the loss of focus, the comics industry eventually wrested itself away from the CCA stray jacket.  Later, when the major players in the publishing industry like Marvel and DC pulled away from CCA its power basically eroded to nothing.

The story of Judgement Day is full of revealing reflections of attitudes during the 1950s but also of some of the good being done by comic book writers.  Comic book publishers catch a lot of flack for not being diverse enough.  Some of this criticism is warranted.  Publishers though should also get attention for their good things they did.  In this case an entire company fought to get out a social message while under siege of the authorities.  That is by no means a small thing.

Who is X-23?

Who is X-23?

X-23 is a marvel anti-hero who is a clone of the popular X-Men hero Wolverine.  Due to how she was cloned she is a female clone of Wolverine who is male.  Actress Dafne Keen plays X-23 in the film Logan.

First Appearance:  NYX #3

Real Name: Laura Kinney

Alias(es):  X-23, Wolverine, Talon, Captain Universe

Wolverine News:
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A new Weapon X facility is opened to recreate Wolverine.  After 22 failed attempts and reconstituting his DNA from an X chromosome the 23rd is successful and merged into an embryo.  A doctor working on the project Sarah Kinney acts as a surrogate mother to the embryo.  The child is born and lives for her first 7 within the confines of the Weapon X facility.  Sarah Kinney tries to remain emotionally unattached to X-23 but ends up having motherly feelings for her.   The other scientists on the project see X-23 purely as a means to an end, and train her to be an assassin without any sign of compassion.

X-23 is subjected to radiation material at the age of 7.  This very painfully activates her healing mutation.  Her claws are also coated in adamantium.  Further a trigger scent is created that drives her into a murderous rage when applied to a person.  The Weapon X facility plans to use the trigger scent as a means of targeting X-23 at specific persons.

Sarah Kinney's daughter is caught by a serial killer and she smuggles out X-23 and uses her to kill the killer and get her daughter back.  X-23 reveals that Zander Rice has used her to kill other scientists on the project.  Sarah is fired for her theft of X-23 but not before plotting X-23's escape.  She leaves a note for X-23 to kill Zander Rice and the other Weapon X's X-24 and X-40.  Laura does this but as she catches up Sarah disaster strikes.  Sarah had been coated in the murder scent and X-23 flew into a rage and killed her.  As Sarah died she tells X-23 that she loves her, and that her real name is Laura.  She gives her pictures of Wolverine and the Xavier Institute.

X-23 is then used again to target the sisters of Sarah Kinney.  However she learns of the plot and helps them escape.  She is confronted by one of her handlers from the Weapon X facility named Kimura and she kills her.  In the end Laura decides she must find the man responsible for her life and tracks down Wolverine.  She engages Wolverine in battle, and defeats him before revealing why she came.  Captain America also appears to arrest her for crimes but decides to let her go.

For a time X-23 works as a prostitute for sadomasochistic pimp called Zebra Daddy.  She eventually comes to her senses and kills him.

Eventually X-23 joins X-Force and later the X-Men before taking on the mantle of Wolverine after Logan was killed.  As Wolverine Laura must battle cloned version of herself that are attempting to assassinate her.

Wolverine Rogues Gallery:
The Brood
Lady Deathstrike
Madame Masque
Mister Sinister
Omega Red

As a clone of Wolverine X-23 has the same mutant power of Wolverine.

Healing Factor - Wolverine has regenerative power that allows his body to heal nearly any wound and fight off diseases.  The healing ability heals his body rapidly even from extremely grevious injuries.  This allows him to take serious punishment and keep fighting.

Longevity- healing factor also acts to slow down his aging process.

Animal Keen senses - Has hearing and smell of a wolf or other animal

Feral rage - Fights with a feral nature that seems to increase his aggressiveness and potency in combat.

Claws - Wolverine naturally has bone claws that he can use as weapons.  While Wolverine has 3 claws, Laura only has 2 in her hands.  However, she also has claws in her feet.

Items/ Upgrades:
Unlike Wolverine Laura does not have a admantium skeleton.  Only her claws are covered in the indestructible metal.

Actress Dafne Keen plays X-23 in the film Logan.


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Pokemon Go!

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Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Go is a free mobile game that utilizes GPS to create an augmented reality video game.  People walk around the real world and their phones GPS connects locations in the virtual world of the video game.  Players catch Pokemon and use them to battle in gyms.

The Toylab Pokemon Trainers are trying to keep on top of any news and updates the game does and of course the most current tips.  Our how to beat section lists detailed articles on how to beat specific Pokemon even powerful ones like Snorlax.

We are also working hard to sort out the coolest Pokemon Go Stuff that you can find in the Pokemon Stores and Mall below.

Developer: Niantic
Release Date: July 2016
Genre: Augmented Reality
Platforms: IOS, Android

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Pokemon Go Updates
We try to follow up on all of the major updates to the game.

Pokemon Go News!
Pokemon Go is a worldwide phenomena and a revolution in gaming that we are covering on a daily basis.  Here is the top Pokemon Go news!

Raid Cheat Sheets

GEN 2 is HERE!!! What you need to know

New features - NPCs, Quests, Dungeons and Badges

Pokemon War Journal
What is the Pokemon War? Why is Pokemon Go head directly toward it.  What are the clues we look at all of these things in the Pokemon War Journal!  Click on the link to learn more!

The Pokemon War Journal

Other News:

Pokemon Go Trainer Guide:
While Pokemon Go is absolutely a revolution and in many ways brilliant, it does not explain things very well.  There is no full official guide from Niantic.  As such we have tried to go through the most confusing parts of the game and add our own insights.

Starting Out:

Tracking / Finding / Catching:

Power Ups / Evolution / Eggs:

Find a cool Mobile Background for your phone:
It might not seem like much but adding a fun Pokemon Background can show your love for both the game and your Pokemon Go team.  This can help you meet other players who happen to check out your cool background on your phone.

How to Beat Tough Pokemon

We have compiled are popular HOW TO BEAT Pokemon in Pokemon Go into a nifty cheat sheet.  Bookmark it to pull up all the How to Beat information in a fast to locate place.

HOW TO BEAT Cheatsheet

There are some really tough Pokemon out there and particularly sitting in the gyms.  The Gym Pokemon tend to be each players most powerful Pokemon.  Some players have caught some tough rare Pokemon like the dreaded SNORLAX and others have built up and evolved their Pokemon like the feared Vaporeon.  Toylab is lucky to have multiple bloggers who are actively playing this game now have battle tested a few ways of taking down the best of the best.

We also have researched how to beat legendary Pokemon like Articuno, Mortres, Zappados and the dreaded Mewtwo!

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West Coast Avengers - Girl Power!


One interesting thing about West Coast Avengers is that you can see Marvel attempting to increase the number of female characters on the roster.  Out of the 5 founding members of the West Coast team 2 were females.  Now this may not seem like much but when you consider the initial Avengers team had only 1 out of 6, then this is a very significant increase.

Avengers  -  1 Female (Wasp) out of 6 members = 16%
West Coast Avengers - 2 Females (Mockingbird and Tigra) out of 5 members = 40%

 I think this was a deliberate move by Marvel to give more exposure to its female characters.  Traditionally, its been very difficult for female characters to carry a solo title comic book for very long.  DC's Wonder Woman has the best track record at maintaining a long running solo title.  For Marvel the female heroes have gone in out of publication in solo books with very little long-term success.  Female heroes however been more successful with the teams books like Avengers and X-Men.  Within these books Marvel successfully launched many female characters and they also created some unique and interesting characters.  In West Coast Avengers we get a lot of focus on two of these interesting females, Tigra and Mockingbird.

The West Coast Avengers did not just add these girls to the roster though.  They also were the primary focus of much of the team's early adventures.  Tigra's two soul problems are sorted out and she battles the demon based villain Master Pandemonium.  Tigra's story of self doubt is also one of the primary focuses of the first arc.   Meanwhile, Mockingbird and her relationship with Hawkeye is also a huge focus.  The story arc concerning Mockingbird killing Phantom Rider is also a major part of the stories.

Another female driven story is love story between Scarlet Witch and Vision and eventually the death of Vision and their children.  That crazy story sees all the important people in Scarlet Witch's life torn away from her and powerful mutant in mental shambles.  Eventually, this leads Scarlet Witch to alter the entire Marvel Universe in the House of M.

I think the stories for both of these female characters were significant enough that when you look back at them, the West Coast series was one of the primary, lime light moments in each of their publication histories.

Mockingbird joins her husband on the team and becomes his most stalwart support, and bitter foe.

Tigra joins reluctantly.  She really did not feel that she had what it took to be an Avenger.   She also must deal with her attraction to men, who also tend to be attracted to her.  Iron Man notices early on that Tigra wears a lot less clothes than any other Avenger he has been around before.

West Coast Avengers Sound Track  
Katey Perry - California Gurls - Its not a girl power anthem perse but it works.


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Avengers who served on the West Coast Team include:
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Who is Tigra?


Who is Tigra?
Tigra is a character in the Marvel universe.  She is a woman who has been mutated into a human tiger hybrid.  She has a short crime fighting career before joining the West Coast Avengers.

First appearance of the Cat: Claws of the Cat #1

First appearance of Tigra: Giant-Size Creatures #1

Real Name: Greer Grant Nelson

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Tigra Multimedia:

Greer is selected to wear a special cat suit that gives her special cat like powers.   The scientist of the suit was in fact a member of a hidden race of cat like people.   Greer then becomes a crime fighter using the suit.  Later Greer is badly wounded a group of the cat people come to her side with an offer.   Greer can choose to undergo a process of magic and science to become the Tigra.  The Tigra is the powerful, mystical champion of the cat people.   There have been various Tigras over the ages but only one at a time.  Greer agrees to become the Tigra and is transformed in a Tiger Human hybrid.  From this point Greer has some cat feelings, and powers.  Sometimes these feelings are helpful but other times they cause her problems.

These problems include:
Need of affection which causes her to aggressively pursue men
Fear of water
Over feline aggressiveness and hostility
Hunt instincts

Tigra is one of the heroes summoned to the Avengers mansion by the telepath Moondragon and is recruited to join the team by Iron Man.  During this time the Avengers are attacked by Ghost Rider who uses his powers to bring out each members fears.  For Tigra this power has a lasting effect of making her feel inadequate.

Tigra is selected by Hawkeye to join the original West Coast Avengers Team.  There she battles the problems of her catside and feelings of inadequacy.  By West Coast Avengers #3 she nearly quits the team but a battle with Kraven the Hunter shows her that she still is a capable hero.  Her cat need for affection causes her to flirt with both Wonderman and Hank Pym.

The West Coast Avengers for awhile focuses on heavily on Tigra and her battle with the ultimate enemy of the Cat People a villain called Master Pandemonium.  During this time her powers are altered by the Cat People and her human and cat sides are better balanced.
During the rift in the West Coast Avengers over whether or not they should be able to kill, Tigra joined Mockingbird's pro killing.

Civil War/Secret Invasion/Dark Reign:
Tigra becomes one of the instructors at the government group called the Initiative.  She begins to have a relationship with fellow instructor Yellow Jacket and becomes pregnant.  Yellow Jacket was actually a Skrull imposter at this time but due to being imbued with Human genes at the time her child is half human and not half Skrull.   She goes on the run with the hero Gauntlet from the Initiative when it is taken over by Norman Osborn.  The Hood one of Osborn's righthand man savagely beats Tigra for not complying to Osborns demands.  Tigra is further scared away by  Norman Osborn asking to do genetic testing on her baby.  Tigra forms a group called the Avengers Resistance to battle against her former Initiative comrades.  In particular, she begins to stalk and savagely beat villains members of the Initiative.

Heroic Age and After:
Tigra gives birth to a normal cat person baby after only two months.  The short gestation period is due to her Cat Person physiology.  She leaves the baby to be raised by the cat people.

She is black mailed by a group seeking to profit of the tape of her being beaten by the Hood's gang.  Tigra outsmarts them by releasing the tape in full herself.  She does this as an olive branch to reach out to other survivors of trauma.  She has once again become an instructor this time at the Avenger Academy and has begun a relationship with Hank Pym.

Feline human hybrid as the result of science and magic
Enhanced Strength, Speed, Agility, Reflexes
Razor sharp claws and teeth
Heightened senses - Can track people by scent, hear at wide range of frequencies, can see better than a normal human and has natural night vision
Padded Feet and balance allow her to travel silently, and also to land from great distances without injury
Cat skeleton provides greater resistance from injury

Tigra also has mystical powers and some telepathic powers that have largely not been explained.  She can telepathically reach out and feel living things emotional states.  Her mystical capability was such that she was one of the candidates to receive the title of Sorcerer Supreme.

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Blissey and Chansey - Gym Prestige Trick in Pokemon Go

Did you catch a Chansey?  It likely had a really low CP value and you may be tempted to transfer it.

So just in case you are getting ready to transfer it let me clearly say....DO NOT TRANSFER IT.

Chansey is a very Rare Pokemon and has some amazing quirks that make it one of the most special Pokemon in all of Pokemon Go. So now you are looking at this Cute maybe a little weird looking dude and your saying ok what the heck do I do with a Chansey.

The Chansey Castle or Blissey Batille- ULTRA defender Trick

What is the now infamous Blissey Batille that players are using to take control of gyms all over the world?  Watch our quick video on how to create the dreaded Blissey Batille!

Ok in truth this trick could be really annoying so I hesitate to recommend it.  However, I think it is also really effective.  90% of defending a gym is to intimidate attackers to the point that they deem a gym not worth attacking.  Well one way to do this is to fill a gym full of Blisseys.  This is actually not a very easy to think to do it would take a lot of time and coordination with players who all have Chanseys but once complete the gym would be extremely hard to take down.

Definition of Blissey Batille:
A gym that is a minimum of level 6 with at least 3 Blisseys.

Blisseys will effect the attackers in two ways:
First Blisseys are pretty difficult to battle and have few weaknesses
Second Blisseys TAKE FOREVER TO TAKE DOWN this means that time that would need to be invested to take down than other gyms.
Third Blisseys can win by timing out attackers who fail to reduce their HP in the time alotted for the attack.  This allows the Blissey to win rather easily in some occasions.

Players will look at the gym see the Blisseys or  evenChanseys and almost universally decide that it will take too long to take down the gym and go else where.


Weakness of the Chansey Castle:
The biggest weakeness of the Chansey Castle is for members of the same team to come in and install their higher CP but weaker Pokemon in the gym and bump out the Chanseys.  This is possible because Chanseys tend to have low CP.  I could see this happening a lot to Chansey Castles made by Team Mystic players.  There are so many Team Mystic Players that they end up becoming their own enemy.  However, this would be a great way for Team Instinct to build up a small but difficult to take down gym.
Maybe Team Instinct should make their mascot a Chansey for now on.

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The Chansey Prestige Quirk:

Lets get one thing straight Chansey is a freak of the Pokemon world in that it really is a one of a kind.  What make Chansey freaky?  Its his HP.  Chansey has MASSIVE amounts of HP that do not count toward its CP value. This means that Chansey is able to battle far beyond its CP value. Often a 400 CP Chansey can take on a 800+ CP Pokemon. Where this discrepancy becomes important is how Prestige is added to gyms.

Prestige is the factor that determines a gyms level.  The higher the gym's prestige the higher its level.  The higher the gym's level the more Guardian Pokemon can be housed their to guard the gym.  Prestige is awarded by beating Pokemon in the gym.  If you beat a gym controlled by your team then beating a Guardian Pokemon will increase that gym's Prestige.  If you beat a gym controlled by another team then beating a Guardian Pokemon will lower that gym's prestige.  The amount of Prestige that is gained/lost by the gym has to do with CP of the defeated Guardian Pokemon against that of an Attacker.    In other words: If you attack a gym with a high CP Pokemon that is higher than the Guardians the amount of Prestige effected will be low, but if you can attack and defeat a high CP Pokemon with a low CP Pokemon then you can create a HUGE Prestige swing.

Creating huge swings in Prestige with only a few battles offers a few big advantages
1) You can take over, or build up a gym VERY QUICKLY.
2) By doing less battles you will use less potions/revives

The general strategy employed by people without Chansey is to use Bubble Pokemon.  A Bubble Pokemon is installed in a gym.  It has high CP but a bad move set or a glaring weakness.  Typically my favorite Bubble Pokemon has been a high CP Parasect and I have used a low CP Pigeot to destroy him.  This takes advantage of Pigeot Type advantage of Flying over Parasect's Bug Type

What Chansey does is offer a tool that can be used for this type of thing regardless of the types at the gym.  Its high CP allows it to destroy many of the low level guardians of the gym and rack up massive amounts of Prestige.  One thing to note is that if you take over a gym with a friend you can still install a bubble Pokemon for Chansey.  There are a few people who have dropped in high CP Magicarps that are pretty ineffective in battle.  Chansey rocking on a high CP Magicarp will cause a gym's prestige to skyrocket very quickly.

There is one problem with using Bubble Pokemon though.  When you use a Bubble Pokemon you are basically giving your own gym a weakness then exploiting it.  However, once your gym is leveled up that weakness still exists.  A smart gym attacker will exploit the same Bubble Pokemon to take down your gym just the way you used it to build it up.  The other problem with Bubble Pokemon is that you need a friend or a team to install tougher Pokemon once the level is raised.  Otherwise your Bubble Guardian will simply get knocked down and another team will take over.  Your gym is definitely at high risk when all it has is a bubble Pokemon.  If you are in a high traffic area a Bubble Pokemon may not even be an option.

Chansey does not have this issue.  You can still a pretty threatening Pokemon as the starter Guardian Pokemon.  This means your gym will be safer and you can still earn a massive amount of Prestige.

Chansey also makes a descent gym Guardian if its at a high CP because Prestige earned on it will tend to be so low.  Effectively a Chansey Guardian is like the opposite of a bubble Pokemon.  I would not recommend putting Chansey in as the first Pokemon of a gym because it would be very hard to build up that gym but as a 2nd defender he could make a lot of sense.  A Chansey gym would also be funny to watch as people attack and are startled by how tough a 400 CP Chansey is.

Chansey Post Update:
There is a new update that allows you to take 6 Pokemon to take on a gym.  The Prestige seems to be based off the highest CP Pokemon.  You can still do the Chansey trick just take 5 low CP Ratattas on your team along with the Chansey.

The Poke fun has just begun...Also See!

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Melinda May - Bio, News and Speculation


Agent May is one of the top Agent of SHIELD.   In the episode Self Control May is hinted at being a Hydra sleeper Agent.   Is it possible she has fooled everyone all along?

ID Badge

BIO: Season 1 (SPOILERS)
Melinda May has a desk job at SHIELD when confronted by Agent Coulson to be added to his new team.  She reluctantly agrees when Coulson says he only wants her to be a pilot.

May does not last long only being a pilot.   Soon she is show casing advanced martial skill with her only equal is Ward.

In the Well episode she is able to hold the berserker staff without side effect because the terrible images brought out by the staff are what she already sees everyday.   It is unknown exactly what she means by this.  It is likely a reference to a mission gone wrong that other agents refer to.   In this mission May responds to a situation where a SHIELD team is being held hostage.  She is alone but takes down many adversaries this mission earns her the name of "the Calvary".  She hates the name.

May had a brief fling with Ward but cut it off when it was revealed his true feeling were for Skye.

It is later revealed that May had guided the selection of the team.  She was ordered by Nick Fury to watch after Coulson and to put him down if he went insane.   This was due to his exposure to the gh 325 serum.

In a climatic battle she brutally beats and apprehends Ward after he betrayed the team.  She also regains the trust of Coulson by procuring a file that shows he was actually behind the GH project that brought him back to life.

Season 2:
The season begins with May and Coulson working to locate a mysterious city whose map has to do with the Kree aliens.  May is in charge of monitoring Coulson to make sure that the alien serum in his body does not compromise him.

A brain washed SHIELD agent named Agent 33 uses a special mask to take on the appearance of May.  She attempts to replace May but Coulson sees through her.  In a battle the kidnapped May battles her imposter.  Agent 33's mask is damaged in the battle forcing her to keep the damaged and scared visage of Agent May on.

Agent May helps lead the team to reconcile with a new group who calls themselves the "Real" SHIELD.  She also is forced to confront the event that led to her being called the Calvary in which she was forced to kill an Inhuman child with dangerous powers.
May helps bring down the rogue Inhuman group.

Season 3:
Agent May begin the season on vacation.

Her former husband Andrew becomes the Inhuman Lash.   As the bodies pile up around Lash she is eventually forced to confront him.   Lash dies in a battle with Hive.

Season 4:

Coulson and May seem to be growing close together but as their relationship begins to blossom May is replaced by an android.   The android May does not initially know she is an android and is shocked by the discovery.   As the the SHIELD base is infiltrated by other LMD androids she turns on her own kind to take down the LMD Coulson.

The real May is still being held by the LMD with her mind existing in a perfect artificial world called the framework.  In May's perfect world she is standing proudly in a Hydra emblazoned Triskellion.    This hints at May having loyalties to Hydra.

Secret Empire Comic Connection?
There is also a character that appears standing next to Steve Rogers in art from Secret Empire.  In this story Captain America was inverted by the cosmic cube to have been a long time deep cover agent of Hydra.  The person next to him looks like a female version of the Hydra agent Gorgon.  I initially assumed this was meant to be Madame Hydra but her face really looks like that of May.

Warning: Classified Agents of SHIELD Files:

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Who is Eldrac the Door? 

Visions of MODOK on TV or Movie

What would MODOK look like on TV?

Here at Toylab we have been discussing a few ways that M.O.D.O.K. could appear on TV.  This is important because MODOK is front runner to be considered as the Clairvoyant in Agents of Shield.

While MODOK is a cool character his look in the comics of being a giant floating head would present a couple of large problems when brought to TV.


1) A large special effects costs
2) Large head type of villains are always creepy and sometimes too creepy.  One of the major flaws in the Greenlantern movie was the big head villain they chose.  He turned people off.

Realizing this we have begun designing a few ways that MODOK could be brought to TV that would not require a massive budget and would not be overly creepy.

1) MODOK possibility A -Guy plugged into Computer

2) MODOK possibility B -  Brain enclosed in a little robot with a tele face

3) MODOK possibility C -  Ordinary man with cybernetic implant

4) MODOK possibility D -  Floating encased brain in giant robot with a teleface

 5) MODOK possibility E -  Digital AI personality like Jarvis gone crazy.  Too close to Ultron?

Also here is what the new MODOK looks like being used in the comics.  I believe he is actually making weapons for the SECRET Avengers.

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Dawn of War III - Warhammer 40k video game

Dawn of War 3 battle

Warhammer 40k's Dawn of War III looks like it is going to be an amazing video game set in the 40k Universe.  As big of a property as Warhammer is it has only had infrequent success in the video game sphere.  They have sold more than a few low quality video games games that rode off the popularity of the Warhammer License and nothing else. One of the games that did have success was the Dawn of War game that met with both critical and sales acclaim.  Now a new Dawn of War is on the Horizon and looks pretty spectacular.

The game will feature the Warhammer 40k races of Space Marines, Eldar and Orkz

Release Date: 2017

Official Plot:
A "catastrophic weapon," known as the Spear of Khaine, is discovered on the planet Acheron, and three forces converge on the planet – the Blood Ravens Space Marines under legendary commander Gabriel Angelos, the Eldar led by Farseer Macha (returning from the first game), and an Ork horde led by Warlord Gorgutz (his fourth appearance, after Winter AssaultDark Crusade, and Soulstorm)

Official Prophesy of War Trailer
Get an early look at in-engine footage of the third entry in Relic's real-time strategy franchise, Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3.

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Announcement Trailer:

The Orks and Eldar will be a major part of the game.

More pictures from Dawn of War III - A Warhammer 40k game:

What looks like Marine Titan taking on a group of Eldar

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Beauty and the Beast live action Info, Previews, Art and Trailers

A live action Beauty and the Beast film staring Emma Watson as Belle is set to come out in March 2017.

Toylab Synopsis Summary Description
The Beauty and the Beast (2017) is a live action adaptation of the hit 1991 Disney cartoon by the same name.  The story is of a strong woman Belle, who is forced to live in an enchanted castle by a monstrous Beast.  In the castle she is welcomed a milieu of kind servants who have been cursed to live as house hold objects. Over time she learns that their is more to the Beast than she initially believed and slowly falls in love with him.  The Beast's secret of being cursed slowly come to light as Belle offers hope of a future without the curse.  The Beast's plan to lift the curse come into conflict when Gaston a narcissistic hunter invades the castle attempting to rescue Belle and slay the Beast for good.

Release Date: March 2017

Cast and Crew
All of the main characters from the original 1991 film are set to reappear in the live action version of the film.

Bill Condon - Director

  • Dan Stevens - Beast / Prince Adam
  • Emma Watson - Belle
  • Luke Evans - Gaston
  • Ewan McGregor - Lumiere
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw - Plumette
  • Emma Thompson - Mrs. Potts
  • Ian McKellan - Cogsworth
  • Stanley Tucci - Cadenza
  • Hattie Morahan - Agathe
  • Josh Gad - Le Fou
  • Kevin Kline - Maurice
  • Sonoya Mizuno - Debutante
  • Henry Garrett - The King
  • Audra McDonald - Garderobe
  • Nathan Mack - Chip

Final Trailer
This trailer provides the best look yet at the Beauty of the Beast live action adaptation.

Emma Watson singing "Something There":

Bonjour! - Golden Globes TV spot

Charm Her TV Spot:
TV spot looking at the human side of the beast.

Official Trailer:
The Beauty and the Beast Official Trailer was released by Disney on November 14, 2016.

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Pictures from Theater Standee:

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Theater Standee Gives Us A First Look At The Castle Staff In Human Form

Pictures of characters:

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