What Comic Movie Could Turn Out to be the Next Deadpool

Silver Surfer by Mark Brooks
What Comic Movie Could Turn Out to be the Next Deadpool

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There is no question that Deadpool was one of the best sleeper Marvel movie hit for the past couple of years. Obviously, these production companies are looking to duplicate this success, Deadpool was the sixth-highest grossing film of 2016, so you know for sure that Marvel will try and hit the jackpot again with a similar type movie.There are many great potential Marvel candidates, but perhaps the best one would be a bit of a gamble: the Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer is a unique superhero, because he is known for being a humanoid with metallic gray skin that is able to travel throughout space with the aid of his surfboard-like craft. He was originally known as an astronomer named Norrin Radd on his home planet of Zenn-La.

After Radd saved his home planet from a devourer, Galactus, he was able to become his herald in return. He was the recipient of a portion of Galactus’ vast power cosmic, and received some immense powers as a result. Radd was immensely changed, and received a new body and the ability to travel space faster than light. Radd then explored the cosmos as Silver Surfers looking for planets that Galactus could consume.

Ultimately, Silver Surfer came into contact with the Fantastic Four, and he was able to rediscover his humanity and noble spirit as a result. After he betrayed Galactus, he was very angered, and he was exiled on planet Earth. In examining this, there are a lot of reasons why this would be a good risk for the next potential Marvel movie, but there are also some risks involved as well.

First of all, Silver Surfer has actually had some exposure within Hollywood before. In 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer he was first introduced, and it was expected it would be a lead-in to his own adventure in another movie. Unfortunately the film flopped.

But while there are big minuses to the possibility of a Silver Surfer movie, there are also big pluses as well. There is great potential for a sleeper hit just in looking at the plot. It has all the elements of the prototypical villain in Galactus, and it has elements of a nice struggle with Silver Surfer’s activities on Earth. His opportunity to band together with the Incredible Hulk and Namor the Sub Mariner would also make for some interesting sub-plots as well.

Finally, there is the potential for some excellent special effects just inherent in the Silver Surfer model. The metallic gray finish lends itself very well to some excellent costume and makeup work. Overall, there is no question this could be a fascinating contribution to the Hollywood superhero enterprise.

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