Marvel Legends Sandman BAF Series 2017

The Sandman Marvel Legends figure series

Marvel Legends are a premium toy figure series made by Hasbro that focus on Marvel characters.  This Marvel Legends figure set features a lot of Spider-Man related figures and each figure comes with a component for a large Build-A-Figure of Sandman.  The Build-A-Figure is popular component of the Marvel Legends figures.

The figures available in the series are:

  • Ms Marvel
  • Spider-Man 2099
  • Green Goblin
  • Jackal
  • Symbiote Spider-Man
  • Spider-UK
  • Shocker

Each figure comes with one component of the Sandman BAF (build-a-figure) which is a pretty massive figure once you have all of the pieces.

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Sandman is pretty huge, maybe a bit too big?  One cool aspect of this build a figure is that you have a variety of ways of customizing his hands.  In this way you can make his hands change shape into the various weapons and shapes that Sandman uses.

My favorite figures in the set are Ms Marvel, Shocker and Spider-Man 2099.

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A closer look at the figures:

Ms. Marvel

Ms Marvel is the Kamala Khan version of the character.  I don't think I've seen many (any?) Kamala figures before and this is a really great one.  She comes with changable arms that allow you to give her either normal arms or to show case her powers with hyper long arms with huge hands.  There are no interchangeable legs to give her the stilt like legs she uses in the comics.  This is a minor qualm though because she otherwise looks very good.

Alternate enlarged hands- These showcase Kamala's powers

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Torso piece

Spider-Man 2099

This is the new Spider-Man 2099 suit and I really love it.  I think the suit is a really bad ass upgrade of the old traditional Spider-Man 2099 costume.  I loved the cover of when this suit recently debuted and can't believe there is already a figure for it.

The figure is very sleek with bold colors that have a high contract.  He does have solid articulation.

He does not feature the Spider-Man 2099 talons on either his hands or feet.  Which I have heard has caused some consternation.  Some have also said that they think the figure is too big and that the head is too large for his body.  I tend to see the head's size having to do with articulation used on the kneck and his meant to help pose the figure.

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Right Arm piece

Green Goblin

Green Goblin with his traditional suit.  He has his glider and pumpkin bomb and a pouch to pull the bomb out of.  His face, eyes and teeth all look really cool.  His body and green scale really pop with the paint used.

Goblin Glider and Pumpkin Bomb

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Head piece


Jackal is not my favorite Spider-Man villain but this is a really solid figure.  Lots of detail throughout that shows the Jackal's hair and skin.

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Right Leg piece

Symbiote Spider-Man

The Black Symbiote Spider-Man from when Peter Parker wore the infamous black suit that would later go on to become the villain Venom.

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Arm piece


Spider-UK was a main character in the event Spider-Verse and has since then appeared in a few different Spider-Man titles.  He is basically the combination of Spider-Man and Captain Britain.  You can see the Captain Britain flag costume on his chest.

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Arm piece


I actually like the Shocker figure best of all in the series.  I think he looks very cool.  Similar to the Havok figure he has the energy blast rings that go on his hands.  I really dig those rings and the colors they use to make them look organic.  They really pop.

The Shocker mask and costume are painted really well.  His face is cool in that features asymmetric eyes, where one is much bigger than the other.  This makes him look more villainous, or perhaps surprised.  I've also heard someone say that it looks like he is aiming and squinting one eye.

His gauntlets look like real metal with lots of divots and other wear and tear like details added. Accessories:
Vibration Blast Effects

Comes with Sandman build-a-figure Left Leg piece

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