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Who is Titano - Marvel Monster

Titano is a giant crab monster that appeared in early Marvel comics.  He is a possible monster that could appear in the 2017 Marvel event Monsters Unleashed.

Real Name: Titano

Alias:  The Monster that Time forgot,

Final Appearance: Tales to Astonish #10

Titano - News:

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Titano is an ancient crab monster that once terrorized the world but for unknown reasons went dormant.  When he suddenly awoke in the Pacific he immediately caused chaos and destruction.

The United States Navy began receiving bizarre reports of a giant crustacean that was terrorizing islands in the South Pacific.  The destruction of the beast forces the Navy to take the reports of the monster seriously.  The islanders began to tell the US military that they suspected the creature was a legendary beast called Titano.  The further added that "When Titano rises from the deep, let the whole world beware."  A special mission to destroy Titano is assigned to Commander Hartnell and his Submarine vessel.  He is ordered to use any means necessary to destroy Titano.

Hartnell tracks down Titano and has several battles with the massive beast.  In the early encounters Titano gets the better of the US Navy Submarine.  Hartnell hatches a plan to rid the world of Titano forever.  He gets Titano to follow his ship into the Artic ocean.  There he tricks Titano into going between two glaciers where he traps himself.

  • Super Strong - Not sure how strong relative to other monsters or heroes but was shown to have strength far surpassing a normal human.
  • Super Durable - 
  • Can breathe underwater
  • Longevity - Titano is apparently a very old monster that is mentioned in ancient legends.
  •  Ice Bergs
  • Intelligence

Monsters Unleashed - 2017 

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Zzutak - Marvel Monsters

Who is Zzutak - Marvel Monster

Zzutak is a giant monster that appeared in early Marvel comics.  He is a possible monster that could appear in the 2017 Marvel event Monsters Unleashed.

Real Name: Zzutak

Alias: The thing that shouldn't exist

Final Appearance: Strange Tales #88

Zzutak - News:

Zzutak - Multimedia:


An American artist is given magical "3d" paints and coerced into painting a monster on a giant canvas in Mexico.  The artist paints a monster that he calls Zzutak.  To his astonishment Zzutak leaps off the canvas becoming real.  An Aztek medicine man reveals himself.  He claims to be part of a lost tribe of Azteks that have been waiting to use the paints to create an army of monsters.  Monsters created with the paints seem fall under their control.  The medicine man demands that the artist create another monster for the army.  The artist complies and paints a new monster named Xxirys.   While he paints this Xxirys he continually thinks "You are Zzutak's enemy".  When this monster leaps from the canvas it immediately begins to battle Zzutak.  The pair are eventually buried in a crumbling temple.  The artist leaves thinking that he has seen the last of Zzutak.

The artist is later kidnapped along with his son by the Azteks and forced to create Zzutak again.  He does so but also brings back his enemy monster, Xxirys.  This time Xxirys is controlled by the Fantastic Four who help the artist bury Zzutak forever.

Zzutak appears as a guardian of the Mole Man on Monster Island.  He confronts Magik and Shadow Cat when the pair are searching for a girl named Bo.

Zzutak is among a group of monsters that is summoned by Kid Kaiju in Monsters Unleashed #1.  It is unclear what Kid Kaiju's plan for the monsters is.

  • Super Strong - Not sure how strong relative to other monsters or heroes but was shown to have strength far surpassing a normal human.
  • Super Durable - 
  • Immortal/Longevity - While a real living thing, Zzutak does not age and can never really die
  • Free Will - Zzutak is more of a tool and is controlled by others.

Monsters Unleashed - 2017 

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Is Agent Koenig an LMD?

Is Agent Koenig an LMD?

LMDs are androids that mimmik a person and have long been used as doubles by SHIELD, Nick Fury and Doctor Doom in the comics.  If this were any other show that would be that, but this is a Marvel show about SHIELD and SHIELD has a technology called the LMDs.  LMD stands for Life Model Decoy it is basically an android that perfectly resembles a person.  Normally, LMDs are used to hide the actual person's movements.  The biggest user of the LMD technology in the Marvel Universe is Nick Fury. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe  LMDs have already been mentioned by Tony Stark in the Avengers so it known that they exist.

Agents of SHIELD has been playing with the concept of LMDs since season 1 when they introduced Eric Koenig's seemingly identical brother Billy is introduced.  Eric dies in season 1 but yet another Koenig brother Sam is introduced in Season 2.  Theories have continued to grow whether the Koenigs are an original LMD, or clones or what.

The reveal of what the Koenigs are occurs in Season 4 when it is revealed that the Koenig brothers were Quadruplets who along with their sister all (Except for Thurston) joined SHIELD and became close confidants of Nick Fury.

  • Eric Koenig - First Koenig introduced in season 1 was killed by Ward in Season 1
  • Billy Koenig- Introduced in Season 1 after Eric had been killed
  • Sam Koenig - Introduced in Season 2
  • Thurston Koenig - Black Sheep in the family as he did not join SHIELD like the others.
  • LT Koenig - The non quadruplet sister of the Koenig brothers.  She was the first Koenig to join SHIELD

The Koenig brothers have all been played by Patton Oswalt while LT Koenig was played by actress Artemis Pebdani.

Original meeting of Eric Koenig
Hydra attacks our favorite agents are on the run and Coulson finds a coordinates to a super secret SHIELD base called Providence.  At Providence they meet quirky Agent Eric Koenig (Played by Patton Oswalt).

Hi I'm Eric Koenig

Agent Koenig is a likable but fairly distrustful fellow.   He is also a close confidant of Nick Fury.  It is Koenig who tells Coulson that Nick Fury is still alive.  It also Koenig who reveal Agent Triplett had a grandfather in the howling commandos.   Koenig then conducts a lie detector test on the agents trying to sniff out Hydra sleepers.  Unfortunately, Ward (A hydra sleeper) manages to outsmart the test and remains hidden from the group.  Later Ward kills Eric Koenig.

At one point Eric Koenig asks if Coulson would want to play video game with Koenig's brother.  Apparently, the two could play online through the base.  This is the only reference to Koenig's brother that I am aware of.

At the end of the season the team once again finds another super secret SHIELD base called the "Playground."  At the Playground the team is met by the bases caretaker who looks and acts exactly like Eric Koenig.  He says his name is Billy Koenig, Eric's twin brother.  This is where the LMD speculation effectively began.

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Art of Medusa

The special power of Queen Medusa having long and wild hair that she can control has made for some amazing covers over time.  Here are my favorites:

Phil Noto Cover Variant of Inhuman coming In Feb:

Secret Invasion:  Inhumans

By Phil Noto

By Russell Dauterman

Realm of Kings #3


All New All Different Marvel

Meet the new characters from the series Inhuman

What is Hilltop Colony in the Walking Dead?

What is Hilltop Colony in the Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead is  one of the communities that is featured in both the Walking Dead comics and and TV.

First Mentioned:  The Walking Dead #92
First Appearance: The Walking Dead #94

The community of Hilltop is  one of the survivor communities in the Walking Dead universe.  The survivors of Alexandria first encounter Paul Monroe aka Jesus one of primary leaders of the Hill Top community.   A skirmish between the Paul and the Survivors ends with Paul being held prisoner at Alexandra.  However, Paul wins some of the survivors over and they agree to visit his community of Hilltop.

At the time Hilltop is currently being run by cowardly man named Gregory.  Gregory explains to Rick and the others that Hilltop is forced to pay tribute to another group called the Saviors.  While Rick is meeting with Gregory when Ethan another Hilltop resident  barges into the community.  Ethan says that tribute they provided the Saviors was inadequate and the Saviors responded by killing the group.  Ethan was then tasked with killing Gregory and bringing his head to the Saviors.  Ethan stabs Gregory but before he can kill finish the job he is tackled by Rick.  Rick slits his throat.  This greatly angers the Hilltop residents who yell at Rick.   Rick makes a deal with the Hilltop residents that he will take care of the Saviors if they give him some supplies.

Rick gets in over his head with the Saviors.  Negan the Savior leader executes Glenn as the rest of the group watches helplessly.  Rick is angered by feeling that Hilltop and Gregory withheld information on the strength and numbers of the Saviors.  Gregory whines that he knew almost nothing about the Saviors.

Maggie and Sophia move to Hilltop where Maggie hopes to start a new life.

Gregory is kidnapped by the Saviors and he then joins with the group.  However, as he tries to get the Hilltop to join the Saviors he is met by Maggie who punches him in his face.  When Gregory protests she punches him again.  A majority of the resident back Maggie and agree to fight against the Saviors.

Maggie becomes a new leader of the community.   Maggie is in charge of the Hilltop as the community gear up for War.  Rick creates a coalition of communities that includes Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom against the Saviors.  This begins the All Out War story line.

After the war with Saviors, Gregory attempts to retake control by poisoning Maggie.  He bungles the poisoning and the attempt is interrupted by Jesus.  Maggie then executes the Gregory in front of the community.  She promises the community that this is not the start of a reign of terror but is simply necessary punishment.

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The Avengers Project Video Game

An upcoming video game from Square Enix and Marvel is said to focus on resembling a fractured Avengers team.  Teased characters so far include the Hulk, Thor, Captain America and Iron Man.  The game is said to feature an entire original story while also including iconic moments from Avengers history.

Square Enix is a famous video game developer most known for the Final Fantasy series.

Official announcement from Marvel.com
Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix announced today a multi-year, multi-game partnership, leading with the reveal of The Avengers project. This newly established partnership pairs the creative minds at Marvel and Square Enix for one of the most powerful alliances in interactive entertainment.

The official announcement for the game partnership between the two companies was shared below:
A game based on beloved Marvel heroes, The Avengers project is being crafted by Crystal Dynamics – longtime developers of the award winning Tomb Raider series – in collaboration with lauded Deus Ex developer Eidos-MontrĂ©al.
The Avengers project is being designed for gamers worldwide and will be packed with all the characters, environments, and iconic moments that have thrilled longtime fans of the franchise. Featuring a completely original story, it will introduce a universe gamers can play in for years to come. More details on The Avengers project and other games will be announced in 2018.
The trailer for the Avengers Project has been released.  The Trailer does not reveal very much about the game but is very cool and you can check it out below.

We will update this page as more info becomes available.

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Poke Rock the funnyest Pokemon Go video EVER!

CAN YOU SMELL WHAT POKE ROCK IS COOKIN!?!?!?!?!?!  Apparently it is Pokemon Go trainers.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson just filmed a hilarious Pokemon Go! Spoof where Pokemon Go Trainers locate a mysterious, rare and impossible to catch Pokemon called Poke Rock.

The video appeared on Rock's Youtube channel. Youtubers Matpat and Ali-A join in on the fun on this hilarious spoof video.   The video is full of Pokemon jokes and also some jokes on the Rock himself.  It is pretty genius marketing for the Rock's Youtube channel that is already close to a million subscribers and I expect to grow with the release of videos like this.

I am really curious how this was made.
 A how the Rock found time to do this or B how he put together a talented team to do this.  The video actually has its own Pokemon spoof jingle......A FREAKING JINGLE.  The Videos are really well done to with a cartoon Pokemon rock inserted into screenshots of the game.  Obvisouily the acting and writing in the video are hilarious.  Its really well done.

Without further ado Poke Rock.

On top of the funny Pokemon Trash talking that PokeRock does there are some other funny details.
Notice his CP level (Combat Power)  it is ......Infinity.


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Kid Kaiju - Marvel Hero

Who is Kid Kaiju

Kid Kaiju is a Marvel hero with a bizarre power that allows him to summon any monster by drawing them.  Kid Kaiju will be a major character in the Marvel event Monsters Unleashed where many huge monsters return and threaten Earth.

Real Name: Kei Kawade

Alias:  Kid Kaiju

Final Appearance: Totally Awesome Hulk #3

Kid Kaiju - News:


Kei Kawade is a 11 year old boy living in Hawaii who is obsessed with monsters.  Kei's family has moved many times due to the appearance of a large monster.  The family does not understand why the giant monsters seem to keep appearing.  They have growing suspicion that somehow their son is behind the appearances.

One day, Kei draws a picture of Fin Fang Foom while in Hawaii.  He is startled when Fin Fang Foom actually appears in the location.  The Totally Awesome Hulk shows up to help push Fin Fang Foom away.  Kei begins to wonder if Fin Fang Foom was actually drawn to his location due to his drawing.  He quickly learns that any monster he draws is summoned to that location.

During the events of Monsters Unleashed many monsters are drawn to Earth for an unknown reason.  Heroes begin to wonder about the powers of Kid Kaiju and if they could be either causing the problem or could potentially offer a solution.  He is thought to have the most important power to unravel what is bafalling Earth.

In the beginning of Monsters Unleashed, giant monsters have begun crashing all around Earth.  Super Hero teams struggle to battle all the monsters and contain the destruction.  While the monsters begin landing Kid Kaiju is seen furiously sketching out giant monster designs.  It is unknown at this point if he is the one bringing the monsters to Earth or something else.  While he is drawing he has the news on his room that is covering the destruction being caused by the monsters.  His mother warns him to stay inside but Kei disobeys and runs out.  Near his home he runs into a group of Monsters.  Fin Fang Foom addresses Kei that he is playing a dangerous game by summoning the monsters.  It is not yet clear what he plans to do with the group of monsters he has summoned.


The full extent of Kid Kaiju's powers are not known.  When he draws a monster that monster is summoned to that location.  The monsters do not seem to be able to resist this summons.  Once there though Kid Kaiju can not control the monster they have complete freedom of will.

It is unclear what happens with Kid Kaiju's power when he:

  • Draws something dead or incapicitated
  • Draws a hero or something other than a monster


Monsters Unleashed - 2017 

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Marvel Monsters Unleashed 2017

Monsters Unleashed is a Marvel Comic event in 2017 that will focus on massive monsters battling the heroes of the Marvel Universe in one giant free for all that may leave NO ONE standing.

Check out Diggin into Monsters Unleashed Podcast:

Listen to "Diggin into Monsters Unleashed with Marvel Matt" on Spreaker.

Marvel is preparing some massive promotional items to gin up excitement of Monsters Unleashed.  The first item to hit will be on January 4th when Marvel will be giving out free copies of the  Monsters Unleashed Sampler that includes 40 pages of content including preview pages for the main Monsters Unleashed series, as well character profiles.  I will post pictures of this when it comes up.  This is a free promotion that will be at participating retailers.

Marvel has released some new information on how Monster Unleashed will be promoted.  Monsters Unleashed #1 is due out on January 18, 2017.  Marvel is offering retailers incentives to launch the series with a full on Monster Bash.  They are providing promotional post cards, a variant cover from Art Adams and a Monsters Unleashed Sketch Pad that is part coloring book and part sketch pad.  I don't think I have ever seen a release of a sketch pad with an event so that is very cool.  I have seen cool flyers and posters which I think is what the postcards will fall into.

News and Info:
Monsters Unleashed live chat with the creators of the series

The Series will feature almost all heroes in various ways with multiple super teams like the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy help fight the monsters.  Creator of the series Cullen Bunn has described the  Monsters Unleashed event as an all hands on deck for the heroes.  Many of the heroes will be forced to put old beefs aside and join forces with those they may not like to help defeat the massive and immediate threat of the monsters.  While almost all heroes will be featured here and there, the series will be seen through a few important POV characters.

Kid Kaiju - It is possible that the entire event relates in some way to the mysterious powers of Kid Kaiju.

Elsa Bloodstone - Monster Hunting Elsa will be on deck as a main character

Riri Williams / Iron Heart - Riri is said to be heavily featured in the series.

Lunella / Moongirl - Moongirl is now tied to the big Monster Devil Dinosaur.  Could her powers also be useful against the monsters coming in Monsters Unleashed?

Marvel has many monsters some with origins that go back prior to publisher having Super Hero stories.

Click Here for Full list of Marvel Monsters with Pictures / Bios

Monsters Unleashed art with Monsters Labeled

Marvel is also going to introduce some new giant monsters for the event.  Here are some who have been promoted by the company and the creator who designed them.  The promotional images where done in a trading card like format that highlights each monsters powers.

1. SLIZZIK by Steve McNiven

2. SCRAAG by Greg Land

3. MEKRA by Leinil Francis Yu

4. AEGIS by Salvador Larroca

5. HI-VO by Adam Kubert

6. FIRECLAW by Art Adams

Why Monsters Unleashed will be Awesome:

What has caught my eye is that in 2017 Marvel is going to have a massive event called MONSTERS UNLEASHED.  What is immediately cool about the name is that I have not heard it before.  It is not the 2nd, 3rd of 4th Secret Wars but something new, something HUGE!!!!!!!! 

Alright I'm excited again :) la la la la lolly pops and doves, water falls of chocolate and girls running on beaches.......etc etc Happy Days Ahead.

The Monster Unleashed team assembled by Marvel is pretty awesome.  The writing will be done by Cullen Bunn and will star artists including Adam Kubert, Greg Land, Salvador Larroca, Steve McNiven, and Leinil Yu.  I really like Cullen Bunn he is a writer you may know from Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe which was amazing.  I am excited to see what he does here and hope he can inject new life into the Marvel comic universe.

The idea of Monsters unleashed is pretty simple.  Its Marvel's version of Pacific Rim or of Godzilla.  What will make it fresh though is that Marvel has created many great Monsters over the years but most of them have sat for years in the dust bins of history.  This is a chance for many of these great monsters to get their day in the sun again.

There are also new Monsters to use and also a lot of influence from stuff like Godzilla in Japan.  One of my requests for the series is that Tokyo needs to get some action!  Come on that just seems necessary in the huge Monster Genre.

It should also be fun to see heroes take on these massive monsters.  Instead of battling super villains, evil organizations or each other we get to see our heroes test their might against an army of epic Monsters.  Artistically i see that series will open up great opportunities for huge slash pages featuring huge amounts of heroes, monsters and carnage.

Which Monsters will show up?  Well let me be clear Marvel has a TON and I do mean a TON of Monsters.  Prior to Marvel getting into the super heroes gig in the 1960s with Fantastic Four it was focus on horror books and many of those books had monsters.  Some characters like Groot debuted in this time period and were revamped.  However, many many monsters from that time have only made brief appearances.since then.  There are a ton of these guys and a lot of them are different than things we see today.

The Toylab Blogging Family is excited about this event! As preparation for the Monsters Unleashed event Toylab is going to have its own MARVEL MONSTERS week in October that will feature profiles of many of Marvel's best monsters.  I hope you continue to stop by this page as we update it with more Monsters Unleashed News and Marvel Monster Profiles.

Blogger: Marvel Matt

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Pictures of Covers
Fun task Monster Unleashed is going to feature huge splash pages full of heroes and monsters.  How many Monsters can you spot and name from the pictures below?

For more FUN!!!

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Who is the Toei Spider-Man - Takuya Yamashiro?


Who is the Toei Spider-Man Takuya Yamashiro?

The Toei Spider-Man is Japanese version of Spider-Man who has his own race car and a giant 60
meter tall robot named Leopardon.

Name: Toei Spider-Man

Alias: Emissary of Hell

First Appearance:   "The Time of Revenge Has Come! Beat Down Iron Cross Group!!"
(May 17, 1978)

Spider-Man Store
Check out these awesome Spider-Man Toys.

The Toei Company in Japan acquired the rights to create a Spider-Man TV show in the 1970s.  At the time in Japan shows with big monsters like Godzilla were the rage.  The Toei Spider-Man is thus a merged version between Spider-Man and the Power Rangers.

The Toei Spider-Man calls himself the "Emissary of Hell" and fights giant monsters to defend Japan.  His giant robot Leopardon has a huge sword that can pretty much kill anything in one swipe.


He also strikes some really cool karate Spider-Man poses as he defeats evil.

One of the Spider-Men recruited to aid the Spider-Army against the Inheritors is Takuya Yamashiro.  He and the other Japanese Spider-Man arrive to help just in the nick of time.  The father of the Inheritors Solus had just absorbed all of the power of the Cosmic Spider-Man and was preparing to wipe them out.  Takuya Yamashiro arrived and battled Solus in his robot Leopardon.  The Spider army managed to escape including Yamashiro but at a stiff cost, Leopardon was destroyed.

Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider find the wreckage of Leopardon and debate whether they can repair the massive robot.

Power Rangers Connections:
If the show looks like Power Rangers that is because Toei went on to make the Power Rangers after Spider-Man.

Toei Spider-Man's powers seem to be similar to that of the main 616 Spider-Man however he does use gadgets, guns and also has a giant robot called Leopardon.

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