Top 10 fighters in the Marvel Universe

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Top 10 Fighters in the Marvel Universe

There are many power rankings in Marvel for this one I want to focus on the very best fighters and martial artists in the Marvel Universe.   For this ranking I wanted to eliminate the effect of powers and focus purely on each characters martial arts skills.  This changes the ranking of many of the characters often considered to be the best fighters.  I will tell you that three heroes often considered to be the top fighters of Marvel did not even make the list.  That is right Captain America, Daredevil and Spider-Man do not have as much fighting skill as those on this list.

To be clear on factors on this list I looked for training in martial styles and for heroes who have beaten powered heroes with very little powers themselves.

These are the best fighting heroes without: Super Strength, Super Durability, Super Speed, Mental Powers, or Chi Powers.  Also no suits, no gadgets, and scientific/detective problem solving

Weapons wise no skills with fire arms are considered.

These are heroes fighting within natural normal human athletic parameters.

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Now for the list

10)  Wolverine
Many want to put Wolverine in the top of the list but keep in mind in this ranking he has no healing factor or mutant claws to aid in his fights here.  Wolverine does keep however multiple life times of fighting, hunting and military skills.  As an adept student of fighting arts and developer of his own unique berserker fighting style he makes the list though just barely.

Martial Accolades:
  • Combat fighting styles - Wolverine has fought in multiple wars 
  • Martial Arts - It has been suggested that Wolverine has mastered nearly all fighting styles available.  He has studied fighting in both Japan, with the X-Men and the Avengers.
  • Wolverine has intensely studied physiology for the purposes of causing pain, injury and death.  As such he knows weaknesses and pressure points in the body of humans, animals and aliens.
  • His skills are such that he has managed some bouts to take on and even Shang-Chi and Captain America.

9) Bullseye
Many may be surprised by this addition but they shouldn't be.  Bullseye has no super powers and has managed to kill a very good fighter Elektra in hand to hand combat.  He has also fought and nearly beaten Daredevil (Who has powers).  He has gone toe to toe with many super heroes and even filled in as Hawkeye on the Dark Avengers.  Often considered to be one of the most deadly men on the planet his speed and accuracy give opponents fits of terror.

Bullseye has been beaten by Deadpool and Daredevil numerous times but it should be noted that both of these adversaries have super powers.

Bullseye is known for intensely studying his opponents and has used the knowledge of them to anticipate their moves and attacks.

Martial Accolades:

  • Prodigious accuracy, reflexes and agility
  • Killed Elektra, Andrea Von Strucker and Morgana La Fey in hand to hand combat
  • He has nearly killed Moon Stone twice
  • Intensive student of opponents and fighting styles
  • Highly lethal killer
  • Has fought super powered heroes like Daredevil and held his own
  • Once single handed took down a Hulkbuster robot by killing its pilot.
  • No moral limits - Bullseye is totally ruthless
  • Has defeated the Punisher despite the Punisher's use of fire arms
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8) Ghost Maker
Ghost Maker is highly trained martial artist who has been trained both by Russian military services, and by the Hand.  Does not rely on super powers but on martial skills and is still capable of fighting the toughest fighters in the Marvel Universe.

Martial Accolades:

  • Fought Shang-Chi close to a stand still before being beaten
  • Rose to be one of the top assassins of the hand
  • Battled Elektra, Daredevil and Shang Chi at once
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7) Hawkeye
Hawkeye is very much like Bullseye but has a couple of added feathers in his cap.  For one has beaten Bullseye in one on one battle.  He has also served as an Avenger in two different roles both as Hawkeye and Ronin.  In each role he used a different fighting style but still managed to hold his own against super powered opponents.

Despite not having super powers Hawkeye has led Avengers teams like the West Coast Avengers.

Hawkeye was highly trained in fighting with Avengers in a variety of fighting styles.  He also boasts a deadly skill of accuracy that has allowed him to fight above his weight.

Martial Accolades:

  • Trained in numerous fighting styles
  • Prodigious accuracy and reflexes
  • Defeated numerous villains with super powers
  • Highly skilled acrobat, fencer and marksman
  • Naturally very strong - some super villains have found themselves unable to use his bow
  • While generally against killing he has killed Bruce Banner, and the Scarlet Witch
  • Has defeated Bullseye, Trickshot, Javelyn, Deathbird, Mister Fear, Egghead and Viper in single combat and numerous others on teams.

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6) Steel Serpent (Davos)
Davos has closely battled and even beaten Danny Rand one of the best martial artists in the world.  He also destroyed Tiger's Beautiful Daughter another 7 City Champion in the Tournament of The Heavenly Cities.  He was eventually beaten in that tournament by the Prince of Orphans.  The Prince of Orphans however used an advanced mist power to overwhelm and defeat Davos.

Martial Accolades:

  • Defeated Tiger's Beautiful Daughter, and on some occasions Iron Fist
  • 7 City Champion as Steel Phoenix
  • Train from birth in martial arts including the mystic arts of Kun Lun
  • For much of his career he had no true super powers

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5) Black Panther (T'Challa)
T'Challa has been trained from birth in a wide variety of fighting styles including Wakanda styles that are forbidden to be taught outside of Wakanda.  He has beaten the individual members of the Fantastic Four in one on one battles, beaten Wolverine, and Captain America.  He did do these things with the use of his suit and from enhanced powers from the heart shape herb.  I do feel like generally Black Panther uses more skill than power in most of his confrontations which is in part why he ranks so high on this list.

Martial Accolades:

  • Defeated each member of Fantastic Four, Wolverine and Captain America
  • Has felt numerous cosmic threats such as Thanos
  • Trained from birth in all of the worlds martial arts including secret arts of Wakanda.  Has also trained with the Avengers.

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4) Moon Dragon
While not a popular character Moon Dragon has easily defeated both Mantis and Captain America in hand to hand combat.

Moon Dragon is mentally strong to the point where she can control the organs of her body.  She is trained in highly advanced martial arts of the planet Titan that are unknown on Earth.

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3) Fat Cobra
Fat Cobra's natural strength and speed are considerable.  He once punched a man through a wall killing him.  He did this before he was even trained in combat.
Fat Cobra has beaten Iron Fist in combat though it was implied that Iron Fist may have thrown the fight or held back.  He is still

Martial Accolades:
  • Has defeated Iron Fist in combat
  • Fought in numerous wars
  • Master of numerous fighting styles
  • Is naturally very strong and quick

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2) Iron Fist
Iron Fist is heavily trained in martial arts and has proven his skills against the very best in the Marvel universe.  He defeated Davos in Kun Lun for the rights to become Iron Fist.

Martial Accolades:
  • Was the greatest warrior out of Kun Lun a highly competitive martial arts city.
  • His super power is considerable but not off charts making most of his achievements to be acts of skill rather than outright power.  
  • He has defeated numerous super-villains including many powerful villains and also many martial arts villains.
  • Has beaten Davos, Mister X, and Fat Cobra
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1) Shang-Chi
Shang-Chi has long been thought of as the best fighter by the best fighters.  Numerous heroes have sought him out for fighting advice including Wolverine, Spider-Man and Captain America.  Shang-Chi's super hero career has largely been done without the use of super powers making all of his achievements that much more impressive.

Martial Accolades

  • He has defeated Ghost Maker in single combat
  • He is said to be a master of all martial arts, and is capable of coming up with new styles on the fly and to improvise tactics and moves based off of the situation.
  • Super hero career done all without super powers

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Other characters considered:

Moon Knight, Kirigi, Batroc, Captain America, Zartan, Prince of Orphans, Black Widow, Silver Sable, Thor, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Karnak, Kraven the Hunter, Man Ape, Mantis, Erik Killmonger, Melinda May, The Cat, Fu Manchu, Dog Brother Number One, Bride of Nine Spiders, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter and the Task Master

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