Who really is Shang-Chi?

Who is the Shang-Chi?

Shang-Chi is a Marvel hero known for being one of the world's best martial artists. Shang-Chi has been able to defeat numerous super powered individuals despite not having super powers.  He has also helped train numerous heroes including Spider-Man.  Shang-Chi has not yet appeared or been mentioned in the MCU.  There have been rumors that a Shang-Chi show could be coming to a new Disney streaming platform.

Name: Shang-Chi

Affiliations: Secret Avengers, MI-6, Heroes for Hire, Freelance Restorations, Avengers

First Appearance: Special Marvel Edition #15 (1973)

Fun Fact:  Shang-Chi in Chinese means; "Rising of the spirit"

Quotes:  "Before I train the Spider, First I must train the Man." (Shang Chi to Spider-Man)

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Born in the Hu'nan province of the People's Republic of China, Shang-Chi is the son of master mind villain Fu Manchu.  Fu Manchu was a villain who sought through various devious plots to conquer the world.  Shang-Chi.was trained by a variety of the best martial arts instructors including his father.  Fu Manchu saw his son as both a deadly weapon to be used against his enemies as well as an eventual successor to his empire.  While living with Fu Manchu, Shang-Chi believed his father was a good person and was happy to serve his father in whatever he needed.

Fu Manchu sent Shang Chi to kill his Dr Petrie.  However, before Shang-Chi could kill Dr. Petrie he encountered Sir Denis Nayland Smith and learned the truth about his father.  He learned his father was evil and obssessed with power.  Shang-Chi then left control of his father and joined with Sir Denis Nayland Smith to oppose him.

Fu Manchu sent his adopted son and friend of Shang Chi, M'Nai aka Midnight to kill Shang-Chi.  The two highly trained martial artists battle fierecly while Shang-Chi pleads for Midnight to see that Fu Manchu is evil.   Midnight mocks Shang-Chi's attempts and states that after seeing his family killed as boy his heart had been filled with nothing but hatred toward humanity.  Shang-Chi then kicked Midnight off the roof to his apparent demise (Later revealed that he was saved by Kang The Conqueror).

Shang-Chi joined with Black Jack Tarr and Clive Reston to take down various threats to the world.  He also encountered various super heroes including Man Thing, Spider-Man, the Cat, Rom the Space Knight, White Tiger, Jack of Hearts, and Iron Fist.  During this time he also met and became smitten by female agent, Leiko Wu.
He would go on to battle super powered martial art agents like Razor Fist, Carlton Velcro,Mordillo, Brynocki, Shockwave, Viper, Silver Samurai, Fah Lo Suee, the Dire Wraiths, and Boomerrang.

On a mission with Freelance Restoration, Shang-Chi saw his father die.  Feeling great peace knowing his father was not going to hurt anyone else Shang-Chi retired from his life as an adventurer and moved to a remote fishing village in China to live as a fisherman.

Shang-Chi's friend and love interest Leiko Wu was captured by a group of terrorists called Argus who chopped off her hand as a message to Shang-Chi.  He left retirement and aggressively took down the organization and saved Wu from their clutches.  During the battle he was poisoned but he saved himself by using an elixir of his father's creation called the elixir vitae.

Shang-Chi joined with Spider-Man to battle the Hand during the Shadowland event.

Captain America recruited Shang Chi to help stop the rise of the Shadow Council.  The Council had resurrected Shang-Chi's grandfather Zheng Zu and his assassins the Hai Dai.  Working with the Secret Avengers Shang-Chi was able to stop his grand father.

Madame Web brought Shang-Chi to New York where he helped retrain Spider-Man how to fight.  Spider-Man had lost his spidersense and was lost in how to maintain his superhero career.

During the incursions event that led to Secret Wars, Shang-Chi was exposed to cosmic radiation that gave him the power to create duplicates of himself.  He was worked on an Avenger team led by Sun Spot in an effort to stop the incursions.

Training of other Super Heroes:

At different times Shang-Chi has been sought out by some of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe.

Spider-Man lost his spider-sense power that had allowed him foresee and react to oncoming attacks.  Without the spider sense power Spider-Man was lost and found that he had difficulty dodging attacks and even web swinging.  Shang-Chi came to help Spider-Man develop his own fighting style that did not require the use of the spider sense.  Shang Chi felt that Spider-Man had overly relied on spider sense and had made into a liability that could be exploited.

Wolverine sought out Shang-Chi for advice on how to fight Sabretooth.  This is significant because Logan's own martial arts background is extensive.

Powers and Skills:

Shang-Chi has had a few super powers over the years but generally he is known for relying on his martial arts skills.  Shang-Chi does have a high control of his Chi which he can use to increase his athletic ability and healing though this generally is pushing him to a level just beyond peak human fitness.
  • Some Healing
  • Additional Strength
  • Additional durability
Mister Negative Powers:
During the Shadowland story Shang-Chi briefly had the powers of Mister Negative before being restored to normal by Spider-Man.

Duplication Power:
During the incursions in Marvel Now Shang Chi was exposed to cosmic radiation and gained the ability to create duplicates of himself.  This powers limits have not been fully explored but it seems to work in a similar way as the Multiple Man.

Shang Chi is considered to be the best empty handed Kung Fu practitioner alive.  Whether due to fitness, skills or his chi mastery he has managed to dodge gun fire and a sniper bullets.  He has managed to defeat super humans of far greater strength relying on his skills.
  • Master of Hand to hand combat
  • Master of wide variety of weaponry (Mostly hand to hand)
  • Stealth
  • Bracers - Shang-Chi has used metal bracers to deflect bullets

As of Dec, 2016, Shang-Chi has not been mentioned or appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
There have been rumors that a Shang-Chi show could be coming to a new Disney streaming platform.

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