How to catch Ditto - Pokemon Go

Ditto is a weird Pokemon and you can now catch it in Pokemon Go.  Ditto is Pokemon that can take the shape and moves of other Pokemon and thus is capable of hiding.  Many Pokemon Trainers have believed that Ditto has been hiding in the game from the beginning.  Now this does not seem to be true!  However he was released a few months into the game and he is very unique in a variety of ways.

Beyond being a really cool Pokemon Ditto's appearance could hint at other cool things.
Ditto is a clue to the time in the game.  Chronologically Ditto must appear prior to Mewtwo.  Experiments were done on the Pokemon Mew and some of those experiments resulted in the creation of Mewtwo and also Ditto.  Since Ditto has appeared it means those experiments are occurring somewhere in the Pokemon GO universe and that MewTwo may not be far away.

How to Catch Ditto:

  • Ditto does not appear in siting as Ditto
  • Ditto will not appear in your screen as Ditto
  • Ditto will appear as a Rattata, Pidgey or other common Pokemon.  Once you catch him a special video will appear showing that you actually caught a Ditto that was disguised as the other Pokemon.
  • Rare Pokemon will not be disguised as Ditto.  
  • Some people believe that Ditto versions of the common Pokemon are harder to catch than the normal Pokemon they are disguised as.

One good way to catch Ditto is to do a pidgey grind.  Just camp out with a lure at a Pokestop and catch all of the Pidgeys and Ratattas you can while continually stocking up on Pokeballs at the Pokestop.  Even if you don't catch Ditto you can still do a mass evolve of Pidgey's while using a Lucky Egg.

How to Battle with Ditto

Ditto in a battle will use its first move to transform into the Pokemon it is facing.  It will then inherit everything but its level from the opposing Pokemon.  This makes Ditto good at facing Pokemon that have a weakness against their own moves.  The Ditto can only gain a true advantage against opponents though by being at a higher level.

If a Ditto faces another Ditto both Ditto will just use Struggle until the battle is finished.

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I love fun Pokemon art.  Here is some crazy Ditto art I found online.

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