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Gilmore Girls A year in the Life
A Year in the Life was a new season of Gilmore Girls and released on Netflix.  The show was very popular on Netflix and has set the web ablaze in Gilmore Girls rumors.

A Year in the Life Season 2?
Will there be a season 2 to Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life?  Well the first one did very well and managed to bring back all of the characters of the original.  The ending of series did leave a bit of a bitter taste in the mouth of fans, when it ended on a major cliff hanger.  I won't say what the cliff hanger is but you should watch the season if you are a fan of the series.

It has been suggested by some that the cliff hanger ending was actually the planned ending for the show all along. So while fans may not like the ending, that could be it..........Or will it be?

Que dramatic music please!...

On December 28th Netflix tweeted out a very special Gilmore Girls tweet.  The tweet could be nothing more than ginning up interest to get more people to watch a Year in the Life.  Lets face it not everyone has seen it yet and Netflix could still get many more views over the holidays.  But that explanation seems a bit too boring for what could be a huge, HUGE bombshell.  Lets check out the tweet.

Well BOOM!!!! that is a big deal tweet!

Ok well that spoiler on the how the season ended is going to have to be said in order for me to discuss the implications of this tweet.


Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert


Seriously Spoilers ahead read ye no farther unless you already KNOW the dastardly ending.

Ok at the end of "A Year in the Life"  Season One (because I'm pretty sure there will be a 2) Rory tells her mother "Mom, I'm pregnant" and boom the show ends.  Now the interesting thing here is that Rory has been with a boyfriend named Paul throughout the season as well as sleeping with the series bad boy Logan.  The question then looms who is the father!

The tweet itself bring up the question while giving a nod to an early episode where April Nardini's science project leads her to discover that Luke Danes was her father.  It sure seems like Netflix is saying there is more to this story as a major question looms who is the father of this new baby?

If I had to guess who the father was I'd say it was Logan. Paul was the poor guy that Rory kept forgetting even existed so I have a hard time imagining him being the dad.  Plus making Logan who is engaged to another woman is just so full of drama that I can't imagine the show going in another direction.  That said who knows the show has really kept fans on their toes so far.

Also does this mean that we need to start making shirts that say Team Logan or Team Paul on them? Or Maybe just Team Rory? I am normally on Team Rory but I have to say her decisions made during "A Year in the Life" were disappointing. Personally, I hope she has a new season just to redeem herself because I love Rory's character and she deserves better.

A Year in the Life
A new season of Gilmore Girls is set to be released on Nov 25, 2016. The new season will be four episodes and is titled "A Year in the Life"

While I may not be in the Gilmore Girls target audience I have watched the show.....A LOT. I will also say that the show and particularly Luke has shaped my "Dad" style. I often rock the flannel and occasionally to my wife's chagrin sport the backwards hat. I am also more often than not a bit grumpy. That's right Luke is my dude.  Needless to say I am excited for the first big promotion for the show on October 5th that is all about Luke.

Gilmore Girl Revival Trailer

Luke's Coffee shops promotion on October 5th, 2016

On the morning of October 5th hundreds of coffee shops through out the United States and Canada will be converted to look like Luke's cafe from Gilmore Girls.  Luke's is one of the most inconic locations in the show and This is part of a massive promotion by Netflix for the new season of Netflix.  The Gilmore Girls new season makes a lot of sense for Netflix as it is not only pulling in eyeballs to the new season but is also getting viewers on older seasons as fans rewatch them.

What will each Luke's cafe have?  According some reports they will use specially branded hats, aprons and cups.

I am not sure if they will try to make the shops look like Luke's too?  This is what the shop looked like on the show.

My personal favorite part of the shop is the no cell phone sign.  That reaks of a grumpy get off my lawn type of attitude that I am quite fond of.

There is also supposed to be a "Fun Surprise" underneath the Gilmore Girls coffee sleeves.   Gilmore girls Snapcodes will be printed on the custom coffee cups that will unlock a special Gilmore Girls filter that can be used for 24 hours.

Toylab Bloggers will be going to a Luke's location in Denver  (Coffee Place European Cafe 5580 S Parker Rd., Aurora, CO 80015) tomorrow around 7 am.  Will take some pictures to show everyone Luke's coffee.  If you want to find a location near you check out the list below.

Free Coffee
Even if you do not like Gilmore Girls there is one more reason to check out coffee shops on October 5th 2016 and that is ......FREE COFFEE. That is right the stores will be giving away FREE coffee.

Darth Vader Kill Count

Darth Vader Kill Count
Have you ever been curious how many people Darth Vader kills?  Well here is a video that takes you through every kill he made in the films and tallys them all up.  As you can see its pretty high, though I actually thought it would be a little higher.

This does not count his kills in the Clone Wars cartoon or in other expanded universe stories or in the new comics.

Now keep in mind two things.  This video does not count the people killed in Rogue One which could be an awful lot.  Also the people killed by Luke Skywalker may actually be higher than Darth Vader due to his taking out the Death Star that was full of tons of people.

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X the Unknowable - Marvel Monster

Who is X the Unknowable?

X is a monster that appeared in early Marvel comics in the early 1960s. . This post is part of the Toylab Marvel Monster series that focuses on old Marvel Monsters in preparation for the 2017 Marvel Comic event Monsters Unleashed.  X has appeared in recent years as an adversary of Big Hero 6.

Name/Alias: X the Unknowable, The Thing that Lived

First Appearance: Tales to Astonish #20

Other Appearances: Alpha Flight #17 Vol 2

Gigantus - News:


A comic book writer, Charles Bentley is typing up a script for a new monster story on a type writer.  The type writer he working on happens to have a magical enchantment on it that can bring to life anything written on it.  Charles is utterly terrified when he realizes the monster X, he was writing about actually came alive.  He breaks the type writer which seemingly destroys X.

Alpha Flight / Big Hero Six
In Japan, X goes on a rampage in an amusement park called Cool World.  This is the head quarters for the super hero team Big Hero Six.  X's sudden appearance in Japan after seemingly being destroyed is when they find a child with a comic that seemed to foretell X's actions.  Big Hero Six recieves assistance from Alpha Flight to battle X.   They use the comic story to lure X to Mount Fuji where they seal him.

X has not appeared since being sealed in Mount Fuji, however he may appear in the upcoming Marvel event Monsters Unleashed.  He does tend to seem more like a magical character.

  • Super Strong - Not sure how strong relative to other monsters or heroes but was shown to have strength far surpassing a normal human.
  • Super Durable - 
  • Can change shape and seemingly mass
  • Can seemingly appear magically from mystic items like a comicbook / type writer.  His existence seems tied to these items.  Once the items are destroyed he seems to be destroyed as well.

Marvel Shop:
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Monsters Unleashed - 2017 

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IVs and Appraisal explained in Pokemon GO

What are IVs

A wrestling coach once said to me (or rather a huge group of wrestlers)
I'd like to tell you that you are all equal in ability.  But your not.  Each of you has your ceiling.  You can't control where it is, but its there.  What you can control is how close you get to that cieling.  Its your job to get close to it as possible..
This concept is very similar to IVs.

Each Pokemon has base statistics for Attack, Defense and Stamina.  These statistics determine how well its moves do and how well it defends.  As you power up a Pokemon it levels up and these statistics are increased until eventually the Pokemon's level maxs out.  The catch however is that each Pokemon has a different starting point and thus a different ending spot.  In this way two Vaporeons that are at level 10 could have different statistics.  If you are going to spend a resources on leveling up and evolving a Pokemon it is better to select one that has optimal or at least better than average IVs.  This means that the Pokemon has a higher ceiling than others of the same type.

The IVs stats are one aspect of the Pokemon you are basically handed when you catch it.  You can not change them.  If you are disappointed by the IVs of a Pokemon then you need to find another one.

One other aspect of a Pokemon that is given and can not be altered is its move set.  While Move Sets do change once the Pokemon is evolved they are not changeable or up-gradable.  Some Move Sets are also definitely better than others.  Generally Move Sets are judged by Damage Per Second.  This is the highest amount of damage that the Move Set  can cause (Type Damage excluded) for a given attack.

IVs and Move Sets are now more important that ever with coming of Buddy Pokemon.  The Buddy Pokemon feature allows you to invest and grow a single Pokemon.  There are a variety of factors to consider when selecting a Buddy Pokemon and certainly IVs are one of them.

How to Judge IVs
How to learn what you Pokemon's IVs are and if they are better that average or worse.  There are two main ways to determine if a Pokemon has good IVs or not.  First is to use the Appraisal feature built into Pokemon Go itself.  The appraisal feature is meant to look at the base stats of a Pokemon and compare it to full population of that type of Pokemon.

Each Team Leader will give an answer to the Appraisal and say various things about a Pokemon.  The lines you want to hear are:

  • Team Instinct: Overall, your (Pokemon Name) looks like it can really battle with the best of them!
  • Team Valor: Overall, your (Pokemon Name) simply amazes me.  It can accomplish anything!
  • Team Mystic: Overall, your (Pokemon Name) is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokemon!

These lines indicate an overall top IV rating.

Another great line to hear is that Pokemon has hit max level of a given statistic.  If the Pokemon has one of the Max stats the leader will say:

  • Team Instinct: It's stats are the best I've ever seen! No doubt about it!
  • Team Valor: I'm blown away its stats. WOW!
  • Team Mystic: Its stats exceed my calculations. It's incredible!

There is another way to do it!
The 2nd way to determine IV value is to use a third party calculator like this one here:

PokeAssistant IV Calculator

Some have claimed use of the Calculator could result in banning but I do not see how as you are only entering in Pokemon stats and not personal information.

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Pokemon Types Explained

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Pokemon Go - Pokemon Battling tips and how to win

Pokemon Battling and how to win
Alright so you have level 5 and you now want to go to a gym and try to battle.  No so fast grasshopper you are not READY!

Pokemon Go does not have much in the way of directions.  This post along with others is designed to help new users understand the important strategies of battling at gyms.

First lets cover why do you want to battle at a Gym?
1) Its fun to test out your Pokemon against other Pokemon
2) You get to brag when you beat your friends Pokemon
3) If you win your Pokemon will be seen as a gym Guardian by everyone in your neighborhood
4) If your Pokemon lasts as gym Guardian for 20 hours you will recieve free Coins that can be used to buy other Pokemon items.

Battling a Gym controlled by your Team

If you team is in control of a gym you can go there and battle.  Battling your own team is often referred to as "Training" your pokemon.  Battling at gyms from your own team helps build up your Team Gym's reputation which allow the gym to have more Guardian Pokemon stocked there.  If you beat enough of the Pokemon there your Pokemon can take the place of one of the Guardians there.

Update 10/6/2016
Niantic made a change that allows users to train up 6 Pokemon at friendly gym.  It also allows for the Guardian Pokemon at the gym to match the CP (Combat Power) of players Pokemon.  This should make it easier for new or sporadic players to enjoy gym battles in the game.

Message from Niantic on Update:

Gym Training Just Got Easier...
As we continue to make improvements to Pokémon GO, we have made an enhancement to the Gym experience for Trainers of all levels. In an upcoming version of Pokémon GO, when training at a friendly Gym, Trainers will be able to bring six Pokémon to battle instead of one. In addition, the CP of the Pokémon you are training against may be temporarily adjusted lower during your training session to generally match your Pokémon’s battle capabilities.No matter what your level, you can now have an impact on your team’s Gym. Walk with your Buddy Pokémon to that nearby landmark and show your Team Leader that you can battle with the best!

Battling a Gym from Another Team Considerations:

Build up your training level:
Really to be very successful at battling it is likely you will need to hit a trainer level of at least 10.  The reason for this is that more powerful Pokemon appear as your level gets higher.  Most players get to the 10 -20 level pretty quick but then it becomes a slow xp grind.  So if you are above level 10 you are at least comparable to some of your competitors.

Team Building:
Next you need to do is to build a team of high CP pokemon from as many types as you can.  Everyone is going to be able to build a high CP Pigeot and Ratticate which covers flying and Normal.  Try to get at least one other powerful Pokemon.  Do not focus on powering up Pokemon too much.  A lot of new players waste a lot of stardust powering up Pokemon when they should be focusing on increasing their training level.  At a higher training level you begin to capture higher level Pokemon.

Scout the Gym:

The next thing to do is to scout out the gym you want to battle at.  You can pull up a gym that is on your screen by tapping on it.  This will show what a few important facts including:  Which team is in control of the gym, which Pokemon are guarding the gym, and how powerful those Pokemon are.  What kind of Pokemon do they have, how many are there, and how powerful are they.  If you are attacking a high level gym you may need to attack it with some other players.

Figure out the type of Pokemon at the gym then pick your own Pokemon accordingly.  You can set the order of your pokemon up to be best arrayed against your foes.
Pokemon Types Explained
The type of attacks of a Pokemon vs the Type of the Pokemon determine a portion of each attacks effectiveness.  I have seen a few people attempt to break down the attack values and they seem to use a variety of variables.  The only one known for sure though is the type damage.

The Gym Battle begins
Once the battle begins you can quick attack by tapping on your screen, do a special attack by holding down on the screen, and also dodging by swiping to the side.  The special attack only becomes available when the special bar becomes full.

Most people just tap their screens as hard as they can and occasionally do a special. That said I have seen a few people really focus on dodging and do quite well.  Including, taking down much higher level Pokemon.

You can also switch Pokemon that are battling by transferring your Pokemon out and moving a new Pokemon in.  This can allow you to take advantage of Type mismatches.

If you succeed the gyms reputation will be reduced.  If it is reduced enough then that team will get booted from the gym and the gym will lose its color.  This means the gym has gone neutral and anyone can take it.   At this time you can then add your Pokemon to the gym.  I recommend transferring your strongest level Pokemon to the gym.  Once your Pokemon has been added immediately attack the gym again.  Battling your own gym builds up its level.  You can also attack gyms that belong to your team to build up their level.

If any specific Pokemon like Snorlax, or Vaporeon is giving you trouble be sure to check out our How to Beat articles included in the Pokemon Go Tips below:

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The Poke fun has just begun...Also See!

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Pokemon Go - Best Moves

What are the Best Moves in Pokemon Go?

There are a few important ways to evaluate a Pokemon you have caught of a given species.  When you catch multiple of the same type of Pokemon you need to constantly be considering which you keep and which you trade in for Candy.  The first statistic to consider is the Pokemon's overall CP rating, the 2nd is its IVs, and finally is its move set. The Moves of a Pokemon are an important way of evaluating how good a Pokemon is.  There are many ways to use a Pokemon even with low IVs.

Each Pokemon in Pokemon Go comes with 2 moves, a Quick Move and a Special Move.  The Quick Move is the action taken during a finger tap in a battle.  The Special Move is the move taken when you hold your finger during a battle.  The Special move requires the player to build up the stamina bar.  Each Pokemon pulls its move from a set population of moves that are typically related to its Type.  Once a Pokemon has its moves, the moves do not change unless the Pokemon Evolves.

Ways to Evaluate Moves:

1) DPS - Damage Per Second - This is how damage a Pokemon can unleash using that Move.
2)  Type Combinations-  There are Pokemon who have different type of Moves from their Type and these combinations can valued as they can increase its competitiveness against certain other Pokemon.  A Ghost Type Pokemon with Non Ghost Moves for instance is very competitive against Snorlax.  A Pokemon with a useful Move combination maybe valued just for this reason.

Optimal Move by DPS Combination by each Pokemon

PKMN # Name Basic Atk Charge Atk
3 Venusaur Vine Whip Solar Beam
6 Charizard Wing Attack Fire Blast
9 Blastoise Water Gun Hydro Pump
12 Butterfree Bug Bite Bug Buzz
15 Beedrill Bug Bite Sludge Bomb
18 Pidgeot Wing Attack Hurricane
20 Raticate Bite Hyper Beam
22 Fearow Steel Wing Drill Run
24 Arbok Bite Gunk Shot
26 Raichu Spark Thunder
28 Sandslash Mud Shot Earthquake
31 Nidoqueen Poison Jab Earthquake
34 Nidoking Poison Jab Earthquake
36 Clefable Pound Moonblast
38 Ninetales Ember Fire Blast
40 Wigglytuff Pound Hyper Beam
42 Golbat Wing Attack Poison Fang
42 Golbat Wing Attack Air Cutter
42 Golbat Wing Attack Ominous Wind
45 Vileplume Acid Solar Beam
47 Parasect Bug Bite Solar Beam
49 Venomoth Bug Bite Bug Buzz
51 Dugtrio Mud Shot Earthquake
53 Persian Scratch Play Rough
55 Golduck Water Gun Hydro Pump
57 Primeape Low Kick Cross Chop
59 Arcanine Fire Fang Fire Blast
62 Poliwrath Bubble Hydro Pump
65 Alakazam Psycho Cut Psychic
68 Machamp Karate Chop Cross Chop
71 Victreebel Acid Solar Beam
73 Tentacruel Poison Jab Hydro Pump
76 Golem Mud Shot Stone Edge
78 Rapidash Ember Fire Blast
80 Slowbro Water Gun Psychic
82 Magneton Spark Flash Cannon
83 Farfetch'd Cut Leaf Blade
85 Dodrio Feint Attack Drill Peck
87 Dewgong Frost Breath Blizzard
89 Muk Poison Jab Gunk Shot
91 Cloyster Frost Breath Blizzard
94 Gengar Shadow Claw Sludge Wave
95 Onix Rock Throw Stone Edge
97 Hypno Zen Headbutt Psychic
99 Kingler Metal Claw X-Scissor
101 Electrode Spark Thunderbolt
103 Exeggutor Zen Headbutt Solar Beam
105 Marowak Mud Slap Earthquake
106 Hitmonlee Rock Smash Stone Edge
107 Hitmonchan Rock Smash Brick Break
108 Lickitung Lick Hyper Beam
110 Weezing Acid Sludge Bomb
112 Rhydon Mud Slap Stone Edge
113 Chansey Pound Psychic
114 Tangela Vine Whip Solar Beam
115 Kangaskhan Mud Slap Earthquake
117 Seadra Water Gun Hydro Pump
119 Seaking Poison Jab Megahorn
121 Starmie Water Gun Hydro Pump
122 Mr. Mime Zen Headbutt Psychic
123 Scyther Fury Cutter Bug Buzz
124 Jynx Pound Psyshock
125 Electabuzz Thunder Shock Thunder
126 Magmar Ember Fire Blast
127 Pinsir Fury Cutter X-Scissor
128 Tauros Tackle Earthquake
130 Gyarados Dragon Breath Hydro Pump
130 Gyarados Bite Hydro Pump
131 Lapras Frost Breath Blizzard
134 Vaporeon Water Gun Hydro Pump
135 Jolteon Thunder Shock Thunder
136 Flareon Ember Fire Blast
137 Porygon Tackle Signal Beam
139 Omastar Water Gun Hydro Pump
141 Kabutops Mud Shot Stone Edge
142 Aerodactyl Bite Hyper Beam
143 Snorlax Lick Hyper Beam
149 Dragonite Dragon Breath Dragon Claw

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