The Oregon Trail Card Game

The Oregon Trail Card Game is a new card game that is currently sold through Target.  The game is designed to be a card version of the popular 80s computer game the Oregon Trail.  The Oregon Trail video game was known for being very difficult to beat but still being extremely popular.  I will say that I am one of those kids who DID BEAT the game.  So no it was not impossible it just did not happen very often.

I will say that I played the game many times to just go hunting which I think was very common among kids.  Enough about the video game though lets look at the card game.

Is the game simple and easy to learn?
Yes, very simple.

Would the game be fun without ever having played the video game?
No, without the nostalgia factor the theme of the game would be pretty meaningless.

Is this card game good? 
 I would say yes and no.  It does capture a lot of the feeling of the Oregon Trail game and that can be fun.  However, it is also pretty brutal.  You draw calamity cards and some of the cards just flat out kill you, without any recourse.

"You have died of dysentery"  Yes, you can still randomly die from dysentery in the card game just like you randomly died in the video game as well.

Some people will find this random form of instant death to be dreadful however, I found it absolutely hilarious....Uh that likely says something bad about me doesn't it.......drat!

At any fate I think so long as you expect the game to be pretty random and sometimes brutal you will likely have some fun playing it.

In the end, this is not a game that is going to set the game world on fire but is a descent beer and pretzel game that you can have fun playing while reminiscing on the old video game.  I think it would be really great for class reunions and things like that where nostalgia is already a major factor.

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