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Who is Riri Williams?
Riri Williams is a hero in the Marvel universe.  A young genius at the age of 15 she was able to design her own version of the Iron Man suit and began her heroic career.

Real Name: Riri Williams

Alias:  Ironheart

First Appearance: Invincible Iron Man #7 (Vol 2 May 2016)

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Riri Williams grew up with her mother and sister.  Her father died prior to her birth.  A certified genius at the age of 15 she accepted a full ride scholarship to MIT.  There Riri began a project to engineer her own version of the Iron Man suit.   She began to create her own version of the
Iron Man Model 44 armor.  While not the latest suit it was still very advanced.  Riri fashioned the suit from parts she scrounged / stole from MIT's campus.  Campus security began pursing Riri for the stolen materials, and to escape Riri donned her Iron Man suit prototype and flew away.

While practicing flying maneuvers Riri saw a truck piloted by escaping convicts.  She out flew the truck and flipped it over.  Allowing for the convicts to be recaptured.  However the stress on the suit was enough for it to cause a debilitating fracture.

Riri returned home rather than go back to college which caused her mother great consternation.  She works at repairing and improving the suit.  Seeing his technology in action Stark became curious and tracked down Riri.  She tells him of her desire to become a hero and he agrees to support her.

Riri Willaims begins to fight as a hero using the name of Ironheart.

Riri Williams is said to play a major role In the 2017 mega Marvel event of Monsters Unleashed.  The event is said to feature many heroes but will have certain special POV characters and Riri Williams is expected to be one of these.

Cover Controversy:
A variant cover of Riri Williams for the new Invincible Iron Man was done by popular cover artist J. Scott Campbell.  Campbell's cover drew controversy due to its sexualization of the character that is only 15 years old.  Campbell responded that he drew the character based off a similar look on a different cover.  While not officially doing a new cover Campbell did a new cover that seemed to meet what the critics had wanted.


Like Tony Stark Riri WIlliams is a mechanical genius but does not possess any true super powers beyond her intelligence.  However, Riri does where a suit similar to the Iron Man suit that gives her numerous abilities.  Riri is said to have more mechanical intelligence than even Tony Stark.

With Iron Heart suit:
  • Super Strength
  • Super Durability
  • Super Speed - via jet propulsion
  • Flight
  • Energy Blasts

So far there are no hints of Riri Williams in the MCU.  She is a very new character.

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MIT Pi Day Video
Every year MIT releases promotional videos around Pi Day March 14th as a way or promoting both itself as well as Math in general.  This year MIT chose to use the Marvel character Riri Williams who is an MIT student in the Marvel universe.   For the film a real MIT student plays Riri as she designs and builds her version of the Iron Man armor called Iron Heart.

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